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Obituary: Thomas Jordan Bell

Thomas Jordan Bell, 17, of Bedford, passed away Thursday, May 12, 2022, at Indiana University Bedford Hospital. Born April 4, 2005, in Goshen, he was the son of Greggory Allen and Tricia Lynn (Cassity) Bell. Thomas was a special gift from God; loved by all those who met him. Thomas...
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Westbrook’s Prides Corner Drive-In Opens This Weekend – Here’s What’s Playing

With warm sunny days and comfortable nights forecast for the weekend, Prides Corner Drive-In in Westbrook could not have picked a better weekend to kick off their season. Prides Corner Drive-In originally opened in 1953 and is still in business today. I remember seeing Superman III at Pride's Corner back in 1983, which was the first of two really bad Christopher Reeve Superman films. I liked it as a kid, but looking back now, it was awful.

Tom Hanks Plays A Despicable Character In A Fan-Favorite Movie Now On Netflix

To say that Tom Hanks is beloved is like saying that the Atlantic Ocean is big, wet, and full of lost undersea kingdoms. He has rightfully been one of the world’s most popular and acclaimed actors for decades and has skillfully managed to portray himself as a casual everyman who is just like the audience the entire time. For the most part, when Hanks tried to step out of that role, audiences either rejected it or reacted with bewilderment. It is not that most people hated Tom Hanks as an emotionally distant 1930s mob hitman in Road to Perdition. It is not that people could not stand him as an amoral lecher of a Congressman in Charlie Wilson’s War. Audiences could even clench their teeth and bear through the motion-capture nightmare of The Polar Express. But it is not what people want from Tom Hanks. They want friendly, relatable, doing-his-best Tom Hanks. Perhaps the only time he managed to thread the needle and play a reprehensible person and still draw in audiences is the 1998 romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail, which just started streaming on Netflix.

Tickets on sale already for "Polar Express Train Ride" through Adirondacks

UTICA, N.Y. — The Adirondack Scenic Railroad is bringing back its Christmas-themed "Polar Express" train ride through the Adirondack Mountains. The Adirondack Railroad will run the train rides November 18th through December 19th, departing from Utica's Union Station and traveling north while serving hot chocolate and cookies, the railroad announced.