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The Grateful Dead x Hyperfly Collection Is for Mat-Ready Deadheads

For its latest collaboration, Hyperfly is capturing when the rhythm of music meets the flow of the Gentle Art with a Grateful Dead jiu-jitsu collection. Perfect for mat-ready Deadheads, the limited edition range is led by a special kimono design available in white and black. The kimono is crafted of 450gsm pearl weave and marked with embroidery down the back and arms, while the accompanying pants are crafted of 10oz cotton twill with the band’s iconic lighting bolts and dancing skeletons decorating the legs. Hidden detailing on the kimono comes in the form of Deadhead lining and “You Can’t Teach Heart.” motifs. The kimono sets also come complete with a matching carrying bag covered with similar decorations.
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Pokemon leaks: Gen 9 reportedly coming out in 2022

The Pokemon Company is undoubtedly going all out for the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon. This holiday season, Pokemon fans are getting three games, two of which are remakes and one brand new game. In fact, in the Pokemon TCG scene, we’ve also seen the release of three celebrity Pokemon cards. However, it looks like The Pokemon Company won’t stop there as a Pokemon leak suggests the 9th generation is coming out in 2022.
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Pokemon Trading Card Game Reveals New Mechanic

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has revealed a new mechanic which will be introduced in sets next year. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company dropped a commemorative video celebrating the Pokemon Trading Card Game's 25th anniversary. At the end of the video, The Pokemon Company revealed its first official VSTAR card - Arceus VSTAR. The new VSTAR mechanic functions as a combination of the VMAX and GX mechanics introduced in past sets. Players can only play a Pokemon VMAX card by placing it on an already in play Pokemon V card. Unlike VMAX cards, the Pokemon VSTAR card has a special one-use ability called a VSTAR Power. In the case of Arceus VSTAR, the card's VSTAR Power allows a player to search their deck for any two cards and place them in their hand. Defeating a Pokemon VSTAR card rewards a player with two prizes. You can check out the full video down below:
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Pokemon Releases Creepy New Trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Pokemon Company has released a strange new teaser to promote its upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus game. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company released new "found footage" from the Hisui region, the area that players will explore in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Despite the game being set in the feudal era of the Pokemon world's timeline, the footage is taken from the perspective of a researcher exploring a snow-covered area of the Hisui region. At first, the researcher discovers a group of Snorunt, but then decides to enter a more forboding area. From there, the researcher finds a new Pokemon, described as having "white fur on top its head and around its neck" that's "so fluffy," with round, yellow eyes. We don't get much more of a description, as the researcher is seemingly startled or attacked off-camera, leaving the camera on the ground. You can check out all the found footage below:

New Pokémon Legends: Arceus teaser looks like found-footage horror

Ahead of Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ Jan. 28, 2022 release date, The Pokémon Company has released ... a creepy found-footage horror video. The Pokémon Company has a tendency for wrapping its cute creatures up in darkness — see Basculegion — but the new Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer drops the cute and is just straight horror. Who’s that Pokémon? The researcher asking that question is now dead. Yikes! The Pokémon Company is asking eager Arceus players to “examine this footage” for clues about the upcoming game, as written in the YouTube description.

The Pokémon Company Reveals Post Malone, J Balvin, Katy Perry Trading Cards

After releasing Pokémon 25: The Album to celebrate the 25th-anniversary of the franchise, The Pokémon Company has now revealed Post Malone, J Balvin and Katy Perry trading cards. Continuing its year-long partnership with Universal Music, the three artists that have provided songs to celebrate the anniversary received their very own...
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Watch: The Pokémon Company Drops Mysterious Legends: Arceus Video

In the two-minute clip below, someone appears to be recording footage of the Hisui region, the location in which the game is set and the name used for what we all know today as the Sinnoh region. The Pokémon Company says that the clip was found in the Canalave Library by a researcher, but what is happening?

The Pokémon Company shares images of TCG cards starring Katy Perry, Post Malone, and J Balvin

Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary has brought some highly anticipated products to the market, as well as some surprising additions to celebrate the event. New images hint at what would be one of the most unique additions to Pokémon TCG starring artists from the 25th Anniversary music album. Three images were shared on the official P25, Pokémon 25th Anniversary album website late last week showing TCG cards starring Katy Perry, Post Malone, and J Balvin.

New Pokémon teased in ‘found footage’ for Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Game Freak and The Pokémon Company have come up with some rather unique ways to unveil new species of Pokémon over the years—and that hasn’t changed in the lead-up to Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Similar to that of the Glimwood Tangle 24-hour stream that revealed Galarian Ponyta for Sword and Shield,...
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Pokémon Sword And Shield Shiny Zacian/Zamazenta Distribution Confirmed For US

After initially being revealed for South Korea, and then eventually Japan, the distribution of Shiny Zacian and Shiny Zamazenta for Pokémon Sword and Shield has now been confirmed for fans living in the US. The distribution will be taking place in partnership with GameStop; players can head in-store to grab...

I’m tumbling back down the Pokemon Cards rabbit hole, but I wish they weren’t so hard to get hold of

As Pokemon turns 25 years old, there’s a lot of celebratory things to look forward to. On VG247, we’re mostly focused on the games, which are providing us with an anniversary-fitting look back in Diamond and Pearl remakes while also casting an eye forwards to Pokemon Legends: Arceus - but the single anniversary element that’s grabbed me most powerfully is, of course, the trading cards.

New Found Footage Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer Hints at New Pokemon; but What is It?

The Pokemon Company have released “found footage” trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus, hinting at a new Pokemon. But what could it be?. The new trailer’s found footage style is ideal for Halloween. Glossing over the fact someone has found a camera in the ancient past (the Arceus smartphone exists after all), we see a snowy mountain.


[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press.]. London, United Kingdom—19 October 2021—Today, The Pokémon Company International announced one of this year’s most unmissable contests: the Pokémon presents Super Pet Contest!. Inspired by the Super Contest Shows featured...

J Balvin, Katy Perry, and Post Malone star in Pokémon TCG promo images for Pokémon 25: The Album’s release

Last Friday finally saw the release of Pokémon 25: The Album – the final product in The Pokémon Company and Capitol Records’ year-long music project. With its release, we also saw the debut of J Balvin’s single, “Ten Cuidado”, and its music video. The Pokémon Company’s Instagram account decided to promote the track via Instagram Stories by showing off what looked like a Pokémon TCG featuring J Balvin with Charizard.