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This Week in Tech: New WhatsApp features, Rootless themes return to Android, and more

While the last week was quite eventful in the world of tech, this past week was relatively slow. Other than a few new tidbits about the latest software releases, a couple of new WhatsApp features, and a few more Pixel 6 leaks, nothing significant happened this week. However, that’s just the calm before the storm, as the coming week will be packed with some major announcements from Apple and Samsung. Nonetheless, if you missed any of our coverage this week, here’s a brief recap of all the significant developments in the tech world this week.
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Hacking group based in Iran continues to target US citizens, Google reports

A recent blog post from Google’s Threat Analysis Group has detailed the methods an Iranian hacking group known as APT35 uses to target high-value individuals. APT35, which also operates as Ajax Security team, Charming Kitten, and Phosphorus, has been targeting politicians, NGOs, government institutions, journalists, and academia since 2017. The group has also tried to target former US President Donald Trump’s election campaign staff during the 2020 elections.

How to Take Full-Page Screenshots in Chrome on Android

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How make your Android phone’s battery charge last a little longer

Does it seem like the battery in your Android phone dies a lot sooner than it should? If so, you’re certainly not alone. A while back I wrote a post listing 7 tips for extending your Android phone’s battery life, and they all help quite a bit. Well, here’s a...
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State-sponsored attackers infiltrate Play Store with fake VPN app

Spyware can come in many forms and in May of last year, Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered that state-sponsored hackers had disguised their malicious software as a VPN app and uploaded it to the Google Play Store. The search giant’s Threat Analysis Group tracks a wide variety of threats and...

Play Store Gets Hacked, Fake VPN App Intrudes

Spyware can take many forms, and Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered that state-sponsored hackers had disguised their malicious software as a VPN app and uploaded it to the Play Store in May of last year. The Google Threat Analysis Group watches a wide range of threats in order to notify...

How to Change Country or Region in the Google Play Store

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Google has banned 3 malicious Android apps from Play Store

Over 150 harmful apps were recently banned by Google. Google has removed three harmful apps from the Play Store yet again. Google announced at Google I/O this year that there are already 3 billion active Android devices, and the removal of these apps will helping individuals who may have been duped into using them.

here is a first glimpse of Android applications on PC

Windows 11 is preparing to welcome Android applications through the Microsoft Store. While the feature is still under development, screenshots have come to reveal what Android apps launched on a computer will look like. Windows 11 has just arrived on compatible PCs. This new version of the operating system includes...

Bird-Watching Card Game Wingspan Coming to Android Next Month

Wingspan is a digital adaptation of a successful card game that’s all about trying to entice feathered friends to your bird sanctuary. It’s been out on a bunch of other platforms for a while, and now it’s heading to Android next month. There are 170 different birds to try and...

Pixel Stand update adds Material You tweaks, preps for 2nd-gen [Gallery]

The Pixel Stand app has gotten an update, bringing a Material You redesign along with preparations for the fans in the upcoming second-generation Pixel Stand. One of the many improvements of the Pixel 6 series by comparison to Google’s phones before is its boost to the charging speed, both wired and wireless. To that end, as we first reported, Google has been preparing a second-generation Pixel Stand wireless charger, equipped with fans to help dissipate heat from the faster charging.

There’s a Brand New, Tree-Focused Chapter Out Now for Monument Valley 2

When one of the very best mobile games ever made gets updated with new content, it’s always time for a celebration. When that new update is about protecting the forests of the world, well it’s a double education celebration. Monument Valley 2 has just received a new, four scene chapter...

Pixel ‘Sounds’ app gets Material You redesign & ‘Material’ ringtones, alarms [Download]

Google is rolling out an update to the “Sounds” app on Pixel phones that introduces a Material You redesign, as well as the new “Material Adventures” collection. This redesign starts with the grid view getting replaced by a standard list that makes use of rounded corners. The “Sounds” experience that’s part of the system Settings app previously used a UI that dates back to the Pixel’s original wallpaper picker.