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Kayling Gaver of Tapcheck: “Be Passionate”

Be Passionate: You need to have a deep passion for your idea. That passion is what fuels your drive to realize your company’s vision. You need to be your own biggest advocate before you can convince someone else how great your idea is. One way to keep this passion alight is to engage with your team and users to understand the impact of your solution and what else they need, so you can come up with ways to fill this gap. It’s really touching to hear the personal stories of how our solution is supporting people, and I think that really helps fuel the passion and drive to continue innovating and bringing more options and improved solutions to users.

Jah Vinci Announces New EP ‘Passion’

If Virgin did not show us just how much passion, The World Singer Jah Vinci has, then his new EP titled Passion will no doubt do just that. Along with its cover artwork of a woman handcuffed in lingerie, the Passion EP is set for release Friday, December 17, just in time for the holiday festivities and romance.

Sound Off 10-13-2021

The Best of the best of Sound Off for October 13th, 2021. Tim McManus Joins The Mike Missanelli Show 10-13-2021. Keith Pomey Joins The Mike Missanelli Show 10-13-2021. John Kincade Joins The Mike Missanelli Show 10-12-21 13:36 Download October 12th. The Mike Missanelli Show 10-12-21 02:50:01 Download October 12th. Podcasts...

Iconic L.A Rapper NFTs

Iconic Los Angeles-based rapper The Game has partnered with NFT marketplace OneOf to launch the 'Genesis' collection -- the rapper's own NFT offering that is set to include various digital cards inspired by his own hobbies, as well as the album 'The Documentary.'. “I have been able to put forth...