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The NRA-ILA on Exactly How Anti-Gun Research Works

The objective world mistrusts most gun policy research because it’s clear the objective is to produce an anti-gun outcome rather than an honest analysis. Politicians and professional activists claim the mantle of evidence but will ignore any findings that threaten their anti-gun agenda. Anti-gun politicians continue to advocate for policies...
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US Militarism Abroad is Hypocritical and Counterproductive

The liberal rules-based international order of human rights, democracy, and open markets is a status quo worth maintaining. The world is observably better off substantively, economically, morally, and spiritually today than it ever has been at any other time in history. One causal factor for that is the relatively open society that has been established and the spread of civil and economic freedom to more countries. The maintenance of such an order is perhaps one of the greatest triumphs of the West, notably led by the United States. Although the US has played a key role in organizing this achievement, it is also actively contributing to its uncertainty and perhaps its downfall.
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Gosar Sponsors Fairness for High-Skilled Americans Act Featured

Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs aim to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the OPT Program. The Optional Practice Training program rewards businesses for firing American workers and replacing them with foreign labor. This program was created entirely through executive action. It is one of the largest guest...
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The Spyware Threat to Journalists

Khadija Ismayilova, an investigative reporter from Azerbaijan, is an icon among the subtribe of journalists who work to expose cross-border financial corruption. She has broken big stories about money laundering and dodgy banking, despite being targeted by President Ilham Aliyev’s authoritarian regime. Operatives planted cameras in her home in Baku and, in 2012, released a video of her having sex with her boyfriend. In 2014, she was arrested on trumped-up charges that included tax evasion; a court sentenced her to seven and a half years in prison. The human-rights lawyer Amal Clooney, among others, took up Ismayilova’s cause, and she was released after eighteen months, but the government prohibited her from leaving the country for five years.

Are Non-Compete Clauses Legitimate? Yes.

What exactly, is a non-compete clause? It appears, typically, in a labor contract. In view of the wages and working conditions and other benefits the employer will be bestowing on the employee, the latter agrees that for the duration of his employment there, and if and when his relationship with the firm is later severed, he will not compete with his employer. This is usually stipulated for two years or so afterward, although the noncompete duration may vary. The fear on the part of the company is that the employee will either set up on his own as a competitor, or work for a different firm in the same industry. He will have the benefit of his first employer’s trade secrets, ways of doing business, etc. The employee, presumably, is paid a bit extra for agreeing to limit himself in this manner.
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20 People to Know in Banking: Mike Searcy

Mike Searcy, senior vice president, chief credit officer, Paducah Bank. How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed the banking industry?. Our execution of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans had a significant impact on loan volume, as a vast majority of those loans will be forgiven and will roll off the books. In turn, proceeds from the PPP loans have provided a boost of liquidity as well. The pandemic also encouraged customers to do online banking, which we hope to see continue into the future. We love seeing our customers in person, but we know how efficient online banking can be for busy people.

YJ Fischer to Join SEC as Director of the Office of International Affairs

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced the appointment of YJ Fischer as Director of the Office of International Affairs (OIA), effective Aug. 2. Ms. Fischer previously served in various roles at the U.S. State Department during the Obama Administration, including as assistant coordinator for implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement.
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Senate bill ensures future funding for Southeast Iowa's Domestic Violence Intervention Program

A bipartisan bill that will provide additional revenue to the Crime Victims Fund was passed Tuesday by the U.S. Senate. The bill, known as the VOCA Fix to Sustain the Crime Victims Fund Act, will ensure future funding for programs such as the Iowa City-based Domestic Violence Intervention Program, which serves Cedar, Des Moines, Henry, Iowa, Johnson, Lee, Van Buren and Washington counties.
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Study: the biggest barrier to solar expansion is that you can't price gouge

A recent study published in the scientific journal Joule, titled "Solar and wind grid system value in the United States: The effect of transmission congestion, generation profiles, and curtailment," proposes a massive predicament in renewable power: it's too cheap. Substantial adoption of wind and solar energy generation is essential to...

Wyatt Rockefeller on Going Places with “Settlers”

A few years ago, Wyatt Rockefeller was working for an energy distribution startup on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, a logical next step after working in the Environmental Protection Agency under the Obama Administration, and every night he’d have trouble getting to bed. During the day, he’d be inspired by the small business owners he’d meet, seeing the impact they had in their communities by being so specifically focused on what they were good at, and when he came home, he couldn’t help but think back to how much he had enjoyed making movies when he was a kid.
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Can the Democrats Create a New Economic Model?

As I watched Jerome Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve, facing some tough questions before Congress last week, my mind went back to October, 2008, when the Maestro himself, Alan Greenspan, the former Fed chair, went up to Capitol Hill and conceded that he had “found a flaw” in the economic model he had carried in his head for roughly half a century, and which he had used to justify his support for financial deregulation and other conservative policies, such as tax cuts. Greenspan’s admission, which came shortly after Congress reluctantly agreed to bail out Wall Street following the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, represented an epitaph for a certain way of thinking about the economy. Far less clear at the time was what sort of model would replace the one that Greenspan, during his almost two decades at the Fed, had done a great deal to promote.