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Pitt Men's Basketball announces 2021-22 schedule

PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) Get ready for another season of Pitt Panthers basketball. The Pitt Men’s Basketball Team had their schedule released on Thursday and the Peterson Event Center will play host to many of the ACC’s best teams. “We are excited about the season ahead of us,” head coach...
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Maryland Zoo to vaccinate certain animals against COVID

The Maryland Zoo announced Tuesday that it will begin vaccinating certain animals that have been proven to be vulnerable to COVID-19. Details: The vaccine, which has been specifically modified for animals, will be administered to "North American river otters, the chimpanzees and our cat species – Amur leopard, cheetah, bobcat, and lion," according to the announcement.
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Thirteen gorillas at Atlanta zoo test positive for COVID-19

Thirteen western lowland gorillas at Zoo Atlanta are receiving treatment for COVID-19 after initial tests came back positive, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported. Why it matters: Zoo Atlanta confirmed in a statement on Friday that "a number" of its 20 gorillas had tested presumptively positive, and that the zoo believes they were infected by a fully vaccinated team member.
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Oakland Zoo asks people to drop off ivory, other items made from illegal animal trade

When Ting Ting the sun bear arrived at the Oakland Zoo in 2006, she had a spacious field to explore. But Ting Ting confined herself to a raised wooden plank. Ting Ting, rescued from the illegal wildlife trade where she was sold as a pet, was previously kept in a small cage where she could walk only a few steps back and forth. In her first months at the Oakland Zoo, she maintained the same pacing pattern.

Atlanta zoo gorillas test COVID positive for delta, will get vaccine

A group of gorillas at Zoo Atlanta are in line to be vaccinated after they tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a public statement from zoo officials released Sunday. The western lowland gorillas were seen coughing with running noses and a decreased appetite, prompting the initial testing. Nasal, oral...
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A group of gorillas is being treated for covid. The great apes will soon get their shots, too, zoo says.

Gorillas at Zoo Atlanta are being treated after initial tests showed they were positive for the coronavirus — and the zoo plans to vaccinate them once they recover. A care team recently noticed telltale signs: Several members of the zoo’s western lowland gorilla population were coughing, had runny noses and showed minor changes in their appetites.

Racine Zoo Welcomes a Wallaroo Named Jiemba

The Racine Zoo welcomes a wallaroo named Jiemba. This 21-month old recently made a move from Oakland Zoo in Oakland, California, to Racine. His transition is a part of the Species Survival Plan’s efforts. Species Survival Plans, or SSPs, are cooperative efforts between accredited zoos, aquariums, and their partners around...