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Fashion Has Abandoned Human Taste

As best as I can tell, the puff-sleeve onslaught began in 2018. The clothing designer Batsheva Hay’s eponymous brand was barely two years old, but her high-necked, ruffle-trimmed, elbow-covering dresses in dense florals and upholstery prints—bizarro-world reimaginings of the conservative frocks favored by Hasidic Jewish women and the Amish—had developed a cult following among weird New York fashion-and-art girls. Almost all of her early designs featured some kind of huge, puffy sleeve; according to a lengthy profile in The New Yorker published that September, the custom-made dress that inspired Hay’s line had enough space in the shoulders to store a few tennis balls.
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Donald Trump shares poll that shows him beating Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in primary as 2024 rumors continue

Donald Trump took to his personal social media network to boast how he will beat Ron DeSantis as Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election. According to a questionable poll from Zogby (who?), the recently converted Florida man would take 54% of a GOP primary vote. The poll showed that DeSantis would be Trump's next closest competitor at 12%.
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Roe v. Wade Overturned: What to Do Today, in 5 Days and in 5 Months from Now

Though the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade comes as no surprise since the leaked Alito draft, there are few words that can adequately express the reality of the devastation. We now live in a nation where, per NPR, “For all practical purposes, abortion will not be available in large swaths of the country.” And the repercussions don’t end there. As Jia Tolentino pens for The New Yorker, we are entering an era not just of unsafe abortions but of the widespread criminalization of pregnancy. What does this mean for birth control, IVF, medical privacy or, in light of Justice Clarence Thomas's opinion, other rulings like same-sex marriage? There are so many questions and so much fear and so much anger. But where to channel that rage? Here’s what you can do today, in five days and over the next five months in the fight for reproductive justice.
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CNN Brought In Noted Zoom-Dick Analyst to Talk About Roe v. Wade

In the hours after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, CNN brought Mary Szoch, the director of the center for human dignity at the anti-abortion rights and anti-LGBTQ rights Family Research Council, on air. Szoch, asked if she supported criminalizing people who cross state lines and get abortions, replied,...

Sharon Stone Reveals Devastating Details About Her Past Pregnancies

Trigger warning: This piece discusses pregnancy loss. Sharon Stone seems to have lived many lives — and not just because she's excelled as an actor. In a March 2021 interview with the New Yorker, she opened up about experiencing a stroke, the abuse she faced as a child, and the sexism she encountered in Hollywood. Her unique and harrowing experiences were also documented in her 2021 memoir, "The Beauty of Living Twice." As she promoted her written work through interviews, we got more insight into the 64-year-old's life than ever. Even as the press on her memoir has slowed, Stone hasn't shied away from sharing more details of her life.

Opinion: What gives DeSantis an edge over Trump

With all the speculation about whether -- and if so, when -- Trump will announce his candidacy for 2024, there is another big question facing the GOP, writes Julian Zelizer. Is Trump in the best position to win the Republican nomination?

St. Paul’s UMC To Welcome Kenneth Glendon Brown

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church will welcome composer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and music educator, Kenneth Glendon Brown, as their new Associate Director of Music on Sunday, July 3. Brown will be working alongside St. Paul’s new Director of Music, Justine Hansen. “St. Paul’s has been known for the quality of its music program for a couple of decades, and our new Music Ministry team will ensure this remains true in the coming years,” said Rev. Robb Fuesler.

Comments to the Editor. Findings With the Sony a7r IV

Generally speaking, I’m not the biggest fan of comments. People can be toxic at times when you and your staff work pretty hard to output content. That’s why I removed them from the site for a while. But sometimes, comments come from people who realize we’re human beings too. And instead of responding to them in our comments section, we had the idea to write full letters to them. Inspired by the Letters to the Editor in the New Yorker, we’re doing just that here.