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The shocking physical change of Tom Cruise: unrecognizable and disfigured

If a few days ago it was Linda Evangelista who gave the bell with his surprising physical change, disfigured after a failed aesthetic treatment, now it has been Tom Cruise (59) who has unleashed the alarms. Everyone has wondered what has happened to the protagonist of impossible mission, which appeared in a baseball party with that of his son of his Connor (26) in San Francisco, unrecognizable, with the face swollen and smooth as that of a doll. Since then, networks burn with all kinds of theories and comments about the actor, which seems to have the hand gone in his attempt to look younger.
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Simone Biles on Putting ‘Myself First’ at Olympics

Simone Biles on Putting ‘Myself First’ at Olympics: ’16-Year-Old Simone Would Never’ – Simone Biles is proud of her run at the Tokyo Olympics. On Friday, the decorated gymnast, 24, opened up about her Olympic memories during a Q&A with her followers on Instagram Stories. When asked about a moment...
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Your letters: In defense of Kristi Noem

The last letter to the paper I ever thought I'd be writing is one defending Gov. Kristi Noem. Over the years, I've denounced her for her tepid COVID-19 response and for her grotesque sucking up to and currying favor from former -- thank God -- President Donald Trump. You know, the twice-impeached and more times than that criminally investigated president. Noem has said he belongs on Mount Rushmore alongside Lincoln.

Kelly Clarkson Ready to Date Hunky Men Again But Refuses To Do THIS

Kelly Clarkson came out the more powerful person in her divorce from Brandon Blackstock. But now, she's ready to put her failed marriage behind her because the former "American Idol" star is ready to start dating once again and find the right person for her. One of the many things...

Daniel Craig Only Quit James Bond Over Fears Of Serious Injury?

No Time To Die marks the end of Daniel Craig as James Bond. The iconic character will soon bear a new face, but one report says Craig is only leaving out of fear. Is he quitting because he’s worried about having an accident? Gossip Cop investigates. ‘Craig Too Creaky To...

Chris Martin Looked ‘Out Of It’ After Forgetting Songs At Recent Concert?

Coldplay is back on tour, which means frontman Chris Martin is back on stage. One report suggests he’s lost his touch. During a recent performance, he continuously made mistakes and seemed “out of it,” an insider says. Gossip Cop investigates. ‘Coldplay Chris Missing A Beat!’. According to the National Enquirer,...

Blake Lively trolls Ryan Reynolds over ‘sabbatical’

Blake Lively trolls Ryan Reynolds over ‘sabbatical’ from acting: ‘Michael Caine did it first’ – Ryan Reynolds is about to be a free guy, but his wife Blake Lively doesn’t think it’s such a big deal. ORDER A COPY OF ROB’S NEW BEST SELLING BOOK!. The Deadpool star took to...

Adele’s ‘Easy on Me’ Bests BTS Spotify Record

Adele’s ‘Easy on Me’ Bests BTS Spotify Record for Most Streams in a Single Day. Adele is back and already breaking records!. On Thursday evening, the 33-year-old singer released her new single “Easy on Me,” which will be part of her soon-to-be-released studio album, 30. Within a day, the single...

Eldest child of Bill and Melinda Gates marries

Eldest child of Bill and Melinda Gates marries Nayel Nassar over star-studded wedding weekend. Jennifer Gates just said “I do.”. On Friday, October 15, the 25-year-old eldest child of Bill and Melinda Gates walked down the aisle to officially marry her longtime love Nayel Nassar, 30. The couple exchanged vows in a small Muslim wedding ceremony on the Gates’ estate in North Salem, New York, per The Daily Mail.

Mick Jagger pokes fun at Paul McCartney after diss

Mick Jagger pokes fun at Paul McCartney after diss: ‘He’s going to join us in a blues cover’ – Mick Jagger threw shade at Paul McCartney at Thursday’s Rolling Stones concert. ORDER A COPY OF ROB’S NEW BEST SELLING BOOK!. Jagger, 78, and McCartney, 79, have been part of the...

Hoda Kotb on Telling Daughters About Adoption

Hoda Kotb on Telling Daughters About Adoption: ‘You Came from My Heart’ – Hoda Kotb has a sweet way of talking to her daughters about adoption. The Today co-host appears on the first-ever episode of PEOPLE’s new podcast Me Becoming Mom, opening up about her road to parenthood and welcoming her daughters — daughters Hope Catherine, 2, and Haley Joy, 4 — via adoption.

Meghan Markle Struggling To Hide 'Bloated Body' After Pregnancy? Duchess Tried Hard Using These As Cover [Report]

Meghan Markle is suspected of hiding her post-pregnancy body by using unflattering, baggy clothes to soften her silhouette. After getting spotted by paparazzi in New York City, a report talked about how the Duchess of Sussex is trying so hard to cover up and hide her figure using strategically picked outfits. However, some of the publications have claimed that Meghan has epically failed to hide anything from the public.

Warren Beatty Looking Frail And ‘Circling The Drain’?

Is Warren Beatty nearing the end? One tabloid claims the Bonnie and Clyde star was looking “frail” on a recent outing. Here’s what we know about the Hollywood legend’s health. Warren Beatty ‘Turns The Corner’?. This week, the National Enquirer reports Warren Beatty is looking rough. The 84-year-old film star...

Tom Cruise Begging Hayley Atwell To Take Him Back After She Dumped Him?

Is “heartsick” Tom Cruise hurting after Hayley Atwell cut their romance off? According to one magazine, Atwell “snipped their blossoming romance in the bud,” and Cruise is now pleading with her to reconsider. Gossip Cop investigates. ‘Hayley Is Tom’s Mission: Impossible!’. The latest report from the National Enquirer alleges Tom...