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Eating Ice Cream Is Much Better Than Investing In It

It’s hot out there. And as usual in the depths of summer, our thoughts turn to ice cream. However, this job is supposed to be about covering startup funding, and not about scarfing pints of cookies ‘n cream. So instead, we’re channeling our cravings toward a look at the entrepreneurial and funding climate for frozen treats.
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Instagram Trap Off-Brand Lego 'Brick Bar' Pop-Up Coming to SF This Fall

The Brick Bar, billed as "the most talked about pop-up bar," is heading to an undisclosed location in San Francisco this October. In yet another sign of everything going back to its pre-pandemic basic-ness, The Brick Bar will be bringing its off-brand Lego-constructed zaniness to San Francisco, for everyone's Instagramming and TikTok-ing pleasure.
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Summer in the NYC: Check out these arts & entertainment options as restrictions lift

With restrictions lifting around New York City, options for fun and entertainment will be more readily available throughout the five boroughs. On June 15, Governor Cuomo announced that with 70% of New Yorkers receiving at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination series, state-mandated restrictions on gatherings, businesses and recreation activities are being relaxed. Federally mandated restrictions will still be in effect.
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Inside the Illuminarium, the $30 million spectacle that’s like walking into a film

A $30 million spectacle is opening in Atlanta next month that proposes a new kind of post-pandemic experience. Blurring elements of film, immersive environments, and theatrical design, the space, called Illuminarium, hopes to bring visitors together indoors in a room that can be transformed through video projection, lidar-based interactive digital elements, sound, and special effects to replicate any place in the world—or beyond.
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Review Rundown: The One With The Shifting Rules (6/2/21)

SCRAP’s ingenious new escape game, an unforgettable taxi ride in Bushwick, theatre in Altspace and more. Five reviews. And we’re back with the Rundown, our weekly look at what the Review Crew has been exploring for the past week. This time out we’ve got IRL adventures in Brooklyn, online Escape Games, VR theatre, a look at the current state of the granddaddy of Selfie Palaces, and a beloved VR puzzler.
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A whole new ‘WRLD’

Three Fort Dodge Senior High graduates have merged their longtime friendship into a business partnership. And that business is booming throughout the U.S. Selfie WRLD is a photography studio/museum. It provides visitors with unique backdrops that can be used for professional or recreational pictures. Ashley Wilkerson, of Ankeny, is the...
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New ‘Selfie Museum’ in Concord Celebrates the 1990s

TWENTY-TWO MILLION AMERICANS lost their jobs during the first two months of the pandemic. Jessica Jones, a 35-year-old Baltimore native who worked for MetLife in Charlotte, was one of them. “I said then that I will never lose another job,” she says in April, “because I will be the job.”
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A Black-Owned Museum You Have to Visit in Greensboro, North Carolina

There's a new museum in Greensboro that you absolutely have to check out. It's not everyday you get to witness Black spaces that are not filled with terrifying history or pain. Those conversations are important and it's vital to acknowledge history but there's also space for some Black joy, Black fun and in this case, a Rich Girl Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina. As the name implies, you can definitely feel like a rich money bag in this museum that's not only catered to the African American population but anyone who celebrates Black history.