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Hot Dog-Flavored Soft Serve Unleashed on Unsuspecting Chicagoans

The Museum of Ice Cream, the ice cream-themed art installation that rocketed to social media stardom with selfie-friendly exhibitions like bubblegum pink sprinkle pools, opened its twee new flagship location in Chicago this month in the redeveloped Tribune Tower at 435 N. Michigan Avenue. The fourth permanent location for the...
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Just opened: A museum speak-easy with hot dog-flavored ice cream among 9 new restaurants and bars in Chicago

An untraditional museum has created hot dog-flavored ice cream, but only for its visitors in Chicago. “Museum of Ice Cream is an experiential place,” said Maryellis Bunn, co-founder of the attraction, which opened July 16 at Tribune Tower. “Our mission is to make everyone feel like they’re a child again.” A new flagship in the city, with six locations worldwide, features the brand’s sole ...

Chicago’s new Museum of Ice Cream

Manish Vora, co-founder of the Museum of Ice Cream, joins Steve Dale to talk ice cream. Manish explains why they used the color pink for the museum theme and talks about some history of ice cream.

Chicago’s Museum of Ice Cream is a Picture-Perfect Sugar Rush

Museum of Ice Cream transports visitors to a candy-colored world of sprinkles and scoops that’s tucked away inside the Tribune Tower off of Michigan Avenue. Unlimited ice cream treats, a giant ball pit “pool” filled with plastic sprinkles, and beautiful exhibits galore are designed to delight visitors of all ages. We headed downtown to see how the experience held up as a destination for families with young kids.

The Museum of Ice Cream

It’s a wonderful time for ice cream enthusiasts, there’s now a place that caters to lovers of ice cream. Whether you’re hungry for some knowledge and fun interactive games about ice cream, or eating frozen delights until your heart’s content, then this museum is made for you. The Museum of Ice Cream welcomes people of all ages into discovering, and rediscovering, the wonders of enjoying a timeless classic frozen treat. There’s no such thing as too much ice cream here.