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Labour group with links to Keir Starmer fined £14,250 for failing to declare donations

An influential Labour Party group has been fined £14,250 for failing to declare donations on time. Labour Together's directors include two senior Labour MPs and a major Labour Party donor. Figures published by the Electoral Commission suggests more than £800,000 was not declared properly. See more stories on Insider's business...
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Why is a lefty like me working at GB News?

I’m a proud lefty. I joined the Labour Party as a teenager and am still a member today. I’m also a political journalist and to me, that means balancing the political debate. I take that very seriously.So what am I doing on GB News? It’s “right-wing, shouty telly” isn’t it? I’d ask you to watch my political show and draw your own conclusions as to whether there’s anything right wing or shouty about it. I promise that you’ll just get balanced and impartial debate. I’ve made thousands of political programmes and I’m proud that I’m doing this one differently.In...
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Government urged to accept corporate tax reform as ‘writing is on the wall’

The “writing is on the wall” over the future of Ireland’s corporate tax system, the Labour Party has said, calling for the Government to sign up fully to international tax reforms. As The Irish Times reports, in the wake of Taoiseach Micheál Martin’s comments in New York, where he held...
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Starmer has ‘second chance’ to turn Labour round after ‘disastrous decade’, says Peter Mandelson

Sir Keir Starmer must distance Labour from its “disastrous decade”, with the party’s annual conference being a pivotal moment in the “long march back to electability”, Peter Mandelson has warned.Speaking to The Independent, one of the architects of New Labour argued the party had come a long way from “ground zero” at the 2019 general election but was yet to “re-establish” its credentials among voters in Britain.Lord Mandelson, who served as a cabinet minister under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown said the Labour leader – elected during England’s first lockdown – now had a “second chance” to set out his stall,...

Sir Keir Starmer sparks a new Labour civil war after vowing to overhaul the rules for electing the party's leader as left-wing activists mobilise to oppose the shake-up and accuse him of a 'bureaucratic attack'

Sir Keir Starmer has sparked a new Labour civil war after unveiling plans to radically overhaul the way the party chooses its leader. Sir Keir wants to scrap the current 'one member, one vote' system and replace it with a version of the electoral college system which was previously used by the party.

Starmer risks Labour ‘civil war’ with plans to shake up leadership vote rules

Sir Keir Starmer looks set for a battle with Labour’s left-wing over plans to reform the way the party’s leader is elected. Under the proposal, the one member, one vote (OMOV) system would be replaced with a return to the electoral college made up of the unions and affiliate organisations, MPs and party members.

Norway turns left

It was evident by about midnight on September 13 that the left bloc, spearheaded by the Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet), was comfortably bagging an important victory in Norway’s elections. The eight-year-long right-wing government, headed by conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg, was finally defeated. Flanked by the Socialist Left (SV) and Centre...

Government has spent at least €89.2 million on questionable direct orders since July 2020

Just five of The Shift’s multiple investigations into government-issued direct order contracts revealed that the irregular practice cost the country at least €89.2 million. These five investigations alone uncovered an estimated 461 direct orders, negotiated procedure tenders and contracts, many of which were awarded to persons or business groups with...

Blame fossil fuels, not renewables, for the UK’s winter energy crisis

Soaring wholesale gas prices have left the UK in an energy crisis, with fears for vulnerable households as bills rise, a wave of energy firms folding and carbon dioxide production for food supplies hit as fertiliser plants halted operations. In the 1990s, the UK made a “dash for gas”. In...

Flintshire Council to adopt definitions of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in a bid to stamp out hatred

A local authority is set to adopt definitions of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in a bid to stamp out hatred. Numerous public bodies have accepted the wording of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) to prevent discrimination towards Jews. The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims’ definition of Islamophobia has...
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Rosie Duffield’s views on transgender people should have no place in the Labour Party

Rosie Duffield, Labour MP for Canterbury, has pulled out of the party’s annual conference, saying that she doesn’t want to be “the centre of attention” due to her views on transgender people.Much is already being made of Duffield feeling potentially too “unsafe” to attend the Labour conference. It is, of course, never acceptable to threaten someone (online or off) – it’s also completely unacceptable to trumpet prejudiced misinformation, as Duffield has been accused of doing.Duffield is reportedly still under investigation by the Labour Party for alleged anti-trans activity on social media, and in July, LGBT+ Labour called for Duffield to...