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Rams-Packers Instant Reaction: That was UNACCEPTABLE by Sean McVay

The LA Rams were 7-1 at one point and that included a win over the defending champions—for the second year in a row. The Rams are now 7-4 and none of the last three contests have come close to being a win for Sean McVay or Matthew Stafford, so both have come under fire for falling short of the reasonably high expectations that fans had for them coming into the season. In retrospect, wins over the Texans, Lions, Giants, and Seahawks start to look like...
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LA Rams Week 12 loss proves that they have not improved

Go ahead and point your fingers. It’s an easy thing to do. In 2020, the outcries were to get rid of quarterback Jared Goff. In 2021, the outcries are to get rid of defensive coordinator Raheem Morris. It’s a silly #ThingToDo because in the end all it does is confuse the issue of what’s wrong with this team. The Rams are struggling, and it’s not one person. It’s their organization.
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LA Rams veteran OLB Leonard Floyd back from two ailments

When the LA Rams signed up WR Odell Beckham Jr., they had no way to foresee that they would almost immediately lose veteran WR Robert Woods for the season to an ACL injury. So too when the team traded for veteran outside linebacker Von Miller, there was no way to expect that their Steady-Freddie veteran Leonard Floyd would be undergoing his own set of challenges.
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Weaving Odell Beckham Jr. into LA Rams passing attack will take time

The LA Rams signed up free-agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. before Week 11, had two days to integrate him into some of the offensive plays in time to face the San Francisco 49ers, and after that loss, have already faced the instant designation to adding him to this team a ‘bust’. Others cite the Rams loss as a direct result of signing that ‘locker room cancer,’ to the team’s roster.

Los Angeles Rams vs Green Bay Packers 11/28/2021 Picks Predictions Previews

The Los Angeles Rams will play against the Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon. The LA Rams are on their 2-game losing streak after skidding off the grid against the 49ers to a score of 10-31 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA last Monday.

LA Rams move WR Robert Woods to IR and other Rams roster moves

It is now official. The LA Rams have officially assigned veteran wide receiver Robert Woods to injured reserve. It was not a surprising move, as he was already reported to have suffered a season-ending ACL injury just before the team faced the San Francisco 49ers in Week 10. But no...

Packers Who Need Herculean Effort to Topple Rams on Sunday

The Packers failed to seize the opportunity to put a lockdown on the division in Minnesota, losing 34-31. The entire team looked a little disjointed and could not take advantage of the numerous opportunities they had to take control of the game. Their schedule has one final test before their much-needed bye week: a titanic matchup at Lambeau Field against the LA Rams. One of the biggest matchups of the 2021 season, the LA Rams come to Lambeau Field looking to prove that they are title contenders. If the Packers want to make a similar claim, they will need a herculean effort from some key players.

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Cooper Kupp

Top 10 Facts You Didn't Know About About LA Rams Wide receiver Cooper Kupp, his wife, contract, injury, jersey number, years at college & high school and more. Kupp is in the second year of a $47 million contract with the LA Rams. Despite the large contract, his base salary...

LA Rams prepare to welcome back former starting LB Justin Hollins

When the LA Rams lost outside linebacker Justin Hollins, the team suffered a setback on defense. Perhaps a larger setback than even the team wanted to recognize. When he fell to injury, Hollins was one of the hottest players on the defense and was certainly a promising and rising star for the team that had some uncertainty at the position before the season began.

2021 LA Rams playoff picture forming via the ESPN Playoff machine

The LA Rams have emerged from their Week 11 BYE with a newfound sense of urgency, hopefully. That’s due to the fact that some are still holding out hope for the LA Rams to win the NFC West. But realistically, the team would need to run the table and the Arizona Cardinals would need to lose a few games for the Rams to win the NFC West and have a shot at a BYE week in the NFL Playoffs.

Don’t be shocked if LA Rams kick tires on Texans’ RB Phillip Lindsay

The LA Rams entered their Week 11 BYE week with an ineffective offense, an unconfident defense, and special teams play that has certainly not been special so far this season. But all of the chaos that preceded the LA Rams BYE is dwarfed by the complete anarchy that is the 2021 NFL season of the Houston Texans so far.

Should the Rams put in a claim for running back Phillip Lindsay?

According to NFL reporter Aaron Wilson, the Houston Texans have released former Denver Broncos standout running back Phillip Lindsay. Since it’s after the trade deadline, he will be subject to waivers. As it stands the Los Angeles Rams currently have the 24th spot on the waiver wire and Lindsay should have a ton of interest from multiple teams.

Odell Beckham Jr. expecting child with girlfriend Lauren Wood

Odell Beckham Jr. is about to become a father. The stylish wide receiver and his girlfriend Lauren Wood took to Instagram to announce they are expecting their first child together. The LA Rams football player and the 28-year-old Instagram model and fitness influencer shared black and white photos from their maternity shoot.

Why LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford won’t wither in cold weather

Well, it’s that holiday time of year, when the smells of roasted turkey and pumpkin pie fill the kitchen, while the sounds of NFL Football fill the living or entertainment room. For the true NFL/NCAAF aficionado, this is when the going gets tough and the tough get going. And for the fans of the LA Rams, it’s a time when the season heats up.

Rams Game Day Sunday: Rams vs Packers odds and prediction for NFL Week 12

After two consecutive humiliating beatings on the prime-time televised stage – the first on Sunday Night Football at the hands of the Tennessee Titans and the second on Monday Night Football at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers, the LA Rams entered the BYE week with a lot of soul searching on their To-Do list. There is no shame in losing games in the NFL. There is plenty of shame in not learning from those losses and correcting mistakes.

LA Rams Von Miller could be huge plus for post season play

If you thought that the LA Rams were going to rush outside linebacker Von Miller onto the football field from the moment that the team traded for him, you were likely disappointed. If you had hopes that the debut of Miller in an LA Rams uniform would be a career-high performance for the All-Pro veteran from the Denver Broncos, you are likely doubly disappointed.

Let’s chat about LA Rams outside linebacker Leonard Floyd

When the LA Rams added free agent veteran outside linebacker Leonard Floyd to the Rams defense in 2020, the reception was… lukewarm at best. Floyd was a productive if not-flashy, edge rusher from the Chicago Bears defense. The biggest attraction for the Rams organization was his familiarity with Brandon Staley and Vic Fangio’s defensive scheme.