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China's high-tech warplanes pose 'big new threat' to Taiwan

China's deployment of J-16D jets into Taiwan's air defence zone this week marked the first sighting of the new high-tech warplanes, Taipei confirmed Tuesday, their electronic-jamming equipment posing a fresh threat to the island.  Among the 13 observed on Monday were two J-16D jets, which the ministry confirmed Tuesday to AFP was the first time the high-tech warplanes had been seen in action. 
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China's new English-language song for Beijing 2022 called 'Join Us in Winter' - and featuring a patriotic rap group known for targeting enemies of the state - is slammed as 'cringey'

A new English-language song released by Chinese state media for the Beijing Winter Olympics has divided opinion, gaining effusive praise on Chinese social media but panned by overseas critics as 'cringey' and out of touch with reality. The music video 'Join Us in Winter' was released this week on China's...

China tests new engine, 'likely to power hypersonic aircraft'

China on Monday conducted a test flight for a new engine that experts said could power China’s future hypersonic aircraft and near-space plane. The engine, developed by the Laboratory of Spray Combustion and Propulsion under School of Aerospace Engineering at Tsinghua University, successfully conducted a flight test on Monday morning, China Central Television (CCTV) reported.