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'Jeopardy!' Fans Have a Lot to Say About Mike Richards' Episodes Following His Firing

Jeopardy! is airing a handful of Mike Richards-hosted episodes this week, despite his previous exit and firing. Richards was an executive producer on Jeopardy! and in August was announced as the show's new permanent host. Less than two weeks later, he stepped down from the hosting position, after the resurfacing of some sexist and insensitive comments he made during a 2013 podcast. Then, on Aug. 31, he was officially let go from his producer roles on both Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.
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The Best Episodes Of Everybody Loves Raymond

In 1996, comedian Ray Romano partnered with writer and producer Phil Rosenthal to develop a sitcom based on Romano's comedy. The result was one of the greatest TV comedies not just of the 1990s, but of all time. The story of sportswriter Ray Barone (Romano), his put-upon wife Debra (Patricia...
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Billions Season 5 Episode 11 on Showtime: September 26 Release and Expectations Based on Previous Episodes

This is an American drama series, and was first released on January 18, 2016. It has successfully completed five seasons by now. And the sixth one just might be on its way. The very good and advantageous point about this series is that it is always set up in some really big financial centers. Mostly in New York City and sometimes in Connecticut.

Every Bleach Filler Episode You Can Skip, According To YouTube

"Bleach" was once part of what fandom called the Big 3 anime; for a brief and shining moment in the mid-aughts, "Bleach," "Naruto," and "One Piece" ruled both "Shonen Jump" in Japan and Hot Topics across America. "Bleach" followed the adventures of slightly psychic high school student Ichigo Kurosaki after he accidentally absorbed the powers of a Soul Reaper named Rukia. Ichigo then has to defend Rukia, Earth, and the spirit realm (also known as the Soul Society) from various threats and enemies.

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 3 Episode 6: Release Date and Watch Online

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 3 Episode 6 is not declared yet. But it’s may release within few days. You can watch it on the NBC tv, CBS, and CW platform. The Kelly Clarkson Show is basically a reality talk show that is hosted by the famous American singer Kelly Clarkson. So, from her name, this show is named The Kelly Clarkson Show. Originally the series is created by Paul Telegdy.

Starz Releasing First Three Episodes of Heels Online For Free

Starz is giving fans a chance to do some catch-up on Heels, releasing the first three episodes of the wrestling drama online. The cable network has announced that the first three episodes are being released tonight at midnight on Facebook, YouTube and the STARZ App. You can see the full...

Pokémon Evolutions Episode 2 (The Eclipse): September 23 Release and Expectations

The Japanese animated series Pokémon Evolutions was released recently by Pokémon Company International to commemorate its completion of 25 years in the entertainment industry. Also known as Pocket Monster, the limited edition animation series got aired on September 9th. Its first episode on Pokémon TV and the official YouTube Channel of Pokémon entertainment would be exclusively a web series.

Who will return on Chicago Fire season 10, episode 2?

A familiar face will return on Chicago Fire season 10, episode 2. This is the crossover episode of the season. Who could it possibly be?. The second episode of the One Chicago shows is always the biggest. Well, usually. The episodes in the 2020–2021 season don’t count considering the pandemic. Episode 2 is usually when the big three-show crossover happens.

'American Horror Story: Death Valley': Cast, Episodes & Everything We Know About What's Next for Season 10's Double Feature

As we collectively round the corner out of a stressful summer into spooky season, you may find yourself turning more and more to the ghouls and goosebumps in your spare time. Or maybe you always watch horror but Halloween gives you an excuse to talk about it more openly and have your obsessions reinforced by marketing and mainstream media. Either way, it’s a good time to talk about American Horror Story, particularly what’s coming next for the show.

What If Episodes of ‘What If…?’ Had Endings?

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers for the first six episodes of Marvel’s What If…?. What If…? has been a fun ride thus far. It has a darker bent than the MCU proper, which allows episodes to spin off into fun, unexpected directions. However, the show also has trouble sticking the landing with these darker storylines. The first two episodes just kind of play it casual with the second episode hinting at a darker conclusion with the arrival of Ego, but then in episode three, despite killing off the Avengers, the show reverts to “but then we found some other heroes.” The only episode to really follow through on the darkness of its premise is episode four where Doctor Strange destroys the entire universe. But then in episodes five and six, the show tries to rebound from its darkness and the conclusion is abrupt. It’s a simple hand wave of “Everything will work out.”