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Epic Games Wants To Take Advantage Of Cryptocurrency

Epic Games has said it is open about games that support cryptocurrency or blockchain-based assets on its play store, unlike rival Valve which has banned games featuring blockchain or NFT technology from the Steam store. Regarding NFT Games, the company clarified that there may be some restrictions. But Epic Games...
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Ruin Raiders Releases Today on Switch and PC

Ruin Raiders, described as an anthropomorphic turn-based tactical roguelike, releases today on Nintendo Switch and PC. The game is developed by Spanish studio OverPowered Team and published by indie game publisher Freedom Games. Check out the launch trailer below. Ruin Raiders takes place amidst the remains of an ancient civilization....
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How to fix the Maine 15f/158 error code in Far Cry 6

The Maine 15f/158 error code can impact Far Cry 6 players across all platforms. This issue has been plaguing players from day one, but luckily, it seems like there are a couple of pretty easy fixes that work 99% of the time. This guide covers how to fix the Maine 15f/158 error code so you can get back to freeing Yara.
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News: Roguelike Deckbuilding Game, Void Tyrant Launches on EGS

Armor Game Studio’s roguelike, deckbuilding game Void Tyrant has officially been released on the Epic Game Store. The game puts you behind the hands of a hero looking to stop an evil warlord from taking over the galaxy. You can check out the game’s trailer below. Void Tyrant and all...

The Eternal Cylinder Review (PC)

One of my trebhums has big legs and can reach out of the way platforms. Another has hardened skin and can turn mushrooms into water. My currently chosen protagonist can also attract weird flies with some spikes on his head. I plan to deal with this puzzle before dropping that one for a more useful mutation, possibly one that allows me to actually attack some creatures that have so far only hunted me.

First official info unveiled by Rockstar Games

It’s been several weeks now that this GTA The Trilogy compilation has been talking about her. After the first echoes of Rockstar Mag ‘, Kotaku then Bloomberg, we had the right to a shower of leaks directly on the official Rockstar website through their Launcher. After all that, the star-studded...

PlayStation Play At Home Initiative Has 60 Million Games Redeemed

During last year’s COVID-19 lockdowns, more people stayed at home and played video games, benefiting PlayStation’s Play At Home initiative, which saw up to 60 million games redeemed and downloaded. The Play At Home initiative, which debuted in April of last year, served as Sony’s response to free giveaways from the Epic Game Store, allowing players to download and keep certain high-quality PlayStation exclusives with no strings attached for a limited time.
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Update: Twitch Source Code, Passwords, Creator Payouts, And More Leaked In Huge Security Breach

It hasn’t been a good week for some of the biggest names in tech. After having its dirty laundry aired for the world to see on Sunday night, Facebook (along with WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram) went down hard for nearly seven hours on Monday. Today, it’s Twitch’s turn to drown in its sorrows, as a new report claims that the video-sharing site was the victim of a massive security breach.

Proven hack, massive data breach

TWITCH hacking. The streaming platform that specializes in distributing video game-related content has been hacked. The source code of applications and user data will be circulated on the Internet. [Mis à jour le mercredi 6 octobre à 20 h 10] On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, a torrent link pointing to...

Epic Games is now on the Microsoft Store

Gamers are about to receive some pretty exciting news from Microsoft. The Epic Games Store is now only a few clicks away, with tons of titles. All you have to do in order to get it is search for it in the Microsoft Store. The app is free and only...

Epic Games Store to finally add Achievements next week

The Epic Games Store has announced it’ll finally introduce Achievements, a feature promised since the service launched, next week. As per the announcement post, the way the system will work is that you’ll earn XP for each Achievement earned. There’ll be a different amount, depending on the tier of trophy earned. Bronze Trophies will be worth between 5-45 XP, Silver 50-95 XP, Gold 100-200 XP and Platinum 250 XP. Earning XP will allow you to “level up” your profile.

Here Are The Release Times For Back 4 Blood On Xbox Game Pass

Back 4 Blood has snuck upon us. It's hard to believe the game is out on Xbox Game Pass as soon as next week, but it is, and Turtle Rock Studios is here to prove it with some official release times. Unless you're playing the game via Steam or the...