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Is a brown egg healthier than a white one?

It is a well-known food myth that brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. Poultry expert Ingrid de Jong of Wageningen University & Research gets the question regularly, and most often around Easter. De Jong is a senior researcher at Wageningen Livestock Research and knows a lot about chickens and their eggs. She immediately sets us straight: "A white egg is not healthier or unhealthier than a brown egg. They are exactly the same inside."
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One of LA’s Best Chefs Shows How to Make Soft Scrambled Eggs with Caviar

In the annals of haute French gastronomy is the Arpege Egg, named after Alain Passard’s Parisian restaurant where he developed the now famous dish that’s spread the world over the last few decades. Chefs, of course, have taken liberty with the soft-poached egg yolk with cream, sherry vinegar and maple syrup all served inside the shell. David Kinch has his farm egg with lemon crème fraiche; James Syhabout utilizes Applewood-smoked dates with onion cream; and Josiah Citrin used to serve his version at Michelin two-star Melisse topped with caviar.
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Young NC Entrepreneur Raising Quail, Selling Eggs

SALISBURY, N.C. (AP) — When some young entrepreneurs want to make a few bucks, they might pour some lemonade in a pitcher and put a stand out by the road. Cookie Weaver decided she was going to sell quail eggs. The enterprising 9-year-old is currently raising a flock of quail...
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Researchers develop safe and inexpensive technology to disinfect packed eggs

Also, it allows growing broiler chickens with strong immunity to viral diseases. Packed eggs are disinfected with 50 nanoseconds (one billionth of a second) electron beam. Disinfection takes place in plastic containers. The description of the technology was published in Food and Bioproducts Processing. “Disinfection of the packed eggs protects...
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Prehistoric fun: Library hosts Dinosaur Egg Hunt

It wasn’t that the eggs were fossilized, nor particularly oversized, it was just some prehistoric fun. Warren Public Library held a Dinosaur Egg Hunt in July, with special prizes in the eggs. Marina Bussoletti found the egg with the golden ticket — entitling her to a “huge dinosaur gift basket,”...
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Egg Spin Test to Find Out if an Egg is Raw or Boiled

Did you know that you can tell whether an egg is raw or boiled without cracking the shell?. My kids (and I) were excited to learn about this simple egg experiment which came in handy in our home recently. As we were preparing for some serious egg decorating, we lost track of which bowls contained raw egg or boiled egg. Without having to crack an egg, we used egg physics to help us solve our problem!

Frozen Eggs Rolls in Air Fryer

Easy Frozen Eggs Rolls in Air Fryer recipe! It is so easy to heat up any type of frozen egg rolls in the air fryer. A few minutes and you have hot crispy egg rolls to enjoy!. I am hooked on making all the things I can with our air fryers. My husband keeps laughing because I keep buying random frozen food to see if I can cook it in the air fryer better than the microwave or oven. It has been a random fun challenge this summer to work on new air fryer recipes.

AIBU...Burford Brown Eggs...what else compares?

Please help. We get through so many eggs and the only ones we've found and loved are the Burford Browns which are £4.50 for ten. We use at least a box a day (5 of us.) We've tried all local recommendations of "oh the most wonderful eggs from the farm shop/at the side of the road" and honestly, they've all been crap in comparison.

Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave

Breakfast in one minute sounds like the ultimate way to start your morning. When i’m ready to have a productive morning I love starting with a protein boost, but don’t love taking the time to cook. This easy microwave scrambled egg recipe is done in one minute and is so delicious!
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6 Reasons Why Your Hens Aren't Laying Any Eggs

If your hens have gone from laying eggs to simply laying around, you probably want to know why. The fact is, chickens stop laying for a number of reasons — perhaps it’s an illness, environment, or age. Fear not, though — no matter why your chickens aren’t laying eggs, we can offer some reasonable explanations and provide you with some valuable insight as to how to get things started again.