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Former Massachusetts Mayor Gets Six Years In Prison For Marijuana Corruption Charges

Prosecutors disclosed that Jasiel Correia spent nearly two-thirds of the sum he received from investors on his lavish lifestyle. Once viewed as a rising star in the Democratic party, former Massachusetts mayor Jasiel Correia was sentenced to six years in prison on Tuesday after being convicted in May on charges including fraud and extortion of hundreds of thousands of dollars tied to local marijuana businesses.
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No exit for Democrats: Mitch has them trapped, and the path ahead is darker than ever

We've got a fair number of repentant former Republicans roaming loose on the political landscape these days. They like to tell us that the onetime Party of Lincoln must be thoroughly defeated and destroyed before it can be rebuilt as a respectable, mainstream center-right organization. That's an encouraging team-building exercise, I guess — if we set aside everything about observable reality and play an extended game of Let's Pretend We're Grownups, like a bunch of eight-year-olds trying on Mom and Dad's Clinton-era wardrobe.

Biden nominates longtime allies for 3 ambassadorships

President Joe Biden unveiled three nominees for ambassadorships on Wednesday, taking the first step to fill posts in Sweden, Belgium and the Dominican Republic with longtime allies of his. For the Belgium job, Biden tapped Michael Adler, a Miami real estate developer, confirming expectations that the president’s friend would snag...

The Stacey Abrams tour

Stacey Abrams this week launched an ambitious national tour that will stretch across months and many swing states ahead of the 2022 midterms — and potentially elevate her standing in the Democratic Party in the process. Driving the news: Abrams kicked off the tour Tuesday in San Antonio, where she...

Democrats: Govern or bust

(CNN) — In a way, it's almost hard to believe: Here Democrats are, in control of the Congress and the White House, and they can't figure out how to get to yes and pass a measure the public actually likes. Sure, President Joe Biden's economic agenda is bigger than the...

Is RI's left turning on itself? General Assembly challenges ignite debate

The Rhode Island Political Cooperative fired the first shot in the next battle for control of the General Assembly on Wednesday, announcing a slate of 2022 candidates, many of them looking to unseat fellow Democrats. The progressive group founded in 2019 promising to take on the Democratic Party establishment will...

Drones, Self-driving Cars, and Everything in Between

Pete Buttigieg first came on the scene as a small town Mayor in Indiana. He launched onto the national stage as a presidential candidate for the Democratic party in 2020. He now serves as Secretary of Transportation under the Biden administration, and oversees everything from public transport to autonomous vehicle regulation. Hear Secretary Buttigieg’s take on micromobility, the future of cities, drone delivery, autonomous vehicles and more in this fireside chat.

Trent Lott Fast Facts

Read CNN's Fast Facts about Trent Lott and learn more about the former Republican senator from Mississippi.

AOC slams ‘shameful’ plan to detain Haitians at Guantanamo Bay as Biden admin seeks Creole-speaking guards

The Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba could receive new guests as the Biden administration struggles with the surge of Haitians illegally crossing the US’s southern border, according to reports.The move caused an immediate fracture between the White House and the progressive edges of the Democratic party, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling the plan "utterly shameful". Fellow Squad member Ilhan Omar said it was an "embarrassingly bad decision", adding: "Do better".NBC News reported that the Department of Homeland Security is seeking a private contractor to operate a migrant detention facility at the base, with the requirement some of the guards...
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Letter: The perils of liberalism

As a 67-year resident of Alaska, I am very fearful of where this beautiful state is heading, with liberals creeping into every facet of everyday living of true Alaskans. When you see a huge Black Lives Matter sign hanging in downtown Anchorage, any conservative has a right to be concerned.

Schooling Alongside Minorities Reduces White Students’ Tendency to Vote Republican

One system’s end to busing offers data on integration’s impact on future partisanship. Membership of the Republican Party is significantly whiter than that of the Democratic Party: analysis by the Pew Research Center estimated that 8 in 10 registered voters in 2019 who said they were Republican or Republican-leaning were white; 6 in 10 Democrats were white.