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This Ridiculously Caffeinated Sunkist Sent Someone To The Hospital

When most people think of soda, they immediately think of options such as Coke, Sprite, or Pepsi. But one of the country's most popular soda choices, according to The Daily Meal, is actually Sunkist. The brand offers 10 flavors, though you are probably most familiar with its orange soda. Sunkist is one of the few sodas on the market not owned by the Coca-Cola Company or PepsiCo. Instead, Sunkist is an agricultural cooperative owned by various citrus growers from California and Arizona. The brand also makes pistachio milk and orange juice products, though its popular orange soda (and other flavors) is licensed under the Dr. Pepper/Seven Up brand name, per the Sunkist website.
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The First Ketchup Recipes Didn't Use Tomatoes

Are you a ketchup fiend? Even as adults we're still hooked on this thick, sweet, and glossy tomato-based sauce and love dunking our fries and onion rings with abandon, using it as a base in our favorite BBQ sauce recipes, and even making our own homemade ketchup. When we think...
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In Gordon Ramsay's Career, One Recipe Stands Above The Rest

Ever wonder why Gordon Ramsay always orders crab cakes on "Kitchen Nightmares?" According to The Daily Meal, the answer is simple: Not only is it a foolproof indicator of how skilled or unskilled the head chef is, it also shows how much care the restaurant puts into what comes out of their kitchen.
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Rick Bayless Just Announced This Spicy New Smashburger Collab

Smashburger always tweaks its menu in order to give diners an optimal dining experience. According to The Daily Meal, Tom Ryan, one of the co-founders of the fast food chain, uses his Ph.D. in flavor and fragrance chemistry to fine-tune the flavors of the burgers. Each location has a unique local burger on the menu, and the bread and barbecue sauce at each restaurant gets locally sourced. While many have found something to love on the chain's menu, diners might have noticed that the restaurant lacks any Mexican-inspired items. With Smashburger's latest offering, this all changes.

Latest Update on Frank Pepe Pizzeria

It has been nearly two years (December 2019) since we learned that Frank Pepe’s would be opening its first Maryland pizzeria right here in MoCo– in Montgomery Mall. After many delays, we learned this past summer that the restaurant was back on track to open, as they were given their beer and wine license in a hearing that took place at 10am on September 2nd.

Why Trader Joe's Doesn't Charge By The Pound For Produce

If you haven't noticed by now, Trader Joe's is a quirky store. The Pasadena, California-founded supermarket chain has always done things a little differently than most supermarkets, a trend that's still going strong more than five decades after it opened its first location (via Reader's Digest). There are those Hawaiian shirts its employees wear, for starters; then there's the fact that each and every store has a plastic lobster somewhere inside (via Today). TJ's doesn't sell very many brand-name items, instead packaging items under its house label, which translates into savings for customers (via Eat This, Not That!).

How long do Thanksgiving leftovers last? USDA says 3 to 4 days

Woman who invited those ‘feeling lonely’ to virtual Thanksgiving in 2020 will host another gathering. In 2020, Jessica Kantrowitz thought up a way to spread a little holiday cheer with a creative take on a virtual Thanksgiving party — and this year she will do the same. (Credit: Jessica Kantrowitz)

Velveeta Style American Cheese

Velveeta style American cheese is a homemade version of the store bought staple. This recipe yields the same melty goodness you know and love but without any of the questionable ingredients and at less of a price. This post may contain affiliate links. As an amazon associate, I earn from...

Giada De Laurentiis Enjoyed This Sunday Dinner With Her 'Girl'

Chef and television personality Giada De Laurentiis has been showing her fans how to whip up all kinds of Italian staples for nearly two decades now. De Laurentiis first started popping up on television screens across the country back in 2003 when her Food Network show "Everyday Italian" began airing (via IMDb). Although this particular show lasted until 2008, she also started up a variety of additional shows, including "Giada in Paradise," "Giada in Italy," and "Giada's Holiday Handbook." And those are just the shows that she's the star of — De Laurentiis has also served as a host on a variety of culinary competition shows, from "Food Network Star" to "Winner Cake All."

How Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Led To The First TV Tray Dinner

They're frozen, they're fast, and they're filling — at least that's what they're marketed to be. The frozen TV dinner is a staple of cheap, easy, prepared meals, costing only a few dollars at most to prepare a full meal in only a matter of minutes. True, the TV dinner isn't exactly the healthiest food option in the world due to all that sodium, saturated fat, and starches (via The Cleveland Clinic), but there are a few frozen dinners that can be nutritious without sacrificing the quick and easy prep time. The Daily Meal suggested several healthy frozen dinners, from fish taco bowls to chicken enchilada bakes, that avoid the usually unhealthy (but sometimes delicious) offerings of flash-frozen foods.