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Stargirl Season 2 releasing on CW

Despite the fact that Stargirl has moved from HBO Max to The CW across the pond, it will remain available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK for its upcoming second season.. We met Courtney Whitmore, a high school student who discovers in her stepfather’s possessions a cosmic staff once used by the late superhero Starman.
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When will ‘All American’ Season 4 be on Netflix?

All American season 3 is now on Netflix and is coming back for season 4 and hopefully, much earlier next year. Here’s what we know so far about season 4 of All American and when we can expect it on Netflix. Created by April Blair, All American is now one...
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Black Lightning Season 5: Will the CW Renew or Cancel It?

CW has produced a lot of top-notch DC Comics shows and it is not stopping anytime soon! In May of 2021, Black Lightning’s 4th season premiered on the site and did exceptionally well. But now that all the episodes have gone on-air fans are concerned whether the showrunners will renew the show for Black Lightning Season 5 or not?
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Is Kung Fu new tonight on The CW? Early season 2 hopes

Is Kung Fu new tonight on The CW? If you’re looking for an answer on that, we’ve got it for you below — and some more info to go along with it. First things first, though, we gotta hand down the bad news: There is no new episode of the show on the air tonight. Not only that, but there is no new episode for the rest of the year. Pending some last-minute change in the schedule, the plan for now seems to be to launch the second season in winter/spring 2022 — we’ll have to wait and see what the network decides! We do think that there’d be some enthusiasm towards getting Kung Fu back on the air sooner rather than later, and for a number of different reasons. The show proved to be quite the success in season 1, and there aren’t any other ones out there quite like it in terms of its style and tone.
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Is In the Dark new tonight on The CW? Season 3 episode 6 spoilers

Is In the Dark new tonight on The CW? If you’re looking for more information on that question and what’s to come, we’re here to help!. Let’s kick things off here, though, by getting the bad news out of the way — unfortunately, there is no new installment on the air tonight. What’s the reasoning for that? It has to do with exactly what you would expect given recent headlines: The Olympics. The network is trying to shield some of their shows from that competition by taking them off the air the next couple of weeks — because In the Dark already has a season 4 renewal, there would be something to lose by putting it on the air tonight and losing viewers. The CW is fine being patient, and hopefully, everyone out there enjoying the show feels the same.
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RIVERDALE: Season 5, Episode 11: Strange Bedfellows TV Show Trailer [The CW]

The CW‘s Riverdale: Season 5, Episode 11: Strange Bedfellows TV show trailer has been released. Riverdale stars K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Marisol Nichols, Madelaine Petsch, Mark Consuelos, Casey Cott, Skeet Ulrich, Charles Melton, Vanessa Morgan, and Madchen Amick. Based on the characters from Archie Comics, RIVERDALE...
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Will The CW’s ‘All American: Homecoming’ Spin-off Be on Netflix?

All American season 3 is now on Netflix in the United States and instantly shot up to the top of the charts. While we’ll cover if and when season 4 is coming to Netflix in another article (the answer is yes) we want to focus now on whether the spin-off series, All American: Homecoming is coming to Netflix.
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Black Lightning: Grading all four seasons of the powerful CW show

How was each season of Black Lightning? Here’s a spoiler full grade for each season of the series. It seems like Black Lightning came and went in a flash. Realistically, it went on longer than a lot of shows. There were four seasons and 58 episodes in under five years; some TV programs don’t get close to that.