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Wait, Did A Million Little Things' Creator Just Imply That Gary And Maggie Get Back Together?

Attention, Gary and Maggie shippers! It sounds like hope is not dead between your favorite cancer survivors on A Million Little Things. The ABC drama’s Season 4 premiere had Gary in a pretty bad way, as he tried to play off knowing anything about the attack on Peter, Sophie’s music teacher who assaulted her. With that situation happening at the same time as Darcy cranking the volume on their relationship — agreeing that she wanted to have kids with him — it looked like Gary might sarcastic joke himself right into a coma.
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Midnight Mass creator dissects the big twists and turns of his addicting horror series

Warning: Spoilers from the entirety of Midnight Mass are discussed in this article. It was after Mike Flanagan's first communion in the Catholic church, but before his confirmation, that he faced a conundrum. "So, if we're drinking blood and eating flesh to stay alive forever, aren't we vampires?" He was asking his parents, much to their dismay, about drinking "the blood of Christ" and eating "the body of Christ" at every Sunday ceremony as a child. He even posed this query during Sunday School.

Yahoo is building a new calendar app with help from the creator of Sunrise

Mention the name of Sunrise to a select demographic of nerds and you’re likely to elicit a visceral reaction. Before Microsoft and about a year later, it was one of those apps people loved to praise. Thoughtful design and features helped it differentiate itself and earn a passionate fanbase in a crowded market that was dominated by heavyweights like GCal.

Top NFT Artists: 7 Best NFT Creators To Watch Out for in 2021

In 2021, the explosion of NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens has taken over much of the discussion in the crypto space. The sale of unique crypto-assets, often in picture form, has spread into the world of art collectors and sports, just two examples of their popularity. Sales of the crypto art in the form of NFTs have rocketed in recent months. A record sale of an NFT by Beeple, one of the top NFT artists, for $69 million took the NFT world by storm, while a picture of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for $3 million.

Westside Gunn Feat. Tyler, The Creator

Throughout the year, it was Benny The Butcher and Conway who’ve been holding it down for the Griselda camp. Westside Gunn has leaned deeper into his position as an executive but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t cooking up. Along with a few guest verses this year, including on Kanye’s DONDA, the rapper finally came through last month with Hitler Wears Hermes 8. Now, he’s returned with Side B, boasting another 20 songs of raw and gutter bars.

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‘How do you copy something … and make it so deeply unfunny’: TikToker blasted for stealing a Black creator’s character

Twitter is reacting to a recent viral TikTok making fun of school principals that looks eerily similar to ones made by a well-known Black creator on the app. The creator, @heytonytv, has made a name for himself on TikTok for his comedy sketches. He has garnered over 3 million followers for his school administrator character. The character wears a curly brown wig and a woman’s pants suit while carrying a clipboard, beeping walkie-talkie, and most importantly, a huge ring of keys.

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Inscryption, the dark card game from the creator of Pony Island and The Hex has a release date

That’s when Inscryption arrives. Via a press release, the independent developer Daniel Mullins (Pony Island, The Hex) and the disturbing independent publisher Devolver Digital (Stories Untold, Loop Hero) have revealed that the abominable roguelike Inscryption will be available on PC from October 19. Pre-orders are available for the dark card game and a new trailer has also been released for the occasion.