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Gotham Knights Gameplay May Arrive at PlayStation State of Play

It looks like new gameplay footage from Gotham Knights, the 2022 co-op game that is set within the world of Batman, may end up appearing during next week's PlayStation State of Play presentation. Although WB Games or PlayStation have yet to confirm that Gotham Knights will be showing up during the forthcoming presentation, a recent development associated with PlayStation might hint that we could be slated to learn more about the title very soon.
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Kristen Stewart Is 'Totally Down' To Play a Batman Villain Opposite Robert Pattinson

If you've caught even a glimpse of the hubbub around Kristen Stewart's upcoming Princess Diana biopic Spencer, then you know the Twilight actress can finesse a mean on-screen meltdown. And few fictional characters have as many mental meltdowns as Batman villains. Notoriously unwell, the Caped Crusader's rogue gallery includes among its ranks The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, Bane, Scarecrow, Two-Face, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and—oh—that guy who wears a pig mask and turns humans into mind-controlled robots. An all-around charismatic bunch!
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Kristen Stewart Is 'Totally Down' To Play a Batman Villain Opposite Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart Is 'Totally Down' To Play a Batman Villain Opposite Robert Pattinson. The Spencer actress might not be the Joker, but she's open to other ideas. but implied she'd be open to another villain.“I love the energy behind that,” she said when asked about playing Joker. “It’s really been done so well. I feel like, maybe, we don’t traipse over, but I love that gusto. Let’s figure something else out. I’m totally down to play a freaky, scary person...Not ‘no’ [to the Joker], but not the most stoked I’ve ever been. Let’s do something new.”
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Gotham Knights Has Five Different Factions

When Gotham Knights releases next year, players won't just have to deal with the Court of Owls; it seems that the game will actually have five different factions causing chaos in the streets of Gotham. At this time, WB Games Montreal has not revealed who these factions will be, but it does seem to indicate that the team will have its hands quite full in Batman's absence! The information comes from the game's official website, in the section titled "Gotham City." The Court of Owls are listed in this section, alongside four other profiles that are currently locked.
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Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC And What We Want From Gotham Knights | GI Show

On this week's episode of The Game Informer Show, our latest hire, Wesley LeBlanc, joins the crew to discuss the announcement of Animal Crossing: New Horizon's upcoming Happy Home Paradise paid DLC, House of Ashes review impressions, as well as game announcements from the recent DC Fandome event. Specifically, we talk about what we want from Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Gotham Knights Pits You Against Five Factions

Pretty much everyone and anyone will be trying to take control of Gotham City following the death of Batman in Gotham Knights. According to the official website earlier today, there will be a total of five factions running amok in Gotham City. The Court of Owls is the only faction confirmed at the time of writing and which will presumably be the main antagonist of the game. While developer Warner Bros. Games Montreal will be revealing the remaining four factions in due time, fans are free to guess what the Bat Family will be going up against when Gotham Knights releases somewhere next year.
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Gotham Knights - Official Court of Owls Story Trailer

Batman, Jim Gordon—they thought they had a handle on Gotham City, but there are hidden forces at play that no one talks about. It is up to the Gotham Knights—Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin—to uncover the secrets of this city’s past before it’s too late. But beware, the Court of Owls is always watching, always listening.

Pop Culture Headlines – Uncharted Trailer

Read below for today’s headlines from the world of geek news, or listen along through Alexa or iTunes. If you like what you hear, be sure to leave us a 5-star review so we can continue to bring you up-to-date pop culture news!. Uncharted Trailer. Sony released the official trailer...

‘Gotham Knights’ teased at DC FanDome

The masterminds at WB Games Montréal finally showcased “Gotham Knights” during DC FanDome 2021 on Saturday, Oct 16, 2021. The exclusive story-driven footage was a highlight to witness since the title was announced to the public one year ago, and the presence of marketing was silent. To note, the fresh...

'Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League' Drops New Story Trailer

Warner Bros. Games has now released the latest story trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, offering gamers a new look at what’s to come for the highly-anticipated title. Developed by the Batman: Arkham series’ creator Rocksteady, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an upcoming action-adventure shooter placing...

DC FanDome's 'Gotham Knights' Trailer Introduces the Court of Owls

Aside from releasing a whole host of live-action and animated trailers for its upcoming movies and series, DC FanDome also unveiled new looks at some of its highly-anticipated video games, including a story trailer for Gotham Knights unveiling the sinister Court of Owls. Based in the crime-ridden city of Gotham,...