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The City Council is Set to Vote on Massive Development Projects at the Great Park … Without Any Input from the City’s Planning Commission or Irvine Residents Who Will be Impacted

Pereira’s remarkable “Irvine Master Plan” led to the creation of one of California’s most desirable cities, and arguably the best-planned community in America. However, Mayor Farrah Khan and her appointed Vice Mayor Anthony Kuo are systematically unraveling our City’s Master Plan — ignoring Irvine’s long history of good planning and good government. Khan and Kuo are effectively giving away valuable land for massive commercial development in our Great Park.
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City of Moscow to Consider Climate Action Plan for City Operations

The Moscow City Council will consider adopting the draft City of Moscow Climate Action Plan (CAP) at the Oct. 3 City Council meeting at 7 pm. A CAP provides a science-based strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the severity of impacts. The draft CAP calls for the City as...

The UC Townhomes and Philadelphia’s affordable housing struggle, explained.

Months of encampments, on-campus protests, meetings, and whispers around Penn and across the City stem from one ongoing issue: the impending sale of affordable housing complex University City Townhomes and plans to redevelop the property, located in the largely gentrified neighborhood of University City. The University says it is committed...

Letter: Carson Does Not Work for Davis

I hope District 1 voters agree that Dan Carson has not earned a second term on the City Council. If you were for a Davis Innovation and Sustainability Center (Measure H), then you should know Dan Carson’s lawsuit, against fellow Davis residents opposed to Measure H, (a lawsuit which Carson technically lost), was such an obvious attack on Davis civil engagement that the lawsuit alone sunk Measure H.
Antelope Valley Press

Council delays OK of conduct policy

PALMDALE — The City Council, on Wednesday, split on approving a code of conduct policy for the Council, resulting in it being continued until concerns raised by Mayor Pro Tem Richard Loa are addressed. The 2-2 split decision was possible because Mayor Steve Hofbauer was absent, traveling in Palmdale’s...
Aspen Times

Milias: United We Stand

In a small town known for its political squabbles and petty arguments, today we are more united than ever — united in discontent. There perhaps has never been a time when the community has shared such a palpable sentiment stemming from numerous ignorant and ill-conceived decisions by our local government. The discontent manifests itself in different ways to different constituencies, but the City Council has been nothing if not consistent in its ability to negatively impact just about everyone.
Santa Barbara Independent

The Race Is on for Goleta City Council

As if in celebration of its 20th birthday, Goleta actually has two contested races for City Council seats. In the past, too often there would only be one candidate running without any opposition. Even after a voting rights violation lawsuit was threatened in 2017, one of the arguments against district elections was questioning whether enough people would step forward to have meaningful contests. The answer, today, is yes.

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Alexandria Schools Accredited: With Conditions — “Virginia’s annual accreditation of schools is based on academic achievement, achievement gaps, and student engagement and outcome factors.” [Patch]. It’s Monday — Clear throughout the day. High of 73 and low of 58. Sunrise at 7:01 am and sunset at...

Clayton City Council candidate questions: Ed Miller

The Concord Clayton Pioneer newspaper presented a list of questions to the candidates running for Clayton City Council in the 2022 election. To read other candidate answers, click here. For our story on all the candidates running in this race, click here. Why do you want to serve on the...

Vote 'yes' to add Worcester into state Community Preservation Act

No matter your age, background or income level, people everywhere share a common desire – to live in a place that is healthy, beautiful and welcoming to all. In Massachusetts, the strains of sprawl and the challenges of affordable housing have compelled more cities and towns to adopt the Community Preservation Act at the ballot box. Worcester will have its chance this November by voting yes on ballot question No. 5.