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Chicks Arrive at the Farm

It’s always so exciting when chicks arrive at the farm - I hope you saw the video on my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48. I’ve been raising chickens for many years. Not only do I love keeping them for their fresh, delicious eggs, but I also enjoy learning about the different breeds and varieties. As part of good animal husbandry practices, and in order to maintain strong egg laying production, it’s very important to regenerate the chicken population from time to time. Yesterday, 54 cute, fluffy, and very healthy chicks arrived from Murray McMurray Hatchery, a 104 year old company in Webster City, Iowa. I got Whiting True Blue, Whiting True Green, French Black Copper Marans, and Silver Laced Wyandottes. The chicks are just days old, but they will start laying eggs in about five or six months. For now, they’re nothing less than absolutely adorable.
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10 things you may not know about Toby Keith

Oklahoma's very own Toby Keith isn't exactly an enigma wrapped in a shadow, but there are some things about him you should know. Here are 10 things you may not have known about Toby Keith. 'The Angry American'. One of Toby Keith's biggest hits, "Courtesy of the Red, White and...

Behind The Scenes With Runaway June

Mosey on over to the C&I Instagram account on October 14 for a Runaway June takeover. On October 14, 2021, the country music trio Runaway June will be giving C&I Instagram followers a behind-the-scenes look of life on tour with Luke Bryan. Check our Instagram account throughout the day as CMT's "Next Women of Country" show us a sound check, meet and greet, and exclusive acoustic performance leading up to their concert in Irvine, California.

Entertainment History

On Oct. 12, 1957, Little Richard announced that he was giving up rock and roll for religion. He later was ordained as a minister, but eventually went back to playing rock and roll. In 1962, Little Richard played a gig in Liverpool, with a then-unknown local band called The Beatles...

Tomorrow's birthdays

Singer Sam Moore of Sam and Dave is 86. “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace is 74. Actor-singer Susan Anton is 71. Musician Jane Siberry is 66. Actor Hiroyuki Sanada (“Extant,” ″Mr. Holmes”) is 61. Actor Carlos Bernard (“24”) is 59. Jazz musician Chris Botti (BOH’-tee) is 59. Singer Claude McKnight of Take 6 is 59. Actor Hugh Jackman is 53. Actor Adam Rich (“Eight Is Enough”) is 53. Singer Garfield Bright of Shai (SHY) is 52. Fiddler Martie Maguire of The Chicks is 52. Actor Kirk Cameron is 51. Singer Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory is 42. Actor Brian J. Smith (“SGU: Stargate Universe”) is 40. Actor Tyler Blackburn (“Pretty Little Liars”) is 35. Actor Marcus T. Paulk (“Moesha”) is 35. Actor Josh Hutcherson (“The Hunger Games”) is 29.

90s Country Is Huge With Gen Zs

As noted author Stephen King once wrote, “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.”. When it comes to music, people tend to find comfort in the familiar. As as much as we country fans love devouring all the new music, throwbacks are our fuzzy-warm blanky. But it’s not just...

2021 CMAs predictions in top 6 artist categories: Will they find yet another way to snub women in country?

The 2021 Country Music Association Awards are about a month away, airing on Wednesday night, November 10 live on ABC. So let’s take a look at who will win the six CMA artist categories, including the biggest award of the night … SEEWomen underrepresented in the CMA Awards nominations … again Entertainer of the Year It’s been 10 years since Taylor Swift won this award for the last time in 2011, making her the last woman to win to date. A decade before that, Shania Twain and The Chicks won this award back to back in 1999 and 2000, which made them the...

How your wedding dress can serve a greater purpose, with the chicks from Chick2Chick

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — As important as the dress is to the bride, it's no secret that it doesn't have much use after the wedding day, until now. In this week's Chick2Chick podcast, the chicks chirped about “Sweet Grace Gowns” and how wedding dresses are being turned into handmade burial outfits for babies, helping parents who have recently lost their children.