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Evil Recap: Justice Served?

By now we’re all well aware that Evil takes no prisoners. Last week, the show took time to call out Amazon and this week the letter from The Pop-Up Book of Terrifying Things is C, which stands for “cop.” But Evil’s case of the week isn’t only diving into racism in the police force, it’s also highlighting the role cop-aganda entertainment plays in the way we think about policing.
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Latinos Will Determine the Future of American Evangelicalism

In 2007, when Obe and Jacqueline Arellano were in their mid-20s, they moved from the suburbs of Chicago to Aurora, Illinois, with the dream of starting a church. They chose Aurora, a midsize city with about 200,000 residents, mostly because about 40 percent of its population is Latino. Obe, a first-generation Mexican American pastor, told me, “We sensed God wanted us there.” By 2010, the couple had “planted a church,” the Protestant term for starting a brand-new congregation. This summer, the Arellanos moved to Long Beach, California, to pastor at Light & Life Christian Fellowship, which has planted 20 churches in 20 years. Their story is at once singular and representative of national trends: Across the United States, more Latino pastors are founding churches than ever before, a trend that challenges conventional views of evangelicalism and could have massive implications for the future of American politics.
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Letters to the editor: On Cervantes being denied communion

These letters published in the July 25, 2021 print edition of the Las Cruces Sun-News. I see where our state senator, Joseph Cervantes, based in Las Cruces made the news (07/20/21) by claiming he was denied communion by the Catholic bishop in Las Cruces over the weekend "based on my political office".
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The power of "Evil" compels us to celebrate the monstrous reasons it speaks to us right now

In a recent episode of the thrilling yet wickedly witty series "Evil," the tormented, determined Dr. Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers) enjoys a moment of peace with one of her four daughters, with whom she snuggles in her bed. Kristen consoles the girl through a possible encounter with that week's night terror, zombies, when she asks something millions of kids have posed to their parents.

Every Catholic Home Needs a Good Book on the Sacraments

I’ve often been asked which Catholic books I have in my home. I must admit that years ago my response would have been: “I have a few Bibles and a few books on lives of the saints”, but that was it. And most were acquired as gifts marking sacramental or special occasions. Perhaps like so many other Catholics, I did not understand the need for having a good Catholic library at home.

How priests prepare to say Mass

In preparation for Mass, priests make ready the sacred vessels, linens, and vestments that they use. Afterward, they take care to clean up. Every action they take, every word they say, stresses the importance of the Mass. Two priests located in Washington, D.C., Fr. William Foley at the Shrine of...

Educating the Religious Mind and Heart

Though Jesus didn’t prophesy the Second Coming of Christ, if he were to return, the first thing he would do would be to disavow any connection with Catholicism and Christianity. Jesus was a revolutionary of the heart, and a radical renewal prophet in the Jewish tradition. He was not the...

Report that led to priest’s resignation prompts journalism ethics questions

High-tech data collection and cellphone tracking services allegedly used in a report by The Pillar that triggered the resignation of a high-ranking U.S. Catholic official July 20 has sparked a fresh discussion about journalism ethics. The report also has sparked a backlash from a variety of religious media outlets and...

The Vatican Owns More Than 5,000 Worldwide Properties

The Vatican had a 5% drop in revenue in 2020. It turns out that the Catholic Church may very well be the world’s biggest landlord. The Vatican, in an unprecedented act, has revealed that it owns more than 5,000 properties around the world. In spite of this, The Vatican also reported a $78 million deficit in 2020.

The Upside-Down Church

Pope Francis can’t rest until all Catholics are modernists. Pope Francis has often compared the Catholic Church to a “field hospital.” It is an odd analogy in his case, given his penchant for quackery and malpractice. The healthiest patients at his field hospital have their limbs hacked off while the sickest ones receive increased dosages of a medicine that doesn’t work. The pope’s conception of health in the body of Christ is the opposite of his predecessors. They saw the absence of orthodoxy as a cancer in the Church, whereas Pope Francis sees the persistent presence of orthodoxy as the poison.

Vatican reports $78 million deficit, also releases APSA report

VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican reported the Roman Curia had a $78 million deficit in 2020, and on the same day, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See, which administers Vatican properties and investments, made a summary of its annual budget public for the first time. Releasing both...

Pope asks God to bless the Tokyo Games

"My role is to connect people with each other, to ensure that Paris 2024 reaches everyone personally," says Bishop Emmanuel Gobilliard. (Photo by M.MIGLIORATO/CPP/CIRIC/CATHOLIC PRESS PHOTO) — Pope Francis has prayed for the success of theSummer Olympics, asking God to bless "the organizers, athletes and all those who collaborate" in "this great festival of sport" now underway in Tokyo.
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Russian Orthodox Church eyes church in the CNMI

Rev. Kirill Shkarbul from the Parish of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Taipei, Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) was on Saipan last week to touch base with Orthodox Christians on island and explore the possibility of putting up a church here. He has also traveled to Guam, Tinian and Rota.