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Fallout 3 finally removes Games For Windows Live requirement on PC

Fallout 3 has finally been freed from Microsoft's Games For Windows Live service. Bethesda recently published a forum post to the Steam page of Fallout 3, notifying players that the game "no longer installs Games for Windows Live dependencies." Additionally, Bethesda advises those who already have Fallout 3 installed via Steam to uninstall and then redownload the RPG to take advantage of the new changes.
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Redman | Fallout New Vegas

The Mojave people remembered this man as the "Courier", but to the "friends" he was like Redman. In the past, Redman was a member of the Brotherhood of Steel in the Capital Wasteland, but later he left due to the internal strife of the Brotherhood, becoming one of the "Outcasts". His path lasted until the Mojave, where he decided to continue his business. Redman didn't know what would happen to his fate ...
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Insignia of the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood of Steel will now proudly display a metal cast insignia on the wall of their bunker, not just a simple junk totem. Upon first entering the Elders room in Hidden Valley, were you ever disappointed by the fact that the grand logo behind the Elder was not only unlit, but made up of an assortment of junky looking items and an oversized Chinese sword? Well, so was I. Despite the state of the Brotherhood in New Vegas, I'd figure that a faction with such pride would want to stand behind a more prominent insignia, and thus this mod was born. The junk totem insignia has been entirely removed, and replaced with a proper metal-cast west coast Brotherhood Insignia. In addition, a console and light have been added to the back wall to fill it out a little more, and highlight the new badge on the wall. I highly recommend using this with Hidden Valley Overhauled.

How to farm ballistic fiber in Fallout 76

Ballistic fiber is one of the harder crafting materials to find in Fallout 76. This material is needed for different armors and mods for said armors. Basically, anything to do with armor, you are going to need ballistic fiber to do it whether it is crafting or doing simple repairs. If you are still trying to find ballistic fiber out in the world, here is where you will find it.

Why Elder Maxson Hates Synths

Fallout 4 is loaded with many different philosophies. Lots of them pertain to synths and extend to AI as a whole. This article explores why Elder Maxson hates synths. Arthur Maxson is the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel during the events of Fallout 4, and can be met as a child in Fallout 3. Between the events of Fallouts 3 and 4, Maxson reunited the Lyons Brotherhood with the Brotherhood Outcasts and rose to the rank of Elder.

How to get the Hellstorm Missile Launcher in Fallout 76

The Hellstorm Missile Launcher is like the standard launcher if it was on steroids. This sucker comes standard with four barrels to launch missiles pretty rapidly. With mods, you can increase the number of barrels to six and have a massive clip for a rocket launcher. On top of that, you can even add elemental mods to this sucker to increase the damage it deals. Of course, cryo is the best mod for slowing down enemies before they can reach you.

How to get the Oathbreaker & War Glaive in Fallout 76

Thanks to the Brotherhood of Steel, you can now prepare for war with the War Glaive. Since this weapon was released with the Steel Dawn update, people have been having an extremely hard time getting their hands on it. It is a worthwhile weapon for those who are able to get it. It is also one of the few weapons that can have elemental effects applied to it for increased damage. As always, cryo is the best since it actually slows enemies down on top of dealing extra damage.

How to Get Plasma Cutter in Fallout 76

One of the most sought-after weapons in Fallout 76 is the Plasma Cutter. The weapon was included with the release of the Steel Dawn expansion. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to get the Plasma Cutter in Fallout 76. Fallout 76: How to...

How to Get the Face Breaker in Fallout 76

Some weapons in Fallout 76 are highly sought-after and one such weapon is the legendary Face Breaker. This is a Power Fist that has three legendary perks including Furious, +1 STR, and Increased Power Damage. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to get...

New Vegas Level 50 Main Storyline ready Mods ready Save Game

Most non-essential quests from the base game have been completed, including: Jacobstown, Casinos, Boomers, Goodsprings, Prim, Novac, Quarry Junction, Thorn, etc. Only the Powder Gangers hate me, everyone else is either neutral or likes me. I did not pick any sides or made any a mission that picks a side, didn't visit Caesar, finished all the DLCs.

How to get the Face Breaker in Fallout 76

Legendary weapons are hard to come by in Fallout 76, well good ones at least. You might waste hours or even days trying to get that perfect legendary weapon. One of the great weapons for those who choose to take on the wasteland unarmed is the Face Breaker. This Power Fist looks a little different than the standard one and comes equipped with three legendary perks; furious, +1 strength, and increased power attack damage.