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Naturi Naughton Says 3LW Used Rented Home For MTV 'Cribs': 'I Didn't Have A Car, I Didn't Have A House'

The star said the girls rented a home to give the impression that they were living large when they appeared on the popular MTV series. Don’t believe everything you see when it comes to celebrities and the lifestyles they portray themselves to have. Actress and singer Naturi Naughton reminded everyone of that while sharing the reality of her experience being part of a girl group in the late ’90s and early aughts.
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Young Thug Explains Paying Lil Baby To Start Rap Career: "I Was Scared For Him"

People did not believe Lil Baby when he shared that Young Thug paid him to stop wheeling and dealing in the streets, and now Thugger is confirming the story. According to the Quality Control rapper, he was deep in the trenches when Young Thug paid him to stay out of the streets and instead, record at the studio. A little guidance, incentive, and of course cash was all Baby needed and we see that the rest is history.
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Naturi Naughton Recalls 3LW Renting a House For MTV Cribs: "I Was Doing a Fake Cribs"

Welp, Naturi Naughton just confirmed everything we already thought about MTV Cribs. You remember the classic 2000s show where celebrities would show off their big mansions and expensive cars (or totally lie about them)? Yep, a lot of those fancy cars and cribs were rented just to shoot an episode for the popular TV series, and it had a lot of our favorite celebrities faking like they had it going on. One of the latest stars to dish about the dirt that went on during the show's run is actress Naturi Naughton who just revealed that her former girl group rented a fake house for their episode of MTV Cribs.

Naturi Naughton Recalls "Doing A Fake 'Cribs'" Episode With 3LW

Months ago, MTV brought back Cribs, their classic series that allowed the public to receive an intimate look into the homes of celebrities. In 2000, MTV Cribs was introduced and became a favorite among fans as the rich and famous—or so everyone thought at the time—gave personal tours of their mansions and collection of cars. It helped boost the perception that all celebrities were living large, but over the years, some participants have revealed that it was all for show.

Eve Reveals The Moment She Found Out She Was Pregnant

Rapper and actress Eve recently announced that she’s expecting her first child with husband Maximillion Cooper. Now, while promoting her new ABC series Queens, which follows four R&B/hip hop divas from the 1990s on a reunion tour, the former talk show host told the crew at The Breakfast Club that she found out right before taking on the Verzuz battle against fellow rapper Trina back on June 16. The Philly-born rapper performed in London, now her homebase where she lives with her husband and four step-children while Trina remained in Miami.

Young Thug Shares He and Mac Miller Recorded "Day Before" the Day Before Miller's Death

Young Thug has shared that he was in the studio with Mac Miller a day before the latter died as they worked on their PUNK collaboration, “Day Before.”. Speaking on The Breakfast Club, Thugger revealed, “[Miller] was at my studio. We did the song on my album. This shit so crazy, but coincidental. He came to the studio, did a song. The next day, he died. And the song that we did at the studio, the name of the song is ‘Day Before.’ Shit crazy.”

Chlöe Bailey Responds To All The Beyoncé Comparisons

"She says she's really proud of me. That's not something we specifically talk about but I just love her and I'm happy she sees this light inside of me, and my sister as well." "I'm grateful. That's the biggest compliment anyone could possibly give me. I have so much more work to do to even get there—to even get an ounce of where she is."

The FMHip Hop Review: Young Thug’s ‘Punk’

Young Thug’s Punk is possibly the most anticipated album of 2021. The Atlanta native knows how to build mystery in the hip-hop game. He shattered the glass of hip-hop expectations. Thug’s adlibs are unique and sought after by the industry’s greatest. Notably, collaborations with Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Drake, raise the anticipation of what’s in store.