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screenwriter reveals the secrets of his approach to the Dark Knight

The Batman scribe Mattson Tomlin has a secret to powering through workouts. He’s embarrassed to share it. Because the writer-director — also behind Batman: The Imposter, a new limited series for DC Comics — clearly has bats on the brain at all times. “This is a stupid thing to say,”...
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‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Shares First Look At Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman Selina Kyle

Director Matt Reeves has shared three teasers from his forthcoming film The Batman’, set for a 2022 release and starring Robert Pattinson in the title role. The $100 million budgeted film is scheduled for a March 2022 release. The big reveal in the Reeves tweets was a look at Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. The brief look, sans costume, was the third in a series of teases posted over the last two days ahead of a new The Batman trailer reveal anticipated at Saturday’s DC FanDome event. The Reeves tweets: Meet Selina Kyle… See more of her tomorrow at #DCFanDome #Tomorrow #TheBatmanTrailer #TheBatman — Matt Reeves (@mattreevesLA) October 15, 2021 What’s Black and Blue… and Dead all over…? #TheBatmanTrailer #Tomorrow #DCFanDome #TheBatman — Matt Reeves (@mattreevesLA) October 15, 2021 Good Morning, from Gotham City… Can’t wait to show you more at #DCFanDome this Saturday… #TheBatman #TrailerShot — Matt Reeves (@mattreevesLA) October 14, 2021
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1360-Piece Lego Technic Batmobile Looks Ahead to 2022 Movie 'The Batman'

A newly released Batmobile Lego Technic set is a retro-looking car based on the vehicle that will be featured in the 2022 film The Batman. This set contains 1360 pieces and includes two light bricks, moving pistons, a spinning flame exhaust, front steering, rear differential, and opening doors and hood.
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Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz Heat Up Gotham in ‘The Batman’ Trailer

Holy hot trailer, Batman! Robert Pattinson‘s Bruce Wayne and Zöe Kravitz‘s Selina Kyle got fans excited in the new trailer for The Batman, released Saturday, October 16 at DC’s Fandome event. In the second annual virtual event for DC Comics devotees, stars from across the movies, TV shows and comics...

Everything to Know About Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz’s ‘The Batman’

Keep an eye out for the Bat-Signal! Robert Pattinson’s The Batman is finally hitting theaters in 2022. Fans first caught a glimpse of the Twilight actor’s brooding take on the comic book character in an August 2020 teaser for the superhero film which was written and directed by Matt Reeves. In the nearly three-minute clip, Pattinson’s young Bruce Wayne is a total emo kid who dons smudged black eyeliner and listens to Nirvana while seeking revenge for the loss of his parents.

Todd McFarlane Debuts The Batman Statue and More at DC Fandome

DC Fandoms has arrived, and so far, it has been an interesting ride full of behind-the-scenes and IOU's. There are a lot of DC Comics projects in the works with plenty of live-action and animated TV Shows on the way and more additions to the big screen. While we all patiently wait for a brand new trailer for The Batman, it looks like so is McFarlane Toys as they announce they are working on a statue from the film. McFarlane Toys announced that they would be acquiring DC Direct's statue line giving collectors the continuation of some popular series. These include Batman Black & White, Harley Quinn Red, White, and Black, and DC Direct Designer Series statues. Many fans were sad to see these statues vanish after the disposal of DC Collectibles a couple of years ago. However, McFarlane Toys is resurrecting these lien sand gives fans a first glimpse at some of the pieces at DC Fandome.

The Batman 2 release date, trailer, and villains for the rumored DC sequel

The Batman promises to be a film unlike any other to feature the Dark Knight. Yes, it’s a gritty take on the Caped Crusader, like Christopher Nolan’s trilogy before it, but Matt Reeves’ blockbuster is set to go in a more noirish direction, depicting the early years of both Bruce Wayne’s career and the criminal-infested Gotham City we know and love.

‘The Batman’ Toy Reveals First Look At Andy Serkis’ Alfred

Fans have been waiting anxiously for any news or new looks regarding The Batman. Well, thanks to a recently surfaced LEGO set from the film, the first look at Andy Serkis’ Alfred Pennyworth has been revealed. The images, which can be seen below, show that the film is going with...

‘The Batman’: Robert Pattinson Teases DC FanDome ‘Surprises’ With Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman

Robert Pattinson offered a teaser for what fans can expect from Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” at this year’s DC FanDome during the red carpet for the Academy Museum’s premiere party. Pattinson hinted that the footage that will be shown will give audiences a new look at his Bruce Wayne and Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman. “Me and Zoë [Kravitz] did some stuff. It’s a fun little thing,” Pattinson told Variety’s Angelique Jackson. “There are lots of little surprises for it.” The actor also confirmed that he has watched some portions of his DC film during the interview. “I’ve seen some of the movie now and it’s...

New 'The Batman' Image Shows the Batclaw as Matt Reeves Teases New Trailer

Director Matt Reeves is deep into The Batman's post production, but he decided to take a minute from work to celebrate #BatmanDay with a little treat to fans of the Gotham knight. The new Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson, is a reboot of the franchise and is set to release in 2022.

The Batman movie restores Gotham's gothic glory in one definitive way

Batmans come and go, but the sound of Batman in the movies hasn’t changed in nearly 20 years. But all good things must come to an end. Prepare yourself for a fresh spin on the caped crusader’s theme, courtesy of Michael Giacchino’s overtly gothic score for the Matt Reeve-directed movie The Batman coming in 2022.

'The Batman' (2022) can do one brilliant thing no movie has done before

The Penguin may soar yet. Matt Reeves’ The Batman won’t swoop into theaters until next year, but the film already has fans waiting with bated breath to see the latest iteration of the World’s Greatest Detective, this time portrayed by Robert Pattinson. While the past twenty years have offered no...