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Local pet health experts weigh in on how to care pets during high temperatures

With high temperatures and local heat advisory warnings, local veterinarians and shelters are advising to watch out for signs of heat exhaustion in pets and animals, especially when their four-legged friends live outside. Weather for the week reveals Tyler may experience triple-digit temperatures. This threatens a risk to pets and...
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Want an active dog? 3 reasons why an Irish setter may be for you

Walk down the street with an Irish setter by your side and heads are sure to turn. This stunning dog breed has a graceful gait and gorgeous silky, flowing coat ranging in color from light chestnut to deep mahogany. A favorite on the show circuit, Irish setters have taken 11 first places in the sporting group at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. These bird dogs are built for speed and stamina. If you’re looking for an active dog, then the Irish setter might be the perfect companion. Read on to learn more about these wonderful dogs.
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American Bulldog: Breed History And Information

We always need a buddy in life, and sometimes all we need is a pet dog to be around (. ). If you’re looking for a companion, there are several breeds to choose from. These days, the American Bulldog has been one of the most popular among them. This dog...

‘Back to normal’ boosts pandemic pup costs

Last summer, like millions of Americans, I brought home a 7-pound ball of fluff. Over the past year, my mini-goldendoodle has turned into 23 pounds of pure joy. Close to 1 in 5 households have acquired a dog or cat since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent survey from the ASPCA. That’s approximately 23 million American households.
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15 Best Dogs for First-Time Owners

Becoming a first-time dog owner is a truly rewarding experience. You’re gaining a new loyal best friend and have a wonderful adventure before you. That said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that the process also comes with some little curveballs as you learn the ropes of pup parenthood.

Different Types of Bulldogs that Owners Need to Understand

This article covers 4 different types of Bulldogs that you need to know about, especially if you have an intention to have this one in your home. In any neighborhood, you can quickly discover that Bulldog is one type of widely kept animal. Because it has great intelligence and can be applied to what is ordered by its master.
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4th annual Newfapalooza on Saturday

SANDPOINT – What’s 150 pounds, mild mannered, and rich in history?. Spoiler, it’s not your grandma – but the equally as lovable Newfoundland breed. Over 50 dogs with their two-legged friends will be unleashed upon the 4th annual Inland Northwest Newfapalooza. The event will feature a dog obstacle course, as...
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America’s Dog Show returns to New York City in January 2022. New York, NY — Dr. Don Sturz of Brooklyn, New York, will judge Best in Show at the 146th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show presented by Purina Pro Plan® at Madison Square Garden on January 26, 2022. The superintendent of the Valley Stream 24 School District in Long Island, New York, Dr. Sturz brings a lifetime of experience as a breeder, exhibitor and judge to the most prestigious judging assignment in the sport of purebred dogs. Anchoring Westminster Week, this iconic annual dog show has been held continuously since 1877.
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Escaped Bull-‘Barney’ Running for His Life in New York

How do you catch a 1,500-pound bull? Very carefully. One week ago, a bull, nicknamed Barney, escaped from a Long Island farm on the day he allegedly was to be slaughtered. Barney has been spotted several times since his breakout but continues to elude his captors. According to the Daily...
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Dogs set to take over Maude Cobb this weekend

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds will descend upon Longview this weekend for two tail-wagging events. The Longview Kennel Club’s 2021 AKC Licensed All Breed Dog Show kicks off at 8 a.m. Friday at Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center, where dogs will compete for Best of Breed in the All Breed Dog Conformation Show for the canine that most closely matches the standard for each breed exhibited.
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Dog rescued after being abandoned in viral video

UPDATE, July 27: The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday announced the filing of charges against a second person for abandoning a dog on a roadside in Horizon City in an incident captured on viral video. 17-year-old Moises Soto now faces a charge of animal cruelty in the case....
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The Stink is Strong In Casper Thanks To A Wyoming Skunk

The summer nights are great for keeping the windows open and breathing in the fresh summer air...but there is a skunk in my neighborhood that is stinking it up!. Wyoming is home to many wild animals and three species of skunks. The Striped Skunk, Eastern Spotted Skunk and Western Spotted Skunk. All three of these varmints stink to high heaven when they spray! Lord have mercy!
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Types of Poodles: 6 Curly Canines Perfect for Growing Families

The poodle is said to be the second most intelligent dog breed. Poodles are the seventh most common breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club. Poodle owners know that this breed comes as both large and small dogs, and are available in various colors and sizes. The AKC recognizes three varieties, while other registration organizations like the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FIC) and poodle lovers acknowledge two more. There are several different types of poodles, but all of them are good companion dogs.

7 Cool Facts About The Havanese Dog Breed

Boasting a low-shedding coat, a sparkling personality and a quickness to learn, the Havanese makes an amazing addition to any family. Here are a few cool facts we found about this popular breed. A wonderful companion and dedicated lap dog, the Havanese breed has captured the hearts of many… and...

8 Authentic Japanese Dog Breeds and Their Fascinating Histories

Americans love their dogs, but sadly, we don't have a national dog breed. Japan, on the other hand, has six. Called the "Nihon Ken," or Japan's dogs, these indigenous pups—the Shiba Inu, the Akita, the Kai Ken, the Kishu Ken, the Shikoku, and the Hokkaido—are descended from medium-sized dog breeds that used to roam Japan's mountainous regions thousands of years ago. Because the six spitz-type breeds share a common ancestor, they're somewhat similar—although they have notable differences. Each of the breeds has a double coat that's suitable for a cooler climate, as well as thick fur and curly tails. They're also highly revered in Japanese culture and are some of the cutest dog breeds with pointy ears.