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Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes’ “GMA3” Affair Leads To Exit From Network After “Witch Hunt” Mediation

Nearly two months after the couple was taken off the air, a final decision has reportedly been reached regarding their future with ABC. Late last year, one of the most unexpected scandals to rock the internet was the revelation of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ secret affair. The Good Morning America hosts previously worked together on-air for years. After the public found out about their private romantic relationship, though, they were quickly taken off television screens all across the nation.
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Senior Australian Football League manager resigns after having affair with younger colleague

A married senior manager at the AFL reportedly quit earlier this month after her lover’s jilted partner revealed their affair, which “had been going on for some time”. The long-time female manager resigned after an affair with a younger male staff member, one of her direct reports, came to light, according to the Herald Sun. The older woman is married, while the younger staffer was in a committed relationship. The tryst was reportedly discovered by the man’s partner, who found text messages between the lovers on his phone. Having been caught, he came clean about the affair. However, his partner reportedly then rang around all the middle management team to share the news. The senior manager swiftly resigned and the report adds she that she has not been back to AFL HQ to collect her things or farewell colleagues. The Herald Sun’s Page 13 said the AFL had sent a short email to staff thanking her for her “significant and valued contribution”.
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WATCH: Maya Millete Recorded Discussion With Larry About Affair

Prosecutors on Tuesday played for the first time in court a video of what appears to be Larry Millete confronting his wife, Maya Millete, over an affair she had with another man. Larry is accused of first-degree murder in the case of the missing mother of three young children, who...
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Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Are Out at GM3 After Their Affair

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are leaving ABC and “GMA3” following the co-hosts’ shocking romance, Page Six can confirm. According to a source familiar with the conversations taking place this week, “They have not finished mediation — but, yeah, that will be the end” in terms of Robach and Holmes departing the network.

Missy’s Young Sheldon S6 Romance Can Make George's Affair Storyline Worse

Warning! SPOILERS for Young Sheldon season 6.With Young Sheldon season 6, episode 9 showing Missy’s (Raegan Revord) disastrous date with her romantic interest Dean, the introduction of Missy's dating woes could make the future revelation of George’s affair much worse. Missy’s social life has long been an important part of her narrative arc in Young Sheldon. However, despite a few previous boy-related woes, Young Sheldon season 6, episode 9, “College Dropouts and the Medford Miracle,” marks Missy’s first official date, as chaperoned by Meemaw (Annie Potts). Dean’s (Travis Burnett) interest in spending time with Meemaw over Missy, as he misses his own grandmother, quickly ends their second date. With Missy's personal dating life off to a bad start, this could potentially make George’s affair worse.

Amy Robach & TJ Holmes Out At ‘GMA’ Over Affair & Liquor?

Both Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are out at GMA3: What You Need to Know. The ongoing internal review has found more issues with the co-anchors than just their alleged affair. Apparently, other inappropriate behavior went on behind the scenes of the morning show including on-set drinking. Keep on reading for the new details.

Helena Bonham Carter Affair With Kenneth Branagh, Relationship Timeline

Helena Bonham Carter is an English Actress, and people are asking more about Helena Bonham Carter Affair With Kenneth Branagh. Helena is most known for her performances in blockbusters and independent movies, especially period dramas, for which she has won numerous accolades. The roles of Lucy Honeychurch in A Room...

Why are affairs absolutely glorified in pop culture and movies?

Affairs, or extramarital relationships, have long been a popular topic in pop culture and movies. From classic films like “The Graduate” to modern TV shows like “Mad Men” and “House of Cards,” affairs are often depicted as exciting, glamorous, and even necessary for personal growth. However, this portrayal of affairs in pop culture is misleading and can contribute to the normalization of infidelity.

Long Island Karate studio owner defends his decision to ban 'obsessed' student trainee from business after her husband found out about affair with instructor

Kristin Fabbio-Hamelburg is suing for sex discrimination and minimum wageJobin George, owner of Tiger Schulmann RVC, banned her due to threatsHusband threatened studio after learning wife was having affair with instructor. The owner of a Long Island karate studio has defended his decision to ban his karate obsessed student trainee.

Amy Robach ‘blindsided’ by extent of T.J. Holmes’ alleged affairs: report

Amy Robach didn’t expect her alleged affair with T.J. Holmes to “blow up into a scandal,” a new report claims. The “GMA3” personality, whose shocking romance with her co-host catapulted the pair into the news cycle last November, feels like “collateral damage,” a source told the US Sun. “She had no idea the scope of T.J.’s alleged past office romances,” the insider added, referencing Holmes’ alleged dalliances with an intern 13 years his junior and an ABC producer. “She certainly did not foresee that their relationship was going to cause major upheaval — outside of her own marriage.” Robach, 49, and Holmes, 45, were taken...

T.J. Holmes' Number Of Rumored Workplace Affairs Grows

T.J. Holmes is having a rough year. In December 2022, the news broke that Holmes had been having an affair with his "Good Morning America" co-host Amy Robach. The pair had reportedly been romantically involved since March of that year. The timeline is complicated, but it seems that Holmes and Robach took their relationship from strictly professional to something else while training for the New York Half Marathon with each other that year, per Vulture.

‘GMA’ Star Amy Robach ‘Blindsided’ By Lover TJ Holmes' Past Affairs After Claims He Had Months-Long Affair With 24-Year-Old

Good Morning America co-anchor Amy Robach was blindsided by her lover TJ Holmes' past affairs after it emerged that he romanced a 24-year-old ABC producer, has learned. Sources close to the situation revealed that Robach, 49, didn’t expect her relationship with Holmes to “blow up into a scandal.” The insider told The Sun that Robach feels like “collateral damage” in the situation. As previously reported, Robach and Holmes carried out a 6-month affair that was exposed by the Daily Mail. The outlet posted photos of the two, who are still legally married to their respective spouses, on multiple...