6 Low-THC Strains For Chill Smoke Sessions

This article by Brianna Wheeler was originally published on Weedmaps and appears here with permission. Though taxonomically indistinguishable, hemp and recreational cannabis exist on either side of a 0.03 THC percentage. Cannabis containing less than 0.03% THC is termed hemp, and anything with a greater THC percentage maintains the cannabis, weed, and pot terminology.
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5 Laws That'll Help the delta 8 thc pen Industry

Delta-8 THC items have actually taken off in popularity in the previous year, especially in states that have not yet legalized the grown-up usage of marijuana. Illegal delta-8 THC vape cartridges might be setting America up for an additional VAPI lung situation. The lawful status of delta-8 remains to progress (much more on that right here), yet there's a concern consumers should ask prior to taking into consideration delta-8's legality: Is it risk-free to take in? Nearly all delta-8 THC products are offered beyond state-licensed and also state-regulated marijuana markets (delta 8 disposable pen).
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What Is Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid in Relation to CBD?

Forecasters predict the CBD market could reach a value of between $1.3 billion and $22 billion by 2022 thanks to the perceived and proven medical benefits of this cannabinoid. Most people believe that THC and CBD are all that cannabis has to offer, but many other helpful components make up this plant.
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Does Cannabis Help With Recovery After Exercise?

This article by Johnny Green was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission. Exercising regularly is a very important part of an overall health strategy at any age. It is recommended that people get at least an average of 150 minutes of moderate exercise a...

Should Delta-8 THC Be Regulated as Hemp or Cannabis? Survey Shows Clear Divide

<![CDATA[In the months since delta-8 THC has exploded into popularity, debate over its legality and how to regulate it has pervaded regulators, law enforcement, and the hemp and cannabis industries. While the cannabinoid is naturally occurring in cannabis, many in the hemp industry have begun to convert it from CBD. It has provided a lucrative avenue for hemp producers and processors to sell CBD product that has otherwise lost much of its value over the course of two years, but its psychoactive effects have others questioning in which market it belongs—if any at all.The main question at hand: Should delta-8 be regulated as hemp or in the state-legal cannabis market? A recent Cannabis Business Times/Hemp Grower survey of nearly 300 respondents working in the hemp and cannabis industries demonstrates just how controversial this question is. When asked whether delta-8 should be produced and sold in the hemp marketplace, nearly half of respondents said yes. Meanwhile, nearly 60% of respondents said delta-8 should be produced and sold in the state-legal cannabis marketplace. (Respondents could select the hemp market, cannabis market, both or neither.)The nearly even split among responses is indicative of the conflicting attitudes in both the hemp and cannabis industries surrounding delta-8. How to Categorize Delta-8Out of 295 respondents to the CBT/HG survey, 66 work directly in the cannabis industry (either growing, manufacturing or selling), and 196 work directly in the hemp industry. (The rest of respondents selected “other,” with responses ranging from prospective business owners and consultants to bankers and journalists.)When asked whether delta-8 should be produced and sold in the hemp marketplace:51% of respondents said yes;35% of respondents said no;8% said they aren’t sure;6% said under certain circumstances.Meanwhile, when asked whether delta-8 should be produced and sold in the cannabis marketplace:59% of respondents said yes;23% of respondents said no;12% said they…

CBD vs. THC – What’s The Difference?

In the USA, UK, and Hong Kong, CBD is running as a dietary supplement. This is also the reason, for example, that you will mainly find CBD oils there in the form of CBD drops hk and with a pipette as an applicator. Whereas in Germany, CBD is only approved as a cosmetic. Therefore, our CBD oil spray falls under the category of oral hygiene. For this reason, it must not be swallowed.

The 7 Best Things We Did in San Diego While Stoned

We Tried the Social Tonics Everyone Is Obsessed With. Have you heard the buzz? There’s a new drink in town and it’s stirring things up—especially among those seeking an alcohol alternative or looking to avoid a dreaded hangover. The effervescent bevvy, Cann, is a cannabis-infused social tonic. Each 8-ounce and 12-ounce can combines light, all-natural fruity and herbal flavors with a microdose blend of CBD and THC. The result is a tasty lift aimed at putting a smile on your face. Intrigued, we set out to experience a few of San Diego’s wildest activities with our new best bud in hand. fun stoned activities.
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School officials warn parents after edible found in child’s backpack

MANCHESTER — After the mother of a fourth-grader contacted Manchester school officials after finding a marijuana edible in her child’s backpack, the superintendent is warning parents to stay vigilant. Manchester Superintendent Matt Geary wrote a letter to parents on Nov. 22 alerting them to the incident, which he said illustrated...

Introducing ReCreate Beverages: All the Buzz Without the Fuzz

Today’s cannabis connoisseur has certain expectations when it comes to ingestible products. Gone are the days when unhealthy, sugar-laden brownies with unknown cannabis quantities were the only edible option. Scientific developments and new technology have led way to “edibles 2.0,” a new wave of cannabis-infused products that provide consistent doses, increased efficacies, and perhaps most importantly, enhanced wellness. ReCreate’s new line of THC beverages ticks all these boxes—and then some. ReCreate is the new brand of THC products from the Stanley Brothers, experts in the realm of whole-plant health thanks to their CBD product, Charlotte’s Web. With ReCreate, the brothers have developed a range of THC-infused products to improve overall wellness. The range includes gummies, tinctures and beverages. A relatively nascent vertical, cannabis beverages make up only 5% of the edibles market. However, their popularity is growing at an impressive rate: According to the Cannabis Beverage Association, infused beverage sales surged 40% last year, to $95.2 million. By 2025 the THC-infused beverages market will account for $1 billion in U.S. sales, according to Brightfield Group. It’s easy to see why cannabis beverages are making such a splash. Whether you’re new to cannabis or consider yourself somewhat of an expert, THC beverages bridge the gap between the expected and the unexpected. Most people know how a beer or a glass of wine will make them feel. Infused beverages offer precise doses, meaning consumers can expect consistent, predictable effects. Most people who have consumed edibles can recall a time when they had one (or two) too many gummies. Growing impatient while waiting for the effects to kick in, you decide to take more, but are then left incapacitated when the THC hits all at once. That’s because cannabis edibles are metabolized in the liver, converting THC into the more potent compound 11-hydroxy-THC. This process…

Indica or Sativa for Anxiety: What’s the Difference?

Anxiety is not at all uncommon for people here in the United States. A variety of situations can cause anxiety, and it can be short-lived, or it can be something more chronic and longer-lasting. Anxiety could also pop up in women who are experiencing perimenopause. Multiple medications also exist that...

Why You Need To Drop Your Dealer – Latest Research Shows High Levels Of Dangerous Chemicals And Lower Than Advertised THC Levels In Illegal Cannabis

Do you trust your dealer to tell the truth about the illegal cannabis products you are buying and consuming? How do you know if what you’re reading on an illegal cannabis package is accurate?. Results from THC level testing and pesticide analysis answer these questions and should sway consumers who...

9 CBD Bath Bombs to Bring on the Ultimate Chill

Maybe you’re juggling three kids and a hybrid in-person/remote learning schedule. Or maybe you’re so stressed about your job search you can’t sleep (don’t worry, you’ll find the perfect gig). Whatever it is that’s raising your cortisol levels, there’s nothing like a hot bath to bring on the calm. Want to increase the relaxation even more? Add a CBD bath bomb. Here are nine of our favorites.

Illicit cannabis seized by OPP laced with pesticides, less THC than advertised

Buyers of illicit cannabis are getting both less than they paid for and more than they bargained for, according to the Ontario Provincial Police. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content. Tests conducted by the National Research Council in 2020 on illicit cannabis products...

The Hemp-Derived Delta THC Business is Booming Right Now, But What Is It?

The next boom in the industry involves hemp-derived THCs, or Delta-8,9,10 THCs, and there are a number of major things that anyone who wishes to be a beneficiary should know before it arrives. Read on as we look into where the industry came from, where it is now and where it is headed with the next boom on the horizon.