The God Squad: More off-the-grid things for which we should be thankful

Add these wonderful offerings to my thankfulness for olive oil and honey…. I am grateful for my union and the extraordinary work the union reps performed to assist their members during the pandemic. Hours were spent on the phone with unemployment to get answers to members' questions and in some cases reps assisted with the filling out of the forms necessary to file. The union made sure members had adequate PPE, negotiated with our employer to keep the cost of our medical insurance down, and for members who were reduced to part-time work, we got our employer to sign up for the Shared Work Program so that our members wouldn't hurt financially. I'm thankful for the ordinary work unions do ensuring that workers get decent treatment from their employers, negotiating contract for fair pay and benefits and just being out there speaking up for the working person. (From F)
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Haviland resident takes thankfulness to the next level during season of Thanksgiving

The time of year has come when we gather with our family and friends and are reminded of all of the blessings in our lives. Most people think about all there is to be thankful for around the holiday season - especially Thanksgiving. One Haviland resident, Logan Vandenhoek, has taken thankfulness to the next level of intentionality. Beginning in November of 2020 and ending in November of 2021, VandenHoek has shared what she is thankful for daily on Facebook for a whole year. Some posts included pictures, and others were just a sentence or two simply saying what she is thankful for.
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“They've inspired me”

Dr. Robert Wall can sum up his tenure at Memorial Health Care Systems in one word. “Gratitude,” he said. “I have a lot of thankfulness and gratitude to the Seward community …. This item is available in full to subscribers. Attention subscribers. We have recently launched a new and improved...
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Thankfulness for the present

As traffic on the Mall picks up again, it is easy to jump into these last few weeks of school forgetting to reflect about our past week. Last week we all gathered to celebrate a holiday that has been a tradition since 1621. For all the East Coast students, it is easy to imagine what the festive day could have been like. In November, the cold weather is usually setting in, the leaves have changed color and fallen to the ground. Summer has passed and winter is well on its way to moving in.

Pastor's Pen: Are we thankful?

With all of the craziness that we are currently surrounded by it may seem difficult to be thankful. We are not the first ones to face difficult times. The original or the first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated amongst the loss of loved ones, lack of food, and then finding themselves in a new land full of unknowns, yet they celebrated and gave thanks to God for everything they did have!
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Pastor Steve Ellison: Giving Thanks

Is there anyone who does not enjoy having his work celebrated? Is there anyone who does not like being acknowledged for a job well done? Is there anyone who does not enjoy being congratulated for an accomplishment? Is there anyone who does not appreciate a word of praise? Is there anyone who is not happy when thankfulness is expressed to him?
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YOUTH COUNT COLUMN: Thankful for words

With Thanksgiving having just passed, you’ve likely seen, read or participated in discussions about gratitude. You’ve likely shared with others about the people, opportunities, and occurrences you and others are thankful for: time with family, good meals, friends, the start of the holiday season and more. You may be wondering...

Russ Dean: Thankfulness

I learned from my parents most of the stuff that is important in life. They in turn learned that from their parents. That’s how it works when you’ve got good parents. Among lots of wisdom they taught me, if I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times as I was growing up:
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APPLEGATE: Niles Community Schools gives thanks to school community, partners

As the weather cools and the days become shorter, we know that winter is nearly upon us. With it, comes the holiday season and an opportunity to express thankfulness. As I do every year, I encourage our students, families, teachers and staff to take a moment to reflect on what they are grateful for and share it with those that need to hear it. For me, it is always our incredible school community and community partners that deserve to hear the thanks and praise.

Parents Worry Kids Aren't Thankful Enough: Here's What to Do

Eighty-one percent of parents agree that children today are not grateful for what they have. Practical behaviors like volunteering, giving thanks, saying please and thank you, and doing chores help kids learn gratitude. The most important way to teach kids gratitude is for parents to model the behavior themselves. According...