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Customer Outraged When New Tesla Model 3 Arrived Missing Major Part

Imagine ordering a brand-new Tesla Model 3 and waiting months only to find it arrived missing some major parts. Then you wait weeks more while Tesla finds the part your brand-new car should have had. Well, this is the reality for one Tesla customer. Her new Tesla Model 3 Performance showed up missing a brake pad and has been in the shop for nearly a month. This isn’t the first time Tesla has failed to uphold expectations.
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AMD Ryzen Affects The Range Of New Tesla Cars

The AMD Ryzen processor (MCU3) in the new Model 3/Model Y, which accelerates the entire infotainment/navigation (just like in the Model S/Model X), affects the range of the cars. Let's recall that the AMD Ryzen is now used instead of the Intel Atom (there will be no retrofits for already...
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New York Times ad warns against Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving”

The ad was taken out by The Dawn Project, a recently founded organization aiming to ban unsafe software from safety critical systems that can be targeted by military-style hackers, as part of a campaign to remove Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) from public roads until it has “1,000 times fewer critical malfunctions.”
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MKBHD Calls Tesla Out On Not Delivering On Its Roadster Promises

Marques Brownlee’s videos are quite wide ranging and while they usually focus on gadgets, some of them are also about electric cars and Tesla in particular. We featured him on the site when the Model S Plaid came out and he made a video about the controversial yoke, and now he’s made another less-than-positive video about Tesla.

Check New Photos Of Tesla Semi's Megachargers: The Plug Is Big

A few new photos of the Tesla Megachargers, at the Frito-Lay’s facility in Modesto, California, were recently shared by The Kilowatts. This new type of charging infrastructure is envisioned for large EVs - specifically the Tesla Semi - and high power (a level of 1 MW or more). Tesla...

Elon Musk 'trash'-talks software CEO's Full Self-Driving slam

Dan O'Dowd doesn't mince words about Tesla. The Green Hills Software founder and CEO has alleged in a full-page advertisement that appeared in the New York Times that "millions would die every day" if the current version of Tesla's Full Self-Driving system was fully in control of every vehicle on the road.

Tesla-Swapped Plymouth With Pushrod Suspension Is Restomodding Done Right

This will upset muscle car purists. Rich Benoit—or as he's better known on YouTube, Rich Rebuilds—made a name for himself playing with Teslas, including V8-swapping one. Most of the vehicles featured on his channel are his own, but recently the YouTuber decided to showcase a car that was someone else's project, and boy, what a build it is.

Tesla Eyeing BMW's Luxury Sales Crown

Electric vehicle trailblazer Tesla has been on an upward trajectory for years. With the introduction of the Model S and subsequent vehicles, Musk's carmaker can be credited for accelerating the adoption of EVs. While it's not without its issues - production of the Cybertruck has been delayed yet again and...

Developer Gets CarPlay Up And Running On His Tesla

With Tesla cars featuring huge displays for its infotainment system, it feels like it would be perfect for platforms like Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto. However, CarPlay isn’t supported by Tesla and we’re not sure if there are plans to ever make it an option for customers, but that did not stop one developer from trying.

Which EVs Are Most Anticipated And Desired According To Google?

Last year, 2021, was one of the biggest years to date when it comes to EV adoption. This is rather interesting since we've been in the midst of a global pandemic, not to mention a chip shortage and a general scarcity of automotive-related parts and supplies. While many automakers saw...
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Elon Musk Announces OTA Update for Heat Pump Issues, But Is It Enough?

Tesla owners in cold-weather regions are now tired of waiting for solutions or explanations for having no heating in their cars. Transport Canada is investigating the situation, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is discussing the matter with Tesla, and owners are still having issues. Elon Musk said fixing it would be a priority for Tesla.

The U.S. Launches Probe into Tesla Letting Drivers Play Video Games

The United States has launched a formal investigation into Tesla letting drivers play video games which they can access on a centre touch screen while the vehicles are in motion. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is conducting the probe, which will cover up to 580,000 electric cars and SUVs. This is after the agency received a complaint that Tesla’s equipped with gameplay functionality allows games to be enabled on the screen while the vehicles are in motion.
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Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Mode Disparaged In Wild, Full-Page New York Times Ad

A barrage of complaints concerning Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Mode has surmounted into one group taking out a full-page advertisement on last Sunday’s edition of the New York Times paper. The Dawn Project, a newly-established campaign fighting to get less secure software banned so as to prevent dangerous cyberattacks...

Hundreds of Teslas reported in Auckland port, hinting at even more growth in NZ

Recent reports from the Port of Auckland have indicated that hundreds of Tesla vehicles are likely waiting for delivery in New Zealand. Demand for Tesla vehicles grew in 2021, particularly in the third quarter. It seems Tesla will continue to grow in New Zealand this year. According to sources familiar...

Punjab and Maharashtra send invitation to Elon Musk following Telangana

Elon Musk's complaint that his electric car company Tesla is "working through a lot of challenges" with the Indian government, which has delayed plans to launch in the country, has resulted in invitations from two more states. Following Telangana's invitation earlier this week, Punjab Congress chief. Navjot Singh Sidhu. and...
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Dawn Project Fires at Tesla FSD: AV Software Must Be the Best, Not the Worst

A full-page ad on the Sunday edition of The New York Times is not exactly cheap. In other words, anyone that pays for one of these means business, and that’s what the Dawn Project is targeting with the Tesla FSD (Full Self-Driving) software. It has presented its first campaign called “Don’t Be a Tesla Crash Test Dummy.”

Someone added CarPlay to their Tesla using a Raspberry Pi

Tesla cars do not support Apple CarPlay despite having a huge touch screen. A developer has found a way to install a custom Android built onto a Raspberry Pi to push CarPlay to the Tesla's screen. The required software will be shared when it's ready for prime time. Did you...