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Around The World In 80 Days Season 2: What Is Known? Release Date & Other Details?

Many critics were dissatisfied with the resulting work because Passepartout suddenly became a dark-skinned guy, and Mr. Fix “turned” into Miss Fix, the main character’s faithful assistant. But if you consider the interview of showrunner Lionel Yuzan, it becomes clear that we are just an adaptation of the famous work. That’s why blaming the authors for some of the changes is simply unfair. Less demanding and fastidious viewers are just waiting for the announcement of Around the World in 80 Days Season 2. In anticipation of the continuation, let’s remember how it all began.
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Doctor Who stars team up for new project

When Doctor Who stars team up for another adventure, you know it's going to be epic. David Tennant and Colin Baker will play the Sixth and Tenth Doctors once again in a new audio drama from Big Finish, Doctor Who: Out of Time 3 – Wink. The pair will...
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Review: Build-A-Bear’s Doctor Who Collection

For today’s review, I wanted to share with you all a look at a beary-special collection from Build-A-Bear that I got last year… and just getting around to fully reviewing now! (Whoops!) As some of you know, I am a Whovian, or one that is a fan of the British TV Series Doctor Who. To celebrate the series last year, Build-A-Bear released a special online-exclusive version of their popular teddy bear. This light tan bear showcases the BABW logo on the right hand (as most of their plush currently do), as well as two blue hearts embroidered on its chest (representing the twin hearts that The Doctor has) and a special design on the soles of the feet sporting a T.A.R.D.I.S. blueprint and the Doctor Who logo.

Doctor Who Comics In 2022 To Star The Fugitive Doctor

The cover to the upcoming Doctor Who Free Comic Book Day title has been revealed from Titan Comics, and it shows The Fugitive Doctor, as portrayed by Jo Martin. Placed somewhere in the Doctor’s timeline before The First Doctor, she worked for Time Lord black ops group Division on behalf of Gallifrey until she tried to desert her responsibilities. No longer willing to play her part in the Division’s designs, the Doctor slipped away from Gat, her superior officer, and hid out on Earth using a Chameleon Arch, taking on a human identity as Ruth Clayton.

Doctor Who: Wink – Cover and Synopsis Revealed

The Sixth and Tenth Doctors unite to fight living statues on a planet of light. The Weeping Angels are back to take on two Time Lord incarnations at the same time in Doctor Who – Out of Time: Wink from Big Finish. Due for release in July 2022, this new audio drama is the concluding part of the multi-Doctor trilogy. Each Out of Time story pits David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and one of his former selves against a classic enemy. And this time he teams up with Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor to face the terrors of the Weeping Angels!

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars Turns Our Hero Into a Monster

This article contains a brief mention of suicide, there is a warning in the section in question. For a series that technically falls under the category of science-fiction, Doctor Who certainly has a long history of absolutely nailing it when it comes to horror-centric episodes or even episodes that simply have elements of horror, from the first reveal of the Daleks to much of the Fourth Doctor’s run having tones of gothic horror all the way to modern-day episodes like “The Empty Child” and “Blink.”

How the Doctor Who Weeping Angels Have Evolved

The Doctor Who Weeping Angels, a race of predatory creatures known as “The Lonely Assassins,” are quantum-locked alien killers who are as old as the universe itself or just nearly as much. Very little is known of their origin and their culture, or the fact that they even had one, apart from the fact that they resemble ordinary statues representing an Angel of Sorrow, with their eyes covered. However, when unobserved, Weeping Angels can move vast distances in a blink of an eye.
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Doctor Who: Ranking the Doctor’s Regenerations

Regeneration stories are a tricky one in that they aren’t entirely consistent. The first time the process was even called regeneration was eleven years into the show’s first run. That story, ‘Planet of the Spiders’, felt like a summing up of the Pertwee era, a celebration of what had made it work and an indication that it was time to move on. This feeling crops up several times across the show’s history. Sometimes there’s a suggestion of the show addressing its own flaws, other times there’s just a bunch of strange decisions being made in the midst of chaotic productions. The only consistent is one actor leaves, another arrives, and change is afoot.

The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

Sideshow and Eaglemoss present The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) Figurine. Allons-y! This 12.5” tall hand-painted Doctor Who statuette captures the iconic likeness of the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant!. Add this figurine to your Doctor Who Collection today!

Doctor Who Collection Tenth Doctor Mega Figure with Collector Magazine

Experience our groundbreaking package inspection process. Perfect items, best packaging, no extra charge!. Doctor Who Collection Tenth Doctor Mega Figure with Collector Magazine:. Allons-y! This 12 1/2-inch tall hand-painted Doctor Who statuette captures the iconic likeness of the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant! Ages 14 and up. Entertainment...

Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils

Release date, trailer, and the next Doctor for the Spring 2022 special. For the first time since 1984, the Sea Devils are back. But what does it mean for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who farewell tour?. One of the oldest and wackiest Doctor Who villains is back, and for once...

Win a Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Nintendo Switch!

Win a special Nintendo Switch to celebrate the launch of Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality on the platform!. We are giving away a special edition console to celebrate the launch of Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality on Nintendo Switch!. What makes it so special? The Nintendo Switch dock...

Jodie Whittaker on 'emotional' and 'bizarre' experience filming her 'Doctor Who' regeneration

As far as Doctor Who fans are concerned, Jodie Whittaker still has some time left to inhabit the Thirteenth Doctor. Two more specials starring Whittaker's incarnation of the legendary Time Lord are on the way later this year, following the New Year's special "Eve of the Daleks," which aired over the weekend, so it's not quite time to say goodbye. Behind the scenes, though, Whittaker has already completed work on her time as Doctor Who's star — which means she's also already filmed a regeneration scene.

The Most Paused Moments In Doctor Who

For a show that's been on the air as long as "Doctor Who," any list of highlights is an overwhelming number of options to choose from. The program has aired around 40 seasons since it first premiered in 1963, and even restricting such a list to the revived series would only limit a survey down to almost two decades of television instead of six.