Beijing takes the joy out of China tech M&A

HONG KONG, Sept 27 (Reuters Breakingviews) - What is the fun in being a Big Tech boss if you can't swallow smaller peers? Baidu's (9888.HK) Robin Li, who runs the $55 billion search-engine operator, is facing resistance read more from anti-trust authorities over the $3.6 billion purchase of a local video app from streaming specialist Joyy. If derailed, it would be the second major deal flop since Tencent's (0700.HK) unsuccessful merger of two e-sports companies in July.
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China bans children under 16 from livestreaming

In context: China has announced it will ban those under the age of 16 from streaming online. This is just the latest restriction China's government has announced to try to control childrens' interactions with video games and the internet. The South China Morning Post reported that China's state council published...

Alibaba apps are starting to support Tencent's WeChat Pay. Here's why it's a big deal

For years, China's major internet platforms have operated as walled gardens, blocking links from rivals or not allowing users to purchase goods using competitors payments products. Regulators are now forcing companies like Tencent and Alibaba to change some of their anti-competitive behavior across their apps. Tencent has started unblocking links...

Universal Music Soared in First Week as Public Company — What’s Next?

Universal Music Group’s first week as a public company was a resounding success for former owner Vivendi -- which still owns a 10% stake -- and UMG’s existing shareholders, Tencent and Pershing Square Holdings. Last Tuesday, on UMG's first day of trading on the Euronext Amsterdam exchange, shares soared 43%...

All ‘Lord Of The Rings Online’ quest packs are free for a limited time

Standing Stone Games has made all The Lord Of The Rings Online quest packs available for free until November 30. Fans of The Lord Of The Rings Online can claim all available quest packs for free in the official in-game store, meaning the game itself must be downloaded first, by using the code LOTROQUESTS2021 before November 30.
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China’s “digital natives”: How the post-’90s generation is transforming the country

The digital revolution has transformed all lives in China, but it has affected most profoundly the post-1990s age cohort, which is made up of “digital natives” (hulianwang yuanzhumin). Like their counterparts elsewhere, China’s digital natives were born around the time that the commercial use of computers was becoming widespread, and they grew up alongside mobile phones and the internet.

200+ Chinese Gaming Devs Pledge Stricter Self-Regulation After Beijing Crackdown

More than 200 Chinese gaming companies, including the state-backed GPC association and several prominent developers, have pledged to enforce stricter self-regulation following a Beijing crackdown. This enforcement will include moderation of objectionable content and cracking down on overseas loopholes. What will this new Chinese gaming self-regulation pledge entail?. This news...

League of Legends Arcane release date is in November

It’s a joyous occasion for all you League of Legends fans out there as League of Legends Arcane’s Release date is November 7 worldwide – just hours after the League of Legends Worlds Final. If you’re in China, the programme is available through Tencent video. With the League of Legends...

2021 Yidan Prizes for Education Research, Development announced

The Hong Kong-based Yidan Prize Foundation has announced the 2021 recipients of the Yidan Prize for Education Research and the Yidan Prize for Education Development. Eric A. Hanushek, the Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow and Professor at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, was awarded the Yidan Prize for Education Research. His work on education outcomes and the importance of teaching quality has helped shape the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (ensure inclusive and equitable quality education) by reframing targets for learning outcomes and has shown that how much students learn — and not how many years they spend in school — is what boosts economies.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan to headline GI Live: London

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and president Jim Ryan will be speaking with at GI Live: London next month. Ryan will take part in a pre-recorded fireside chat that will discuss his history with PlayStation, his views on the brand and what the future might hold for the games business.

The best Multilateral Online Battlefield (MOBA) games for smartphones

The MOBA game rating is one of the most important game ratings ever. The term MOBA is an acronym for a long-phrase that stands for "Multilateral Online Battlefield". Therefore, all the games within this category are games based on battles and wars. It rotates within a limited area map. Within this map, the player protects his base along with a number of other players on the one hand and works to attack and destroy the enemy base on the other hand.

Alibaba apps start offering WeChat Pay option after government orders

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has begun offering payment services from Tencent Holdings Ltd’s WeChat on a number of its apps, after the government ordered major tech firms to stop blocking each other’s services and links. Local tech blog 36Kr reported on Tuesday that users of Alibaba’s...

America Evacuates From Afghanistan, the CCP Evacuates From Hollywood

Lost in the din of the greatest American foreign policy debacle since World War II, a mysterious and very positive dénouement occurred with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence operations. Under concealment from the focus on Afghanistan, the CCP has essentially withdrawn from Hollywood and the financial infusion of cash that has kept the legacy motion picture production industry alive for almost 20 years.

Follow the Money: Are electric flying cars ready for takeoff?

Would you believe three recent IPOs for battery-electric air travel? And investors are still bullish on earthbound battery applications too. Canary Media just covered the tidal wave of cash going into grid-scale energy storage and the bubble building up around the more speculative subset of long-duration energy storage. This rush toward energy storage is not a surprise: A recent report from consultancy Wood Mackenzie projects the U.S. storage industry will be worth $8.9 billion a year by 2026.