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Anubhav Dubey - My Journey Began With Serving Tea Ourselves To Now Being The Owner Of 165 Plus Outlets In 65 Cities In India & 3 Countries (Founder Chai Sutta Bar))

Patience, perseverance and adapting to changes are the constants and Guru Mantra’s to run any kind of businesses. 1. Tell us more about your company and your journey. Chai Sutta Bar, as the name, suggests it’s a concept of bringing Indian Traditional beverage Chai on a Bar table. More than that Chai Sutta Bar is known for its customer engagement, its ambience, positivity and retention. The brand is all about customer satisfaction and their willingness to engage with the brand. Keeping in mind these factors we have kept our pricing model at the most nominal low a Kulhad of Chai served at Chai Sutta Bar is as cheap at Rs. 10/- and the highest item on the menu card is Rs. 150/- max. The price point draws the ultimate satisfaction and retention for the brand.
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Volunteer Bloomington: Help with TEDx, animal shelter, Stone Belt

The City of Bloomington Volunteer Network is your source for information about volunteering locally. For a complete listing, visit BloomingtonVolunteerNetwork.org or call 812-349-3433. The inclusion of an organization in this list does not imply city endorsement or support of the organization’s activities or policies. Information and registration information for the...

Virtual Conventions??

I am not certain that virtual conventions are really worthwhile. That may be a controversial statement, but I think I can stand by it even in a post-pandemic world. Today marks the start of the AIA 2021 Virtual Convention series. While I am all signed up to attend all 4 days spread out over the summer I will not truly count it as a convention. I mean how can you really?

Exploring a TEDx Talk that Argues Biology Is “Imperfect” with “Gigantic Mistakes”

Emily Reeves and Elizabeth Whately have recently critiqued several scientific and bioethical issues raised in a TEDx talk, “It’s Time for Intelligent Design,” by Erika DeBenedictis, a recent PhD graduate from MIT in bioengineering. Find our coverage so far here. In the talk, Dr. DeBenedictis enthusiastically explains that she wants to “play God” and make “make biology better,” since living systems completely lack any “intelligent design.” I concur with Reeves’s and Whately’s assessment that DeBenedictis seems like a highly intelligent, well-intentioned person who wants to use her scientific talents to improve our world. This is all highly commendable. Also commendable is the fact that Dr. DeBenedictis is clearly aware of objections to efforts to “play God,” and with some sensitivity she tries to address them.

TEDx returns to USF, opens application to speakers

After three years without the opportunity, students, faculty and staff will be able to step into the spotlight once again on the TEDxUSF stage to give a speech about the topics they are most passionate about. The event will take place Sept. 3 from 6:30 to 10 p.m. and host...