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How ‘Ted Lasso’ went from a viral NBC Sports promo to everyone’s feel-good favorite to Emmy darling

“Ted Lasso,” the beloved Apple TV Plus series about a plucky American football coach tapped to helm a different kind of football team across the pond, had a championship showing at the Emmy Awards Sunday night. The show’s freshman season won several major awards including best comedy series and best lead comedy actor, which went to star Jason Sudeikis.
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Ted Lasso may be well into its second season, but fans shouldn’t fret: another installment of the Apple TV+ sports comedy is already in the works. The news doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering the sweeping success the show has seen so far. In case you forgot, it became the most-nominated freshman comedy in Emmy Award history with a whopping 20 nods, and its second-season debut broke records for Apple. It’s no wonder AFC Richmond is headed back to the pitch.
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'Ted Lasso' Has Been A Hit In America. Here's How It Landed Across The Pond

JASON SUDEIKIS: (As Ted Lasso) Hey, how y'all doing? I'm Ted Lasso, your new coach. KELLY: It's a fish-out-of-water comedy that sends up the cultural differences between Britain and America and became a feel-good hit during lockdown. The Apple TV+ show is up for 20 Emmys later this month. NPR's Frank Langfitt visited The Prince's Head, the pub where a lot of the show is shot, to see how it is going down with Londoners.

‘Ted Lasso’ goalkeeper Moe Jeudy-Lamour is a citizen of the world

This article originally appeared on Alma. Actor Moe Jeudy-Lamour really needs to get his Star of David necklace repaired. One day, he took it off, accidentally yanking the chain, and it broke. So, on our Zoom just after the Jewish New Year, he’s wearing a different necklace: one that has a silver “chai” charm dangling — chai, or חַי‎, being the Hebrew word for life.

'Ted Lasso' Recap, Season 2, Episode 9: It's A Beard, Beard, Beard, Beard World

Beard goes out on the town after the team's big loss to Manchester City, and he finds adventure, danger, magic, new friends and a return to old patterns. We begin at the end of "Man City," where Beard is telling Ted he's not going to come out with the team; he wants to "shake this off" on his own. But this time, instead of following Ted as we usually would, we follow Beard.

Hey Fellas, Ted Lasso Season 3 Is In The Works

Jason Sudeikis and the rest of the Ted Lasso crew have really pulled off a miracle with their hit series. The show hits this great sweet spot of being endearing and funny and weirdly sentimental without being snarky or condescending. No wonder Ted Lasso will be back for a third season. Apparently we all wanted to watch a show about a good-natured football coach moving to England to become a soccer (British football) coach and figure out life across the pond. Even those of us who are not exactly sports fans can’t get enough of Ted Lasso. I think it has a lot to do with his secret shortbread cookie recipe and the stellar supporting cast, but that’s just an educated guess.
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Guest Post: The Pedagogical Paradox of Ted Lasso

There’s a moment in the Season 2 Premiere of Ted Lasso that I’ve been thinking about as yet another semester of uncertainty begins its fall campaign. In this scene, Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, a sports psychologist hired to help out the otherwise cheerful Dani Rojas after an unfortunate accident involving the AFC Richmond canine mascot and an errant penalty kick going awry, meets Ted for the first time in his office.

Emmys 2021: ‘Ted Lasso’ star, ‘Queen’s Gambit’ director make up few Jewish wins, while acceptance speech angers crowd

(JTA) — It was a tale of two speeches: One Jewish actor delighted with his acceptance speech, while a Jewish director earned the scorn of the internet with his. At the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, Brett Goldstein, a co-star of the smash hit comedy “Ted Lasso,” won best supporting actor in a comedy series, and proceeded to delight the audience with an acceptance speech that riffed on his character’s penchant for swearing.

'Ted Lasso' Recap, Season 2, Episode 8: Father Figures

Rebecca finally meets her mystery correspondent, and nervous laughter ensues. Dr. Sharon gets a concussion, and she reaches out to Ted. The jerk store called and they're all out of Jamie Tartt's father, but fortunately, Jamie's got plenty of good dads in his corner. Play-By-Play. Sharon and Ted. Dr. Sharon...

San Antonio's own Ted Lasso: Lifelong optimist believes human kindness can win the day

The pandemic. Doomsday headlines. Divisive politics. Amid “the sky is falling” times, Donna J. Tuttle remains optimistic and hopeful. Her outlook is in sync with the popular Apple TV+ show, “Ted Lasso,” staring actor Jason Sudeikis and a cast of offbeat, diverse characters. In the fish-out-of-water tale, he’s an American college football coach who coaches a professional soccer team in England though he’s a neophyte of the game.