Clay McGuire: Can someone call Graham Harrell a taxi?

Editor's note: With USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell and offensive line coach Clay McGuire returning to Pullman on Saturday, we present this story from the CF.C archives. It was originally published June 2, 2015, on the cusp of WSU's resurgence -- the Cougs went 9-4 that year after a decade of woe, with so many of the wins nail biters that went down to the wire.
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Londonderry: Taxi driver firms 'struggling to meet demand'

Taxi firms in Londonderry are "struggling to meet demand", a local taxi operator has said. The sector across Northern Ireland has struggled to recover since Covid-19 restrictions were first introduced. Eamonn O'Donnell from North West Taxi Proprietors said it was becoming increasingly difficult for local firms to provide a proper...
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Taxi owner kills couple in Ford Mustang, then turns gun on himself

While News24 understands the shooter was bitter and jealous after the police reservist allegedly cheated on him, the police said they did not want to speculate. Police say two people were shot dead by a man who later killed himself in Soweto. A female police reservist was with a man...

Area transient who failed to pay for round trip taxi ride to Chicago arrested after failing to appear at arraignment

An area transient who had a warrant for failing to pay for a round-trip taxi ride to Chicago back in 2019 has been arrested after failing to appear for her arraignment. The incident report indicates that 32-year-old Kiosha Miller obtained a taxi ride through Yellow Cab to Chicago from Riverside on February 23rd. Prior to embarking on the trip, Miller was informed the ride would cost her $600. Upon arrival in Chicago, Miller informed the driver that she was unable to pay her fare. After being given several hours and opportunities to pay for the ride, Miller reportedly requested a ride back to Riverside, and was told that the total cost would be $1000.

Techniques To Making Money by Starting Up A Taxi Business

There might be times when you are completely energized with that powerpack plan to initiate a startup. Contradicting those times you are also looking out for an answer to ‘What if does not work out at all.’ There are several types of startups emerging every day nowadays and top taxi business ideas as well.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHL implemented a taxi squad last season that allowed non rostered players to travel with the team in case of injury. The purpose of this was to limit travel that would normally occur if an AHL player was called up during the season. Thankfully,...

Thai taxi cooperatives turn the rooftops of idle cabs into mini gardens

‘The vegetable garden is both an act of protest and a way to feed my staff during this tough time’ Workers from two taxi cooperatives assembled the miniature gardens this week using black plastic garbage bags stretched across bamboo frames. On top, they added soil in which a variety of crops, including...

Love triangle ends in bloodshed as taxi owner shoots ex and suspected boyfriend

Johannesburg – A Soweto taxi owner turned the gun on him after he shot his police reservist ex-girlfriend and suspected boyfriend in his yellow Ford Mustang. Photos and videos of the brutal shooting appeared on social media after the shooting took place in Diepkloof, Soweto, around 5 p.m. Wednesday. Police...

COMMITTEE STAGE: New Taxi and PHV Bill enters next parliamentary stage

The new Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Bill has now entered the ‘Committee Stage’ after a successful second Parliamentary reading on 10 September. The new Bill proposes that all taxi and private hire vehicle licensing authorities in England share information of recent adverse licensing history. These...

Taxi firm Uber wants to recruit 800 new drivers in Nottingham area

Uber has seen a 44 per cent increase in customers since before the first lockdown and is now hiring more staff to cover the Nottingham area. It’s part of a nationwide recruitment drive to sign up a further 20,000 drivers as demand for rides continues to ramp up. Driving with...

World’s largest wireless charging eTaxi project coming to Austria

Starting in 2025, only taxis with emission-free drive systems will be permitted in Austria, which is seeing Vienna and Graz increasingly shifting to eTaxis. To support this, automated conductive charging technology is being rolled out to make charging more efficient. Within the eTaxi Austria project in Vienna and Graz, a...

Taxi Rooftop Gardens Give a New Meaning to “Going Green”

Taxi fleets in Thailand are getting creative in their quest to utilize idled cabs due to Covid-19. Staff from two taxi cooperatives have created mini vegetable plots on the roofs of parked cabs by using black plastic garbage bags stretched across bamboo frames. On top of the garbage bags, they added soil creating a very unique “rooftop garden”. Within each taxi garden plot they planted a variety of crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and string beans.

The Government will continue to engage with the taxi & PHV industry on tougher regulations

Rachel Maclean, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department for Transport (DfT), has said that the Government will continue to engage with the taxi and private hire sector in relation to plans for reforming regulations to improve safety within the industry for both passengers and drivers. The DfT is currently supporting...