2 inmates on the loose after escaping correctional facility in Elyria

ELYRIA, Ohio — Two men managed to break out a window Wednesday night and escape from the Lorain/Medina Community Based Correctional Facility. According to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, Steven Carpenter and Johnny Brooks Jr. got out of the facility just before 6:30 p.m. They were last seen running southeast from the facility located on 9892 Murray Ridge Road.
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Mother who tattooed her eyeballs blue and purple admits she's losing her sight - like her daughter warned her she would

A mother-of-five is going blind after tattooing her eyeballs blue and purple despite her seven-year-old daughter’s warnings. Anaya Peterson, a law student from Belfast, got her eyeballs tattooed blue and purple after she was inspired by the Australian model Amber Luke, who is also nicknamed the ‘blue-eyed dragon’. Amber Luke, the Australian model, had spoken about inking her eyeballs and highly recommended people research the topic before going forward with it.
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Boston barber tracks down thieves who stole packages from doorstep

BOSTON - 'Tis the season for gifts, which means it is the season for pesky porch pirates. The Cambridge Police are working on three different porch pirate cases, but only one remains unsolved. Investigations led to the arrest of one thief who was found with 19 different identities on them. The number comes from stolen credit cards, packages, and bikes. "We really encourage people to report this stuff. They may think it's insignificant because often times they will get their package back. If they don't report it, then we don't know where to pinpoint our resources," said Jeremy Warnick, Communications Director for...
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2 men escape Lorain County correctional facility

ELYRIA, Ohio (WOIO) - 2 men escaped the Lorain/Medina Community-Based Correctional Facility in Elyria Wednesday, according to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department. The facility is located at 9892 Murray Ridge Road. The Lorain Sheriff’s press release said Steven A. Carpenter and Johnny L. Brooks Jr. broke out a window...

Woman Who Tattooed Eyeballs Purple And Blue Losing Eyesight

A woman in Belfast, Ireland who tattooed her eyeballs purple and blue is now losing her eyesight, according to The Daily Mail. Anaya Peterson was hospitalized after her eyelids began swelling shut, and she is now facing permanent blindness. The 32-year-old law student shared a video on TikTok about her...

Kelly Clarkson Brings ‘Baby Girl’ River Rose to the People's Choice Awards & Their Outfits Are So Festive

Kelly Clarkson was sparkling at 2022 People’s Choice Awards yesterday, where she took home the Daytime Talk Show award for The Kelly Clarkson Show. And one of her biggest fans was by her side — her 8-year-old daughter River Rose! The mother-daughter duo looked festive for the holiday season, with the American Idol alum in a sheer red ruffle dress. Her daughter, who she shares with ex Brandon Blackstock, was wearing a gold dress with sparkly sequins, white stockings, and a white ribbon in her hair. She also had a chic pink crossbody bag on her shoulder as she gave her...

Pediatric group says kids should talk to their parents about tattoos — but not puberty blockers

Thousands of pediatricians convened in Anaheim, Calif., in early October for the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) annual conference. The group, which boasts 67,000 members in the US and around the world describes itself as “dedicated to the health of all children.” So some audience members were shocked when Dr. Morissa Ladinsky, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, lauded a transgender teenager for committing suicide. In an address about “standing up for gender-affirming care,” Ladinsky eulogized Leelah Alcorn, an Ohio 17-year-old who, in Ladinsky’s words, “stepped boldly in front of a tractor trailer, ending her life,”...

Have You Seen Missing Woman From Monroe, New York?

Family and friends are hoping that someone might have information on her whereabouts. The last time anyone heard anything from Nicole Brown was back on Wednesday, November 30th, and friends on social media are hoping that someone might have valuable information on where she could be. Missing: Nicole Brown. According...

Green thumb therapy

As I write this, I am surrounded by the most low-maintenance houseplants fighting for their lives in the early-winter gloom of my most sun-filled room. I have the opposite of a green thumb, yet I still continue to try for the love of leafy things, despite my perfectionist tendencies often telling me to just give up already. Thankfully, others, like Emily Huff of Eaton Rapids, have more patience.

Michael Bublé Shows Off Tattoo in Honor of His Fourth Child

Michael Bublé decided to take fans along for the ride as he marked the name of his fourth child, Cielo, permanently on his skin with a new tattoo. The 47-year-old filmed a video of the tattoo adventure, sharing it with his many followers on Instagram. Bublé introduced the video...

This Dad Thinks His Ex-Wife Is Flaunting Her 6-Figure Income, But Reddit Is Telling Him to Get Over Himself

Money is often a sore subject in general, but for an ex-couple with kids, it’s usually the crown jewel of topics to fight over. For one Reddit dad, it’s a topic he can’t quite get over, and Reddit is putting him in his place for it. Sharing his story on the “Am I The A—hole” subreddit, the man explains, “I’ve (m38) been divorced from my ex-wife (f35) for 10 years. And we have two kids together (m12 and m10). I remarried a year later while she’s still single. I have 3 further kids (f9, f7, f3). I have my sons over...

Tattoo parlor will remove Kanye West ink for free

LONDON - Yeezy come. Yeezy go. One tattoo parlor is offering free appointments to cover up Kanye West. NAAMA Studios, located in London, extended the deal on social media after the rapper, now known as Ye, shared a series of anti-Semitic comments and racist remarks in recent weeks. "When you...
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Lil Uzi Vert and JT Tattoo Each Other Names After Rolls-Royce Birthday Gift

Lil Uzi Vert and JT are sharing each other’s names in matching tattoos days after the couple celebrated her birthday in pomp and style. In a post shared on Instagram, JT shared a photo of her hand and her rapper boyfriend’s hand. On Lil Uzi Vert’s hand by the thumb area is her name ‘JT’ while she has his name ‘UZI’ on her wrist at the top of the hand. She shared the photo with heart and smiling face emojis. In other posts, JT also shared a sweet photo of her hugging Lil Uzi. The video had the passionate soundtrack by Monica, “Why I Love You So Much”, playing.

Casey Anthony shares her version of events in a new docuseries

Casey Anthony is back in the national spotlight more than a decade after she was acquitted in the killing of her 2-year-old daughter. In a new three-part docuseries streaming on Peacock titled, “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies,” Anthony relays her version of what she says led to Caylee’s death. Anthony never testified during her trial, so this is the first time the public is hearing from her on camera, according to the series’ producers. Peacock did not respond to CNN’s request for further comment.

Signs That The Single Life’s Debbie and Tony Are Doomed

There are signs that The Single Life Debbie and Tony are doomed from the start. Debbie has been searching for love since we first met her in season 6 of the show. Sadly, this was after her husband of many years died. She also didn’t actively date for years after his death. So when she met Tony, everyone was excited and genuinely hoped she could find true love again. But people quickly put some things together about Tony and realized he might not be the charming guy he claims to be around her.

Channel 4.0 set to Get in the Van with Stellify Media, Acclaimed Content

UK pubcaster Channel 4’s digital-first brand Channel 4.0 has commissioned a youth-skewing series from Sony-backed Stellify Media in Northern Ireland and Acclaimed Content in England. Get in the Van (6×20′) will see two teams compete to find three extraordinary strangers of diverse looks, shapes, sizes and behaviours, and get...