ZenSound releases Sirius soundset for u-he Hive synthesizer

ZenSound has announced the release of a collection of 130 patches for the Hive software synthesizer by u-he. Sirius contains dark electronic, atmospheric and eclectic cinematic synth sounds for the modern electronica and scy-fi music projects. Influenced by the soundtracks of Mr Robot, Ex Machina and The Social Network and...
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Check out Grimes’ clubby new single ‘Player Of Games’

Grimes has shared a new track called ‘Player Of Games’ – you can listen to it below. The Canadian artist – real name Claire Boucher – teased the clubby, synth-heavy single earlier this week, posting its release date (December 3) alongside a binary code on social media. ‘Player Of Games’...
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SOMA Labs RoAT: Rumble of Ancient Times 8-bit noise synth and sequencer

The next object of weird genius from SOMA Labs is RoAT which is inspired by those ancient times when computer games were made to fit on a single floppy disk. What could that inspiration possibly project into a piece of real-world hardware? Well, what we have is an 8-bit, chiptune, 80’s computer game synth that has the best demo video ever.
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Premiere: Can Love Be A Synth ‘Marzipan’

Berlin label FIGURE will release the second edition of its ‘Open Space’ ambient compilation series this month. Listen to Can Love Be A Synth’s contribution, ‘Marzipan’, below. Following last year’s first edition, which found various artists exploring different branches of ambient electronic music, this second outing offers 14 brand new...

P511 Synthesizer: Free 5U modular synth instrument for Kontakt

Yarra Audio has announced the release of its new Kontakt sample library P511, a free instrument that features the sounds of a 5U modular synthesizer. P511 brings the beautiful analog tone from the raw analog oscillators combined with the convenience of a virtual instrument and expand its capabilities in a way where musicians wouldn’t be limited by pre-defined sounds, but have total freedom to manipulate and create their own soundscape by controlling the parameters on the instrument interface.

Moog releases Animoog Z synth app

Moog has released Animoog Z, a synthesiser for iOS and desktop devices. Available as a free download from the App Store or as a full version for $9.99, Animoog Z runs on iOS devices or as a plug-in in desktop DAWs. The 16-voice design is based on what Moog calls a Three-Dimensional Anisotropic Synth Engine, which allows the user to morph between X, Y, and Z axes on a 3D scale, blending ideas from wavetable and vector synthesis. Pitch-shifting and modulation is available on a polyphonic basis, meaning individual parameters and notes can be controlled per note via the built-in, pressure-sensitive keyboard. A ten-slot modulation matrix provides scope for extensive sound design capabilities, which manipulate sound sources recorded from vintage and modern Moog synths and a host of filter and effects algorithms. See the Animoog Z in action with Suzanne Ciani.

Division 6 Dual Mini Synthesizer: Two 8-bit voices in a single Eurorack module

From Division 6, the makers of small things, come two tiny synthesizers in one 18HP Eurorack module with glorious 8-bit sound. It’s quite remarkable what Division 6 are able to squeeze into the modest format of Eurorack. They did it with that pair of sequencers and now they’ve got a pair of synths. We saw this at the Knobcon event back in September but now all the details have been revealed.

Video: Exploring Wavetable Synthesis in Modular w/ Modbap Osiris

Wavetable synths are pretty complex, but the new Osiris Bi-Fidelity Wavetable Oscillator aims to break down the complexity into just a few knobs. The Osiris is a wavetable Eurorack oscillator, priced at 359 USD sized at 12 HP. The newest module from Modbap Modular was created by Corry Banks (BBoy Tech) and designed in collaboration with Ess Mattisson, who designed the firmware on the Elektron Digitone and Model:Cycles.

VCV Rack 2 Virtual Modular Synthesizer Now Available To Download

VCV Rack Creator Andrew Belt has announced that – after 2 years of development – VCV Rack 2 is now available. VCV Rack 2 is a major update to the popular virtual Eurorack modular synthesizer. The update delivers more than 100 new features, including the option to use Rack 2 as a plugin within your DAW.

Virtual modular synth VCV Rack 2 is now available | Engadget

VCV Rack 2 has arrived, and it could help you figure out if modular synthesis is something you can get into before blowing a fortune on it. The original app dropped in 2017, giving you access to thousands of virtual modules that let you try Eurorack for free. This upgraded app comes with a completely redesigned user interface with a dark room mode and a much better module browser than its predecessor. VCV has a library of almost 2,700 modules, and the new browser will make them easier to sort with its category filters and the capability to highlight the modules you use the most.

8 bit synth for UVI Falcon Expansion

Inspired by the lo-fi hardware sounds of yesteryear. Dual-layer engine loaded with authentic hardware samples. Explore hundreds of custom presets and create your own. Inspired by some of our favorite vintage computers and gaming systems, 8-Bit Synth delivers a massive collection of authentic sounds created with the hardware. Dial up custom patches created with the Commodore 64, Game Boy, SID Station, Mod Machine and more, and create brand new sonic adventures with the genuine sounds of these classic machines.

Limited 71 Extreme

There are 2 reviews of Limited 71 Extreme by AJ Arabia. As stated below, this one bears similarities to some other recent, popular releases. It comes across to me as a sweetened synth overload compared to earlier releases from this house. A hard-pass for me, and a significant disappointment compared to the original Limited 71 release from two years earlier.

Kat Von D Shares Synth-laced ‘Exorcisms’ Deluxe Remix EP and Moment House Live Stream Event Today

Gifted multi-hyphenate Kat Von D shares the Deluxe version of the recently released ‘Exorcisms’ Remix EP, with additional reworks. Stream ‘Exorcisms’ Deluxe Remix EP Here. The expanded EP version features previously released reworks of the haunting single by British synthwave pioneers Gunship, darkwave favorite Cold Cave, French evocative synth pop...

Synth Album Review: "Inside The Algorhythm" by Damokles

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing. Damokles’ Inside The Algorhythm fuses an entertaining variety of synthpop styles with his distinctive vocals and lyrics to produce energetic, quirky music. Damokles’ depth of musical ability is what sets them apart and adds freshness to the songs. He writes engaging melodies and paints around them with vivid, well-considered synth colours. Most of all, it’s clear that he’s having fun while doing all of that!

Synthox 1.5 for UVI Falcon Expansion

The raw analog power of the Elka Synthex returns in Synthox version 1.5, this time as a versatile hybrid Analog/FM workstation! Synthox features a dual-layer architecture which lets you freely mix raw waves from the Synthex and EK-44 for a wild new range of sonic possibilities. Both synths were fully serviced then deeply multi-sampled to give you a complete range of raw waveforms, noise oscillators and custom patches with the authentic hardware character.

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Vintage Synth Review

Jorb takes a look at the Sequential Six-Trak synthesizer, from 1984, a keyboard that offers a basic analog synth voice, but that also offers one of the first multi-timbral synth architectures, a powerful unison mode, deep CC-control and multi-track sequencer. Topics covered:. Intro 0:00. He Speaks 1:00. What Makes it...