Symmetra and Mei make a Bastion fly on Overwatch’s Oasis map

An enterprising team made a Bastion fly—and deliver the pain—on Overwatch’s Oasis map. Reddit user McMagicMarv achieved the trick by playing as Symmetra and having their teammate choose Mei. Flying Bastion on Oasis using Symmetra and Mei from Overwatch. To start, the team went to the bounce pad on the...

What drives employee engagement?

Recently a Symmetra post commented on “The Great Resignation” – a flood of employees leaving to seek greener pastures as the pandemic starts to ease. So how can organisations counteract this outflow which is clearly a result of long built-up dissatisfaction and disillusionment?. What is it about an organisation which...

Overwatch’s newest map, Malevento, is live

Get your aim back in gear and take on a new free-for-all map in Overwatch. The game’s newest locale, Malevento, is a quiet Italian village that holds many secrets and hiding places for enemies. Overwatch’s Sept. 28 live patch added Malevento, which is described as a “peaceful Italian hilltop town...

Insane Overwatch trick lets Bastion fly on Oasis with Symmetra’s help

While Bastion might be one of the least mobile heroes in Overwatch, this insane trick has the Omnic DPS soaring through the air with a little help from Symmetra on Oasis. All eyes might be on Bastion’s fancy new rework in Overwatch 2, but that hasn’t stopped players from continuing to create wild new combos in the original game.

From 0-40 to 4-0 in grand finals, Shanghai Dragons are Overwatch League champions

The year is 2018, amid disastrous internal decisions and a lacklustre level of play, the Shanghai Dragons become infamous for going an entire season winless, accumulating 40 defeats during their debut season. Three years later, the franchise closes out the Overwatch 1 era of the scene by lifting their first OWL trophy, with a total sweep over the Atlanta Reign.

Overwatch pros bring out infamous D.Va Bomb trick for massive playoff 5K

When $3.2 million is up for grabs, you bring the tricks out — and that’s exactly what an Overwatch League team did during the playoffs. Hoping for a comeback, the Shock brought back the Symmetra D.Va Teleporter Bomb trick for a near team wipe. If you’ve been following Overwatch, you...