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A sweet potato pie tradition that almost wasn't, and other stories of unforgettable family recipes

(CNN) — The holiday season is upon us, many of us have prepared our menus for the holiday dinners and parties. Some of you may be pulling grandma's braciole recipe steeped in tomato sauce or that creamy garlic mash your mom made every Thanksgiving. Or you may be undecided about using a tried and true roast turkey recipe your family has passed down for decades or frying something new.
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You Sweet Potato, I Sweet Po-tah-to: The Origins of Sweet Potato Pie

Who doesn’t love (or at least know someone who loves) biting into a forkful of sweet potato pie? The creamy mash, the decadent crust — few dishes are more integral to households across the country this time of year. Sure, the big bird typically gets the spotlight. But sweet potato pie is another dish that has stood as an American classic that spans regional differences, political divides, and generations.
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This Sweet Potato Pizza Pie Is the Most Ingenious Fall Camping Dessert

Get access to everything we publish when you sign up for Outside+. Sweet potato pie is a Thanksgiving staple, but unluckily for your backcountry Friendsgiving, it doesn’t travel well unless you’re a fan of baby food. Instead, sub it out for this ingenious creation from reader Shelli Snyder, which uses a combo of graham crackers, instant sweet potatoes, marshmallows, and fall spices to recreate all the flavor you love in a significantly more hike-friendly package.

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pie

“‘Would you like a slice of pumpkin or sweet potato pie?’ is a very important question after a family Thanksgiving meal,” Jennifer Davis writes in The Southern Baking Cookbook. “I would like some of both, please.” Honestly, so would we, which is why we’re making her pumpkin and sweet potato pie this holiday.
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Sweet Potato Pone

Imagine if sweet potato pie shed its crust and took a trip to the tropics and you might end up with something like this sweet potato pone. Prized for its versatility, pone is a Caribbean staple typically made with grated yuca (cassava) and can be either sweet or savory. In this version grated sweet potatoes replace the yuca and mingle with a triple coconut threat (oil, flakes, and milk), plus a dynamic mix of aromatics from rum to citrus and warm spices. The result is a dessert capable of dethroning even the most beloved of holiday desserts, especially when served with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream. While a traditional yuca pone is denser and often served in cake-like slices, this one is more scoopable, almost like a pudding. Finely grating the sweet potatoes by hand does require some elbow grease, but the results make it well worth it. —Brigid Washington.

How Patti LaBelle’s Famous Sweet Potato Pie Prompted Her Friendship With a Fan

Grammy winner Patti LaBelle is known for her epic pipes in songs like Lady Marmalade and Stir It Up. Yet the singing icon has has earned a claim to fame in the cooking space and has one Thanksgiving classic that went viral after fan James Wright Chanel posted his review on YouTube in 2015. The two have since forged a friendship which was parlayed into a cooking special.

Frieda’s promotes purple sweet potatoes for holiday recipes

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. – Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving are right around the corner, and according to research from Frieda’s Specialty Produce, as consumers emerge from the pandemic, they are considering ways to put a new twist on their traditional recipes this holiday season, especially when it comes to dessert. To celebrate the start of the November holiday season and to help consumers supercharge their traditional menus and make them extraordinary, today Frieda’s announces its partnership with Lauren Ko, Instagram phenomenon, founder of @lokokitchen and New York Times Best-Selling Author of PIEOMETRY. For the first time ever, Ko is working with Frieda’s to help bakers of all abilities up-level their holiday celebrations with Stokes Purple sweet potatoes. Her newest work-of-art is called the Stokes Purple Wave Pie.
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Why I’m Giving Up on Pie Dough and Opting for a Press-In Crust Instead

As a self-professed dessert lover, one of my favorite treats is a seasonal pie. From tart berry pies in the summer to warmly spiced pumpkin and sweet potato in the fall, I’d probably bake myself a pie a week if it weren’t for the laborious process of preparing and chilling and rolling out pie dough. Which is why more and more often I’ve found myself abandoning roll-out pastry and opting for low-maintenance press-in crusts instead.

Is pumpkin not the apple of our Thanksgiving pie eye?

(WGHP) — Surveys can tell us a lot about ourselves on a variety of issues. Our preferences related to Thanksgiving foods tells us a lot. First, is it North Carolina against the world when it comes to the preferred pie? High Point University conducted a poll of adult North Carolinians that found most chose pumpkin […]