Tackling food sustainability, in outer space and on the Kenai Peninsula

What does NASA have to do with food sustainability?. That’s the question Challenger Learning Center of Alaska CEO Marnie Olcott answered at the start of Wednesday’s Food Security and Sustainability workshop, hosted at the Kenai space education center. “NASA’s always been interested in: ‘How do we get a...
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Delia Kenza Proves That Sustainable Design Needn’t Be Dull

Antique chaise longue, Jayson Home; chairs and pendant by Humanscale; side tables and pedestal by Caesarstone; draped fabric and pillows, Kravet; carpet tiles by Flor. For the 2022 edition of Design on a Dime, Housing Works’ annual benefit that took place in April, ELLE DECOR selected Brooklyn-based designer Delia Kenza to create a provocative vignette. Her mission was to make a beautiful, livable, and—most important—eco-friendly interior that bucked the tired shibboleth that green living isn’t pretty. “No earth tones, wood, or ‘bringing nature in’ here,” Kenza says. She knows sustainable design can be so much more.
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Trū Protein Earns Pet Sustainability Coalition Accreditation

The trū Shrimp Companies Inc., producer of Trū Protein, a recently-released line of pet food and treat ingredients, has been recognized for its outstanding sustainability efforts as an Accredited Business by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). This recognition acknowledges Trū Protein as a sustainably led brand driving positive impact for pets, people and the planet and is the only one available in the pet industry, company officials said.

INTUITUS Introduces Hemp-Blend Casualwear with Sustainability As their Goal

We have always had an appreciation for sustainability, and a recent reality fashion competition brought it to our attention that the fashion is the second-largest polluter industry in the world. We need clothing, but it can be produced in more sustainable ways, like the founder of INTUITUS has discovered. INTUITUS,...

Researchers explore driving factors affecting sustainability of endorheic regions

Coactions of subtle climatic variations and mounting anthropogenic interference on the water-food-ecosystem-economy nexus create a new challenge in ensuring the security of water, food and ecosystems in most endorheic regions. Recently, a joint research team from the Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources and Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research of...

Why Your Healthy Habits Don’t Stick (And How To Change It), According To A Behavioral Sustainability Scientist

If you look closely at the lives of the most successful people in the world—you'll notice that they all seem to have one thing in common—healthy habits. Whether it's Richard Branson's commitment to waking up early to work out first thing in the morning (something the Obamas also swear by), Arianna Huffington and Oprah Winfrey's daily meditation practice or Bill Gates, Mark Cuban and Warren Buffet's love for reading, to name a few.

Trending: Sustainable Ingredients 2022

Global Cosmetic Industry recently spoke with industry insiders to get an in-depth look at how sustainability is impacting beauty. Lee Reuveni, CEO, Jojoba Desert, says, “Sustainability has gone from a trend to an integral part of the cosmetics industry. Companies now integrate sustainability throughout the blockchain traceability supply chain, from raw material sourcing to production to packaging, distribution and marketing, including end-of-life product considerations. As a result of this trend, consumers are increasingly demanding clean, environmentally friendly products, without compromising on their effectiveness in maintaining skin health and appearance. In response, the market is moving towards products that on the one hand contain natural and fermented ingredients which offer active benefits, including improving skin barrier function, protecting the microbiome, and on the other hand are more environmentally friendly, non-GMO, and biodegradable.”