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What to Watch on Wednesday: Survivor finally returns to kick off a new season — and a new era

After 16 looooooooooooong months, Survivor is finally back. Although it may look and feel a bit different, and not just due to the pandemic-related layoff. Producers always envisioned season 40 as the end of an era, with season 41 beginning a completely new chapter, and there will be some pretty clear differences on display. Instead of just chatting with the players, Jeff Probst will occasionally talk directly to the viewer. And viewers can also play at home while attempting to solve hidden rebus puzzles in a new feature called The Game Within The Game. Speaking of the game, 18 newbies will be vying for the million-dollar prize in a shortened 26-day season that Probst promises will be just as punishing — if not more so — than the previous standard 39-day installments. If he's right, we could have a season that is not unlike a great playlist: all killer, no filler. —Dalton Ross.
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Survivor: Jeff Probst Shares New Intel on Season 41's 'Dangerous Landscape': 'There Is Nowhere to Hide'

The road to Survivor 41 was long and bumpy, but the wait is officially over! Season 41 touches down Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 8/7c with a two-hour premiere on CBS, and if you’re a Survivor junkie such as myself, you’ve likely been jonesing for a fresh batch of hopefuls to hit that glorious Fijian sand. Thanks to a certain global pandemic, the show has been off the air ever since crowning the victor of its all-winners season on May 13, 2020. Since then, the competition suffered multiple delays while attempting to resume production, both in Fiji and stateside. With all of that downtime,...
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Watch Survivor Online: Season 41 Episode 1

This is not your typical Survivor. Survivor Season 41 Episode 1 ushered in anew era of the iconic game show, with Jeff revealing some huge changes to the format. With a new wave of contestants who thought they knew how the game was played, we were introduced to some new and exciting twists.

Survivor host Jeff Probst sizes up the season 41 cast

"I really endeavored to make sure they understood that I was their biggest fan — even when I was snuffing their torch." The cast for season 41 of Survivor was all set to fly out to Fiji in March of 2020 when the world shut down, shutting down CBS' gold standard of reality TV with it. After a yearlong delay, as well as a new network initiative that all reality casts be at least 50 percent people of color, the 18 players that finally boarded the plane a year later comprised a much different group than the one originally poised to do battle.

3 Big Changes to Look Out For in ‘Survivor’ Season 41

Who thought up this endurance challenge: Nearly 500 days without Survivor? (At least we had all the peanut butter we wanted.) Season 41 — shot this spring in Fiji — finally arrives with a two-hour premiere, and the diabolical minds behind the trailblazing competition spent their COVID-imposed hiatus thinking…and thinking…and thinking. “The biggest breakthrough came with the idea that what all of us really want right now is to just have some fun! So we put every [proposal] through that filter: Is it fun? If so, we kept it. If not, we lost it,” says host Jeff Probst. “And when you’re talking about fun on Survivor, what you’re really talking about is danger. And we went for it. Big time.”

‘Survivor’ Is Going Back to Basics in Its 41st Season With a Stripped-Down Format and New Fans

The 41st season of “Survivor” was always going to be different. But after COVID and new attention on the show during the pandemic, it’s been reimagined. “The original title two years ago was going to be ‘Dawn of a New Era,’” Jeff Probst, the show’s host and showrunner, recently told Variety. “With everything that was going on, that title wasn’t appropriate — it didn’t fit anymore. But the essence of birthing a new era did.” In the wake of the blowout spring 2020 “Winners at War” season — featuring 20 former champions — Probst was eager to find a new gear. Then...

Survivor Season 41 Live Stream: How to Watch Online for Free

After a year and a half off the air, “Survivor” is back with its 41st season, premiering Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. If you don’t have cable, here are several different ways you can watch a live stream of “Survivor” online for free:. Heavy may earn...

‘Survivor’ Season 41 Cast: Meet the 18 New Castaways (PHOTOS)

We’re finally going back to the island — with something new for viewers. CBS has announced the 18 castaways competing in Survivor Season 41 (premiering on Wednesday, September 22), along with new elements to the competition for $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor. The castaways on the beautiful...

‘Survivor’: Meet the Castaways of Season 41 in a First Look (VIDEO)

It’s been more than 20 years since viewers first tuned into Survivor on CBS, and the excitement over new castaways hasn’t let up. In a first-look clip from the upcoming 41st season, fans are getting a sneak peek at the competitors who are hoping to outwit, outplay, and outlast in order to become the sole survivor and win the grand prize. As with most seasons, it’s an intriguing cast of characters who are being brought together.

Survivor 41: Downloadable Survivor Pool

(CBS) – Survivor 41 is just one week away! Get ready for the brand-new two-hour premiere Wednesday, September 22nd, and start your own Survivor pool!. It’s been 20 years of me watching this wildly adventurous, strategic reality show, and one thing I miss the most about watching it as a kid is our family Survivor pools. That’s why, this year, I’m bringing it back!