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'The crisis is not yet over': Omicron variant could deal another blow to supply chains

Omicron is yet "another test of resilience" for already-stressed supply chains, said Per Hong, senior partner at consulting firm Kearney. "China is expected to double down on its 'zero-COVID' policy that in the past has included mass lockdowns of entire cities, enforced quarantines, as well strict checks at ports, including monitoring ships and cargo, to prevent cases from coming in," he said in a note.
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2021's best online logistics degrees: Supplying expertise

A logistics degree trains students to solve distribution puzzles by identifying and optimizing transportation opportunities and challenges. Logistics involves the transportation of goods and services from manufacture to consumption. Professionals plan, implement, and manage processes for distributing goods while considering cost, quality control, and potential challenges. This degree prepares students...
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The US supply chain was a ticking time bomb: How to rebuild it

Nick Vyas settles into his office chair in front of his computer for a Zoom meeting. One by one, dozens of Los Angeles-area sixth graders populate the screen. Vyas can't remember the last time he faced such youthful students. As an associate professor of clinical data sciences and operations at the USC Marshall School of Business, the supply chain expert is used to talking about logistics in front of college classes.
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IoT: Introduction And Disruption Of Supply Chain Management

You're reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Technology has always remained the most prominent disrupting force across sectors, and the supply chain industry has been no exception. Technology is rapidly disrupting the supply chain industry across levels, from last-mile delivery to providing sustainability solutions to automated processes and tailor-made software at warehouses.

Unpacking the Supply Chain Issues Facing Craft Brewers Today

Brett Kollman Baker is still looking for lychee. Last year, the owner and brewer of Urban Artifact Brewing Company in Cincinnati spent nine months waiting for an order of the tropical superfruit to get filled from a supplier in Vietnam, a major lychee exporter. His shipment never left Southeast Asia, posing big problems for Urban Artifact’s Petroglyph beer, a top seller. But then, Kollman found a different supplier who already had a container of lychee sitting at the Port of Los Angeles. A lychee lifeline? Not so fast. “Two and a half months later, that [order] never left the port” either, Kollman tells me in a recent phone interview. “So we just dropped that product line.”
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Could This EV Battery SPAC Unblock Supply Chains?

As a shortage for electric car batteries looms, one thing has become increasingly clear: Outside China, the powerpack supply chain is scattered and incomplete. Technologies are at various stages, there’s money backing a host of different materials across a broad array of geographies and production processes, and scale is limited. But no one has been connecting the dots. There’s a SPAC for that now.

The Best Explanation For The Supply Chain Crisis Yet

The Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq:DSGX) (TSX:DSG) reported stellar results once again yesterday. Descartes is a software-as-a-service provider of logistics solutions. In some logistics application areas, like global trade compliance, they are a market leader. In the call with financial analysts to discuss the third quarter results, Descartes’ CEO Ed Ryan spoke. Mr. Ryan provided the best, most succinct explanation of the supply chain crises I have seen.

Micron, UMC Deepen Relation To Strengthen Supply Chain

Micron Technology Inc (NASDAQ: MU) deepened its business relationship with United Microelectronics Corp (NYSE: UMC), providing Micron opportunities to secure supply for automotive, mobile, and customers into the future. "Expanding our relationship with UMC helps us strengthen our customers' supply chains and is a great opportunity to increase collaboration across...

Supply Chain Pulse: No More Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Cards

Despite the headlines, the worst of the pandemic is over for supply chains. While some challenges still exist (e.g. selective shortages, price increases, and covid variants), look for high-performing companies to leave the excuses behind and start differentiating themselves through meaningful investment and innovation in supply chain management. A Year...

CofC Podcast: Supply Chain Crunch Decoded

Above: Supply chain and information management professor Purushottam Meena at the South Carolina Ports Authority. (Photo by Heather Moran) If you’ve been to just about any store recently, you’ve no doubt noticed that some items lacking from store shelves. In grocery stores across the country, Gatorade was in short supply for a while. At athletic apparel stores, certain brands of shoes have been hard to come by. And at hardware stores, many items are simply not available or on back order. What’s going on?
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The Mission to Solve Supply Chains Worldwide

The headlines won’t stop coming. Even in the last few weeks, alerts of shortages continue to run rampant. And, it’s not like the supply chain issues of yesterday have fallen by the wayside. Hard-hit industries like manufacturing, lumber and technology, for instance, continue to face issues that have persisted for well over a year.
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How To Ensure Financial Stability in the Supply Chain When Changing Suppliers

As the global economy tries to move beyond the pandemic, supply chain issues are popping up everywhere. All someone has to do is take a look at what’s happening off the coast of California, where nearly 100 container ships are backed up as they wait to unload their cargo. With...

How One Supply Chain Leader Borrows Auto Factory Concepts for a Health System

With seven hospitals and multiple ambulatory centers, The Ohio State University Medical Wexner Center takes a standardized and data-focused approach to supply chain management. WhileHal Mueller worked briefly in healthcare before, the bulk of his corporate life was spent in purchasing at Ford Motor Company. Auto parts aren't healthcare supplies, but there are similarities. He brings that perspective to his work as chief supply chain officer at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC). "In some ways, there are parts of the business world where healthcare gets closer and closer to a manufacturing environment," he says. "We talk about variation being the enemy of quality. We like to optimize variation; it's not about minimizing variation."

Leveraging Data To Increase Supply Chain Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the critical need for new risk management strategies that can quickly shift production and logistics to meet customer demand surges during disruptions. To address this problem, the SecureAmerica Institute (SAI) has launched a nationwide search for projects that could further empower and secure a resilient U.S. manufacturing and defense industrial base.