Supercharged, high-mileage BMW M5 E39 sounds epic and goes like stink

Some of us are longing for the good ol’ days of naturally aspirated engines while others just want the extra power provided by forced induction. Case in point, this BMW M5 from the E39 era is hiding a secret under its bulging hood with quad air vents to cool down the engine. It still has the 4.9-liter V8, but now with a supercharger from Evolve Automotive.
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1930s Cruiser Boasts Supercharged Performance And Style

This incredible 1935 Auburn Eight Supercharged Cabriolet is a sight to behold both under the hood and out of it. The 1930s were an excellent time for American automobile manufacturers across the nation as the market was primed for some big moves, despite the recent economic collapse, in the automotive world. That means that everything from styling to engine options was quickly improved with every model, which makes every car a piece of automotive history. While these cars certainly cannot compete with the newer performance vehicles of more recent times, they help to show you exactly how the insane supercharged eight-cylinder vehicles got to where they are today. These cars are a road map for the high-performance muscle and sports cars of today and that we all know and love.
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For Sale: 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 "Super Snake Signature Edition" Convertible (#32, Sterling Gray Metallic, supercharged 5.8L V8, 6-speed, 1400 miles)

This 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 “Super Snake” is #32 of 50 ”Signature Edition” cars built by Shelby American to celebrate the end of production of the S197 Ford Shelby GT500. The car is finished in Sterling Gray Metallic with black stripes over gray Katzkin leather upholstery and is powered by a supercharged 5.8-liter V8 linked to a six-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential. The Super Snake Signature Edition package included a 3.6-liter Kenne Bell supercharger, a performance cooling package, a carbon-fiber front splitter, a Super Snake hood with heat extractors, an upgraded suspension with a Watts linkage, Wilwood disc brakes, forged 20″ forged Weld wheels, and Super Snake Signature Edition badging and front-seat embroidery. The car was sold new at Gaudin Ford in Las Vegas, Nevada, and later spent time in Arizona before relocating to California upon the seller’s acquisition in 2016. This S197 Super Snake has 1,400 miles and is now offered in Nevada with a window sticker, a Ford Performance Group certificate, a Shelby American Vehicle Authenticity Certificate, manufacturer’s literature, two keys, a Shelby jacket, a clean Carfax report, and a clean California title.

Supercharged 427 cid LS7 Drift Engine

Like any addiction, many people get sucked in at a young age. However, unlike those other unhealthy addictions, Yufeng Luo has an addiction to speed. Luo is a former racecar driver and owner of Y Motorsport, a Whittier, CA-based shop, which builds out luxury racecars, drift cars and off-road vehicles.

Rivian R1T’s first real-world towing test shows 62% range loss

The Rivian R1T just began deliveries before 2021’s third quarter ended. Now that owners have had some time with their Rivian pickups, the real-world tests of the features that potential buyers are curious about are beginning. One of the most significant is a real-world towing test to prove range loss, especially as Rivian has flaunted its vehicle as a capable and dominant off-road pickup capable of handling the most stressful of tasks.

136 Tesla Superchargers Opening in Greater Austin within 4 Months

Although Tesla drastically expands its Supercharger network on an ongoing basis, new charging sites are still a warm welcome for most Tesla users amidst increasing electric vehicle (EV) popularity. Tesla is currently adding a total of 136 new Superchargers between November and March of 2022, according to a post from...

Supercharged C6 Z06 Serves up 700 HP With C6.R Looks for the Street

This supercharged C6 Z06 looks a lot like the C6.R thanks to a custom wrap, but it also has the power to back up those looks. Most are already well aware of the fact that the C6 Corvette is a fantastic performance value these days. It’s easy to pick up a nice example on the cheap and then either drive and enjoy it or modify it in a wide variety of ways, from mild to wild. This supercharged C6 Z06 up for grabs at Cars & Bids certainly leans toward the latter end of that spectrum, thanks to its race car looks and prodigious amount of power, all of which makes it a highly intriguing offering.
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Half Made Out of Wood, This 1948 Ford Packs a 560-HP Supercharged V8 Under the Hood

Today, wood is only used on expensive cars to accentuate the lavishness of their cabins but more than a century ago, the material was used to craft wheels, chassis reinforcements, and exterior body panels. The industry quickly switched to metal but some of these vehicles were subsequently modified by independent coachbuilders or local carpenters who used hardwood to enlarge their original passenger compartments.

Supercharged Ford 7.3-Liter Godzilla V8 Delivers 965 HP On The Dyno

Ford’s 7.3-liter Godzilla V8 is quite a remarkable powertrain and this video shows that with a supercharger, it can be made even more impressive. The automaker first introduced the Godzilla engine back in 2020 to serve as a replacement for its old 6.8-liter Modular V10. In standard guise, this naturally aspirated 7.3-liter behemoth, which powers the brand’s Super Duty trucks but is also available as a crate engine, delivers 430 hp and 475 lb-ft (644 Nm) of torque.

Ford Blatantly Copies Tesla Supercharger Stations

US automakers are waking up to the idea that the future is electric, and are making great headway in electrifying their product offerings. Ford, which already offers the Mustang Mach-E, is getting ready for more EV models such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, and with that comes the responsibility of providing, and maintaining a charging network. EV leader Tesla has managed to deliver a successful charging network with its Supercharger stations boasting an iconic hollowed-out design, and now it seems like Ford is following suit with a very similar design, but completely different approach.

Tesla is bringing a supercharging station to Marana

Tesla, Inc. will be constructing a 16-space supercharging station in the parking lot of Marana Marketplace. The supercharger can replenish three hours of driving at 60 mph in about half an hour, according to the company. “Most people who begin a road trip at 9 a.m. would normally stop by...

Tesla is offering free Supercharging in off-peak hours to help alleviate holiday traffic

Tesla announced that it is offering free Supercharging during off-peak hours in California to help alleviate holiday traffic and avoid long wait times at Superchargers. The holidays have been tough stress tests for Tesla’s Supercharger network, and it has not always passed with flying colors. Especially in California, one of...

Ford is actually installing its Tesla Supercharger lookalike charging stations

Ford has started installing its Tesla Supercharger lookalike charging stations as the automaker insists on copying the design instead of the business model. The Dearborn-based automaker has been more aggressively moving into the EV space lately with the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV and the upcoming F-150 pickup truck. When it...


We are in the middle of a new campaign in the C8 Corvette horsepower war. Even though absolutely no one has found a way to officially tune the encrypted ECU controlling the latest version of the Corvette, we have now seen several high-profile builders bring big power builds forward, all while playing nice with the factory ECU. The latest is the Californian crew from Boost District who brought their supercharged C8 Corvette out to the 2021 SEMA Show. Boost District claims their Corvette is the first supercharged C8 employing a positive displacement blower. A claim that could probably be disputed.