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Sakurai says he’s done too much work himself on Smash Bros., sequel would need smaller roster

Masahiro Sakurai has spoken with The Verge about the future of Super Smash Bros, touching upon familiar ideas that he has discussed in the past in Famitsu columns or at Harada’s Bar. Notably, Sakurai explained that if Super Smash Bros were to continue, it would almost inevitably need to feature a smaller roster than Ultimate, and the development team would have to be mindful of how Nintendo fans would react to that.
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Sakurai’s Thoughts on the Development of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

What’s in Store for the Future of Nintendo’s Biggest Fighting Game?. Sakurai recently gave his thoughts and experiences on developing Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Ultimate’s final update just came out last week marking the end of an era for Nintendo’s titular fighting series. Sakurai shared his...
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Sakurai talks life post Super Smash Bros Ultimate

A while back the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had mentioned that Super Smash Bros Ultimate would be his final mission for Masahiro Sakurai. Speaking to gaming publication IGN, Mr. Sakurai said that he is proud that he was able to “fully complete this mission.” Now the development and downloadable content for Super Smash bros Ultimate has concluded, Mr. Sakurai told IGN that he had no plans at present to return to the best-selling franchise. However, he did say that “If Nintendo decides they want to make another one and offers me the job, that’s when I’d start thinking about it.” Here’s what Masahiro Sakurai said to IGN abut the franchise and his plans:
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NES and SNES creator Masayuki Uemura has died at 78

Masayuki Uemura, the lead architect of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, has died. Ritsumeikan University - where Uemura helped co-found and acted as the first director of the Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies, Japan's only academic institution dedicated to the study of video games - announced today that Uemura had passed away on December 6 at the age of 78 (via NintendoLife, translated via Google).

Sakurai Hopes To Work Less On Next Super Smash Bros Game

To say that Super Smash Bros Ultimate was a massive success is an understatement. Just the base game was a success, and then the DLC kept people invested even to this day over a month since Sora’s arrival. But as of right now, we don’t know if another game is coming. However, if it does, you can expect Masahiro Sakurai to have a somewhat smaller role in it.

Super Smash Bros: Masahiro Sakurai recommends not taking future installments for granted

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has sealed his name in video game history. A modern classic of the fighting genre and its own saga for the balance between quantity and quality; It is a tribute to the history of the medium. The definition of ultimate or “definitive” fits with the philosophy of a title that has not left anything in the pipeline, which poses difficulties for an eventual new delivery in the future. Masahiro Sakurai doesn’t want to think about the future for now.

Sakurai suggests that she would no longer work on the next Smash.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it was a game that received a lot of support and content throughout its entire life cycle. Masahiro Sakurai, Director of the project, he invested very good hours of his life in its development, and now that his latest update has arrived, it is time to talk about the future of the saga.

Sakurai pronounces on a sequel to Smash Bros. Ultimate: “It would be better not to assume that there will always be another game” – Nintenderos

We bring an interesting message related to one of the most prominent games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We are talking in this case of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the text that we leave you below, Masahiro Sakurai, game director, explains his future plans after IGN recently asked him about a sequel to the Nintendo Switch title. The information comes from a recent meeting between the creative and the news media.

Sakurai explains how a Smash Ultimate sequel will be radically different

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has teased the next installment of Nintendo’s flagship fighter and how it could be a completely different experience than the one fans have come to expect. Smash Ultimate is easily one of, if not the biggest, gaming crossover in history, with fighters from...

‘Nickelodeon All-Star brawl’ is adding the Monday-hating Garfield

The lazy lasagne-loving cat Garfield is coming to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl very soon. Available for free tomorrow (December 9), Garfield comes to the Super Smash Bros–inspired fighter as a playable character. As the rights to Garfield were acquired by Viacom in 2019 – Nickelodeon’s parent company – you can now see the orange cat fend off the likes of Aang, Ren & Stimpy, and Spongebob Squarepants.

Wichita State University announces new esports director

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita State University announced Tuesday that Travis Yang has been hired as the new director of varsity esports. The university says Yang will oversee recruiting, coaching and team development while implementing strategic goals, fundraising and managing the holistic development of student-athletes. The program currently has five competitive varsity esports teams: League of […]

Retro Ad Replay: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3rd Anniversary

It’s time for another Retro Ad Replay article! This is the series where we head backward in time to reminisce and celebrate the anniversary of some of the most significant moments in gaming. If you find yourself wanting more content like this, be sure to visit In this December...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Trends as Fans Celebrate the Game's Third Anniversary

It's now December 7th in many parts of the world, which means Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is officially three years old. The Nintendo Switch fighter launched back in 2018, quickly becoming one of the system's must-own games. While the game debuted with an impressive line-up of fighters, the last three years saw the release of several DLC characters, which led to years of debate, and a significant amount of conjecture. In October, Nintendo closed out the game's Fighter's Pass Vol. 2 DLC with the release of Sora, the highly-requested protagonist from Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate turns three years old

Today is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's three-year anniversary!. Nintendo shared the news on Twitter, asking the Smash community if they can believe it's been three whole years since the launch of the newest Smash title. While it may not be as old as Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultimate is still already a classic fighting game that has shaped the Smash scene.

Super Smash ultimate tier list

The Super Smash ultimate tier list is a hotly debated topic amongst the fighting game community. Many players believe the character they main is the greatest, and don’t take criticism lightly. In an attempt to help new or unsure players, we have put together a comprehensive list to help them decide who they may want to try out.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Adds an Alternate Look For Every Character

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s first DLC came out earlier today for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The Switch gets its update later this month. The update is free and contains an alternate costume for every single playable character. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a fighter with similar mechanics to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros...