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Nintendo shares clean versions of classic and modern Metroid cover art

Nintendo’s art design is typically nothing short of fantastic. They’ve created tons of iconic covers throughout the years, and kept their assets very close to the vest, providing us with countless art books full of their works. And alongside of The Legend of Zelda, Metroid art, specifically Metroid cover art, is up there in one of the highest levels of that pantheon.
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Random: IGN's 'Best Video Game Of All Time' Tournament Is Getting WILD

If you can feel your blood pressure rising, you're not alone — many of these match-ups were hard-fought and hard-won, but IGN's audience — which we're going to assume mostly consists of your hardcore FPS players, based on these results — knows what they like, and it certainly ain't Nintendo games.
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Nintendo’s Metroid Art Shows Samus’s Evolution

In recent Twitter thread, Nintendo posted a series of Metroid artwork, showcasing the evolution of protagonist Samus Aran’s look over the years. In a recent Twitter thread of cover art, Nintendo showcased the evolution of Metroid’s heroine Samus Aran, from her original installment’s appearance to her most recent look in Metroid Dread. The post is a stunning chronological series showing just how far the franchise has come since its beginnings in 1987, as well as how consistent its protagonist’s concept has remained. Samus’ iconic get-up is integral to her character, and lot of theories have circled Samus’ Metroid Dread suit in recent months.
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Everything We Know About Metroid Dread

Metroid might not have the widespread popularity of Zelda or Mario, but our enthusiasm for Nintendo's sci-fi action platformer rivals those blockbusters. Nintendo announced Dread only a few months ago, during the company's E3 2021 Direct presentation. Now we're less than a month from its October 8 release, so here is a quick overview of everything you need to know before playing Metroid Dread.

The top Nintendo Switch games to play in 2021

First off, you can choose between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. Now feels as good a time as any to pick up a Nintendo Switch. And the Nintendo OLED Switch is just around the corner. Second, with PS5 and Xbox Series X shortages still an issue, the...

The Top 10 Video Games Of The 2000s – UPROXX

Just like our previous top games post we did covering the 2010s, this list was compiled using the aggregate review site Metacritic which I do for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it just feels way more fair and inclusive than me picking my personal favorites and missing some of the great games I never got around to playing. It also keeps me from taking too much heat for leaving things out, because trust me, I’m just as upset as you that The Sims, Mass Effect, and Shadow of the Colossus aren’t on here!

How to play every 2D Metroid game before Metroid Dread comes out

When Nintendo announced at E3 2021, it came as a surprise. And now it's coming out in October -- just months after the original NES game's 35th anniversary. Nintendo took the announcement as an opportunity to celebrate the franchise's long history on Twitter, ticking off a list of each 2D Metroid game. It was a nice walk through video game history, but it was also a little weird. Some of the games, like Super Metroid and the NES original, included links to Nintendo's website, telling fans how to play the classic games ahead of Metroid Dread's release. Other games were included in the list but offered no hints from Nintendo on how to play them, or if they're even available to purchase.

Nintendo Classics

Strategy: In this mini-game, you must collect coins floating in the air while avoiding the Fuzzies defending the area. Projectile characters have the easiest time with this task, as they can just shoot the coins and the Fuzzies. Floating and jumping characters need to be more careful since touching the Fuzzies will lead to a defeat in the mini-game.