What was Linda Evangelista’s appearance before and after CoolSculpting surgery.

CANDADIAN supermodel Linda Evangelista has revealed she has been left ‘unrecognisable’ after cosmetic surgery went wrong. This is everything you need about CoolSculpting that made Evangelista permanently deformed. What did Linda Evangelista look like before and after CoolSculpting surgery?. Evangelista has maintained a low profile since her cosmetic surgery five-years...
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Gainesville Man arrested in Dawson for Sunglass Hut theft, domestic charges

Three months after allegedly committing acts of theft and family violence, one Gainesville man was arrested, according to Dawson County Sheriff’s Office reports. Daniel Lee Headrick, 27, was apprehended by DSCO deputy Ed Roach at about 11 a.m. on Sept. 17. Headrick, charged with one felony count of theft by shoplifting, also faces one count of simple assault and two counts of battery, all three relating to family violence. These latter charges are classified as misdemeanors.

Driving safety tips when blinded by the sun

Peoria (HEART OF ILLINOIS ABC) - Have you ever been blinded by the light? Sunrise and sunset can be gorgeous sites, but they can also be dangerous. Just last week, there was an accident involving a bus and a small car that was likely caused by sun glare. Now that it's fall, our sunrise is moving toward the southeast and our sunset is moving toward the southwest. When you're driving in these directions, sun glare can obscure your view.

Light-Up LED Luxe Sunglasses

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga introduces its new LED sunglasses for the season. The frames made its original debut last year for the Spring/Summer 2020 show. The light-up sunglasses are bound to draw attention with its bold look, featuring branding details on the temples. The temples light up when it is...

I tried profile rebalancing, the latest tweakment trend that promises more symmetrical, harmonised features with natural results – here’s what happened

First thing's first: at GLAMOUR, we are all about 'your beauty, your rules' and if you want to trial cosmetic treatments, that's your call. If you'd rather embrace your fine lines and natural beauty in all its glory, you do you! If you want to trial Botox, that's totally up to you. All we advise is that you seek the best advice and do things on your terms and we hope to provide you with exactly that on our website. We also aim to share honest reviews of treatments we've tried. If you're looking to trial something yourself, please do your research and consult an expert.

Oh Damn! Glasses

A wardrobe must-have this season, OH DAMN! is a versatile modern update to a ’90s-inspired silhouette. Featuring a wider fit suitable for all face shapes and sizes, these thick-framed sunglasses are designed using vintage-inspired metal disc hardware on both temples.

Costa Sunglasses Introduces Costa Clear lenses

Since 1983, Costa Sunglasses has built a reputation for creating the highest quality, best-performing sunglasses for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts – but Costa knows that not every adventure takes place in the light of day. Costa Clear, the brand's latest collection of single vision and progressive optical lenses, answers the call for clear vision all day, every day.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses $59 (Reg $132)

ONLY $59.97 (Reg $132) Ray-Ban Phantos Rubber Aviator Sunglasses (41 mm) Ray-Ban Rectangle Sunglasses (60mm) Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses (63mm) Ray-Ban Polarized Navigator Sunglasses (59mm) ONLY $79.97 (Reg $196) Ray-Ban Polarized Square Clubmaster Sunglasses (52 mm) ONLY $89.97 (Reg $197) + FREE Shipping.
SHOPPING Promotes Fashion Aviator Sunglasses for Men

Men want the latest fashions and accessories that make them look great. When it comes to sunglasses, men want impressive styles that offer function and aesthetics. Aviators are a popular choice for men and are a great choice for everyday wear and outdoor activities. By reviewing their sunglass options, men find wonderful choices that meet their needs and fashion preferences.