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Xbox’s Summer Game Fest event featuring more than 40 demos starts June 15th

Microsoft is hosting another Summer Game Fest event to give you a chance to play demos of some unreleased Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One games. This year’s event is coming up soon, running from June 15th through June 21st, and there will be more than 40 demos to check out, the company said in a blog post. While Microsoft hasn’t released the full list of games just yet, it has shared a few that you can look forward to.
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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Elden Ring highlight Summer Game Fest

Today's Summer Game Fest 2021 was bookended by the announcement of a new Gearbox Borderlands spin-off and a much anticipated new trailer for From Software's latest Souls-like game. The show opened with a reveal trailer for Gearbox Software's Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, revealing that Tiny Tina's voice performer Ashley Burch would...
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How to watch the Summer Game Fest’s ‘Kickoff Live’ event

Summer Game Fest 2021, hosted by Geoff Keighley, is getting started with new game announcements two days ahead of E3 2021 with its “Kickoff Live” event. In addition to news, it’s perhaps the only event to feature both an appearance from Jeff Goldblum and a musical performance by Weezer. The list of partners for the preview event includes 2K, Activision, Blizzard, Capcom, InnerSloth, Epic Games, Sony PlayStation, Riot Games, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Microsoft Xbox, and more. Here’s how to watch.
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New robot VALORANT agent teased during Summer Game Fest

VALORANT fans got their first look at a new potential agent coming in Episode Three. During today’s Summer Game Fest live event, a short trailer showed a new robot agent booting up in the background while its head activated on a nearby table. The clip didn’t provide much information about the agent, but fans have already started to piece together its potential abilities.
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Watch Summer Game Fest’s Kickoff Live stream

The Game Awards host and guy who just really likes video games Geoff Keighley brings back his Summer Game Fest for 2021, a slate of digital livestreams full of news, entertainment, and summertime fun. Summer Game Fest kicks off Thursday, June 10, with an appropriately named event: Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live! (Emphasis Geoff’s.)
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Next week's Xbox Summer Game Fest demo event detailed

Next week's Xbox Summer Game Fest demo event has been detailed. It'll bring us more than 40 demos of upcoming, unreleased games on Xbox Series S and X, and Xbox One. The demos will be available for a week, from 15th June to 21st. After that, they'll disappear. Only a...
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Every new trailer from the Summer Game Fest

E3 2021 has now officially kicked off, with the new unoffocial semi-official mascot of video games Geoff Keighley presenting the Summer Game Fest. It was a glut of new game trailers, and they whizzed by so quickly that you might have missed some. But we've got them all here. We've...
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Summer Game Fest 2021 recap: Elden Ring, Overwatch 2, Far Cry 6 and more

Summer Game Fest isn’t a big in-person extravaganza like a traditional E3. But since we don’t have a traditional E3 this year, the Summer Game Fest 2021 was an excellent way to learn about what’s coming up in the world of gaming. While we’ll still get some major announcements as this year’s all-digital E3 gets underway, the Summer Game Fest left us with some pretty big news about games like Overwatch 2, Far Cry 6, Tales of Arise and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. But the biggest news to come out of the show was a full gameplay trailer and a release date for the highly anticipated Elden Ring from Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin.

E3 2021: Summer Game Fest live report

Despite it being just a little bit different this year, I'm still excited. I mean, I'm almost always excited, but for the lack of a physical show and the likelihood the ongoing adjustements the industry is making to new working conditions brought about by the pandemic meaning it'll likely be light on big new announcements... — By Martin Robinson.
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Elden Ring trailer revealed with a January 2022 release date

It's safe to say that Elden Ring stole the show at Summer Game Fest 2021. Last officially seen at E3 2019, FromSoftware fans finally got a new look at this game that's been shrouded in mystery. The new trailer for FromSoftware's upcoming role-playing game included footage of several mysterious ruins, bosses, eldritch creatures and more.
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Endless Dungeon Gameplay Revealed at Summer Game Fest

Amplitude's next game in its unconnected Endless series, Endless Dungeon, has been shown off for the very first time at Summer Game Fest. Endless Dungeon - not to be confused with Amplitude's own Dungeon of the Endless - is a roguelite tactical action game that was revealed last December at the Game Awards 2020. Today's trailer is the very first look at its isometric gameplay, demonstrating tactical use of a squad to defend a crystal against hordes of monsters.
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Weezer take aim at Pitchfork in punchy new single ‘Tell Me What You Want’

The 2021 Summer Game Fest has officially kicked off, and with it, a jammy new song from Weezer. The band teamed up with indie developers Funktronic Labs to debut ‘Tell Me What You Want’, performing it live from inside Funktronic’s new game Wave Break. The game is described as “the world’s first skateBOATING game, inspired by arcade skateboarding classics”, and features a mode inspired by Weezer, fittingly titled Weezy Mode.