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Study finds stronger correlation between heat, humidity and suicide among women and youth

For a number of years now empirical evidence has suggested that the effects of human-caused climate change, and heat in particular, could have a significant impact on mental health. For example, previous links between heatwaves and temperature increase and suicide have been made in countries such as Australia, the US, Mexico, India, Finland as well as England and Wales.
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Please Don’t Remember Me — Sincerely, A Trans Woman

Content warning: This article discusses transphobia, suicide, self-harm and sexual assault in a way that could be distressing to some readers. International Trans Day of Remembrance is always hard for me. It’s a day when we come together to mourn and honour the memory of the trans people we’ve lost to violence. And it seems like every year the list of people I lose grows more and more. More friends. More lovers. More family. Remembered, but gone.

Long-time Farmington Hills city official Nancy Bates dies

Former Farmington Hills city council member and mayor Nancy Bates died Monday in Commerce Township. She was 88. First elected to council in 1989, Bates became the city’s second elected mayor–and the first woman elected–ten years later. She retired from public office in 2012. Bates poured countless volunteer hours into...

Winter Weather Brings Regret, Loss

Every October, my soul aches. And it continues to do so — more than usual that is — until March. During this period, I’m wracked by an overwhelming bitter cold sadness and a longing for home. And by home I’m not necessarily referencing a physical place. The rational mind would...

Meet Genesis, a High School Senior in N.Y.C.

This is the Education Briefing, a weekly update on the most important news in U.S. education. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox. Today, we’re spending time with a high school senior in New York City making her way through the pandemic, and discussing higher suicide rates among Black children.

Three Rivers teacher resigns after being told to remove pride flag

DECATUR, Mich. — A Three Rivers Middle School teacher said he resigned because the principal told him to remove his pride flag from his classroom. On the morning of Friday, Nov. 19, Russell Ball, who taught seventh-grade health, received an email from the Three Rivers Middle School principal telling staff members to take down their pride flags in their classrooms. Ball said he left his flag up.

These are the two areas of Spain that triple the Spanish suicide rate

Two Spanish regions, one located in the interior of Andalusia, in provinces such as Málaga and Jaén, and another located in Asturias, with Cangas de Narcea and Llanera as references, have tripled the Spanish average suicide rate for at least 10 years. The first of the areas mentioned has in...
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Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament talks to Real Sports’ Mary Carillo on building remote Montana skate parks to battle suicide rates

An interesting element with outdoor sports like skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing is the way the athletes involved often talk about how those activities make them feel, and what that does for them. But those sports all come with access barriers; the equipment involved isn’t cheap, and there often are challenges accessing the locations where those sports work. Well, Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament is trying to do his part to a ddress the second part of that equation in his home state of Montana, as he discussed in a Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel segment with Mary Carillo (produced by Nisreen Habbal) this week (premiering Tuesday on HBO at 10 p.m. ET/PT, also available on HBO Max):

'They are not forgotten' | Prioritizing mental health in prisons

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The holiday season can be challenging for many, but the weight is often heavier for those who are incarcerated. FOP Lodge 77 spokesperson Tracy Dotson spokesperson said there was a significant number of suicide attempts at Louisville Metro Department of Corrections (LMDC) this time last year. He said several people have tried to take their own lives this year, too.