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Watch: Porsha Williams Tells All About ‘Predator’ R. Kelly, Having Suicidal Thoughts, & More on ‘Tamron’

Porsha Williams didn’t bite her tongue on the Tuesday (November 30) episode of ‘Tamron Hall Show.’. There, the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star – hot on the promo trail for her solo reality venture ‘Porsha Family Matters’ and memoir ‘The Pursuit of Porsha’ (on book shelves now) – dished on a number of hot topics including her controversial engagement to film producer Simon Guobadia, “abusive” relationship with R. Kelly, battling suicidal thoughts, and so much more.
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UPD overreaction prompts mental health protocol changes

While the University of Mississippi has plans in place if someone attempts or dies by suicide, the plan has not always been foolproof. Katie Williamson, a senior international studies major, said she called the University Counseling Center’s after-hours hotline last semester intending to speak to a counselor, but instead had University Police officers knocking on her door at 5 a.m.
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Book shows suffering need not lead to suicide, but can lead to strength

Usually when someone thinks of a typical self-help book, they think they’ll be reading about upbeat emotions such as positivity, energy and self-belief. The last thing most people would think of would be to embrace suffering. That is the focus of Thomas Fellows’ book “Mrs. Dubose’s Last Wish,” a look...
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Making Sense of Self-Harm vs. Self-Mutilation

Some of the wording in the mental health community is frequently confusing to the point where the meaning of certain terms and phrases are lost. I have found that the phrases self-harm and self-mutilation are some of the most confusing phrases in the mental health community, and it has gotten to the point where I am even confused as to what the meanings of these phrases are in connection to symptoms of depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety and so many other mental health concerns. However, I have been working with my therapist to further understand self-harm and self-mutilation in regard to my own mental health concerns – and it has made me think more about the intent behind these behaviors, as the intent is what ultimately separates their meanings.

Can passive measurement of physiological distress help better predict suicidal thinking?

There has been growing interest in using wearable physiological monitors to passively detect the signals of distress (i.e., increases in autonomic arousal measured through increased electrodermal activity [EDA]) that may be imminently associated with suicidal thoughts. Before using these monitors in advanced applications such as creating suicide risk detection algorithms or just-in-time interventions, several preliminary questions must be answered. Specifically, we lack information about whether: (1) EDA concurrently and prospectively predicts suicidal thinking and (2) data on EDA adds to the ability to predict the presence and severity of suicidal thinking over and above self-reports of emotional distress. Participants were suicidal psychiatric inpatients (n"‰="‰25, 56% female, M age"‰="‰33.48 years) who completed six daily assessments of negative affect and suicidal thinking duration of their psychiatric inpatient stay and 28 days post-discharge, and wore on their wrist a physiological monitor (Empatica Embrace) that passively detects autonomic activity. We found that physiological data alone both concurrently and prospectively predicted periods of suicidal thinking, but models with physiological data alone had the poorest fit. Adding physiological data to self-report models improved fit when the outcome variable was severity of suicidal thinking, but worsened model fit when the outcome was presence of suicidal thinking. When predicting severity of suicidal thinking, physiological data improved model fit more for models with non-overlapping self-report data (i.e., low arousal negative affect) than for overlapping self-report data (i.e., high arousal negative affect). These findings suggest that physiological data, under certain contexts (e.g., when combined with self-report data), may be useful in better predicting-and ultimately, preventing-acute increases in suicide risk. However, some cautious optimism is warranted since physiological data do not always improve our ability to predict suicidal thinking.

Half of Patients With Suicidal Thoughts Deny It

Roughly half of people who have suicidal ideation will deny it if a health professional or researcher asks them about it, an analysis in General Hospital Psychiatry suggests. “This is the opposite of what we want. Suicidal ideation is a potentially lethal symptom, but if we don’t know patients are having these thoughts, we can’t do anything to help them,” said Joseph H. Obegi, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and author of the analysis.

‘I struggled immensely’: Pregnant Malin Andersson reveals she is taking antidepressants after suffering pre-natal depression and suicidal thoughts

Malin Andersen, 29, has revealed she suffers from ‘prenatal depression and suicidal thoughts’ as she joins Dr Alex George’s call to ‘take a stand’ against drug stigma. Malin, who is expecting a daughter, revealed that she was pregnant in August after two and a half years of trouble. She tragically...

December 2021

Suicidal feelings ‘linked’ to higher HbA1C in young people with type 1 diabetes. Children with type 1 diabetes who experience anxiety or suicidal thoughts struggle to self-manage their condition and have higher blood glucose levels, new research has reported. Entitled ...

Why do you sometimes want to jump from high places

This article contains some references to suicide. If you’ve been working on a miserable idea, don’t despair!Asking for help is nothing wrong, and here it is List of suicide helplines..I miss you.. If you’ve been to skyscrapers or cliffs and looked down, you may find it scary, but you may...

Fantasizing Death

One word, five letters, but with deeper meaning... Scary, yet fascinating... What exactly do you mean when you say "death"? Was that the end of the world as we knew it? Was that the end of our existence on this planet? What do you suppose happens when we die? Will we be buried six feet under, or will we be burned to ashes and scattered throughout a certain place? Which would you choose if you were about to die?

Waukesha suspect said in 2007 he suffered from mental disorders

(Trends Wide) — In a 2007 letter to a Nevada circuit judge, filed as part of a court case, the suspect in the fatal Waukesha parade incident, Darrell Brooks, wrote that he had previously been diagnosed with mental disorders and had persistent suicidal thoughts. . “They sent me to a...

Formal religious practices statistically predicted increased severity of suicidal thoughts, while belief in God did not; religious conflict was also associated with increased severity of suicidal thoughts

Rabasco, A., & Andover, M. (2021). The relationship between religious practices and beliefs and suicidal thoughts and behaviors among transgender and gender diverse adults. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Nov 2021. Abstract: Transgender and gender diverse (TGD) people are at heightened risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors (James et...

Jeffrey Epstein denied having any suicidal thoughts and prison staffers made litany of errors prior to his death, prison documents reveal

(CNN) — Jeffrey Epstein denied having any suicidal thoughts before he died by suicide, despite some prison staffers noting signs of troubling behavior, according to newly released documents from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). In addition, BOP staff made a litany of procedural errors prior to the convicted pedophile...

Suicide attempts soar among adolescents during pandemic

Suicide attempts soared among adolescents during the pandemic. "During the pandemic, I was on online learning and I was really starting to go downhill," said 14-year-old Ada Sobota-Walden. "Ada went from an A plus student to somebody who by the end of last year was barely able to get through...

Care provided to suicidal special forces soldier was inadequate, family say

The family of a special forces soldier who took his own life have criticised military mental health services for failing to spot signs that he was not satisfied with the support he was receiving. Corporal Alexander Tostevin, 28, was found dead in his flat in March 2018, despite extensive contact...